"A N00bie Beats The Pros"
Thinh (Dare ya to pronounce that right.)
Lone Star Comics (Beltline Road)
Official Organized Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament
Irving, Texas
November 08, 2003

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Lone Star Comics
Number of Participants: 16, Tournament-Bracket Thingy Style, Elimination?
(No more than 16 can enter. I guess this is just to even the tourney out.)
Entry Fee: $5. Comes with complementary booster pack that they have the most of (Legacy of Darkness, again).
1st Place - $25 store credit and RESPECT
2nd Place - NOTHING!!! Respect maybe available.
3rd Place - STILL NOTHING!!! Respect probably not here at all.
(Hmmm, last time I went, 1st Place was $40, 2nd Place was $25, and 3rd Place was $15. I guess the booster packs they hand out cost them too much. I'm just glad I won third place last time and got 15 store dineros...)
Note: I am sorry if this tournament report came late. This tournament took place in November 8th of Saturday, and I know it has already been past half a month late. Just bare with me, and enjoy. It took me a very long time to make this, especially since I vowed to use nothing but Notepad to make this report :).

Wow, Another Note: The following report will be pretty long to read, so if you still want to go on, grab some fatty lazy kid snacks... VERY large ones...

If you like to skip around, go ahead and use the navigator below.

Also note this is pre-Magician's Force restrictions, so I am prepared to abuse some cards...

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I would make short-cuts for individual round(s), but I rather not spoil what happens :).

This is the first Tournament Report I have ever written, but the second official Tournament I've been to (third for any kind of tournament). It was an annoyingly freezing morning. I invited my friend Manuel (last name concealed for privacy, respect friends and family's privacy, screw everybody else's) to come along with me. Unlike my deck, his ENTIRE deck is Holo-Graphic besides Pot of Greed, Witch of the Black Forest, Sangan, and two Mystical Space Typhoons (figures). He is pretty good, but when we duel each other we were pretty even, despite the fact I barely have that many holo cards at all (heheh)...
     I packed my backpack and my laptop, carrying along two calculators and my oh so lovable "
Chikorita" figure (Link opens new window. If you don't know what a "Chikorita" is, well, there you go.) and then we're off. When we arrive at the store at 9:30 A.M., we found out the store will open half an hour later. So while freezing into an icicle walking around, we came back and signed up for the tourney. My friend did not have any money, so I offered that if he wins the store credit, he gives me $5 of it. Otherwise, he cannot open his complementary booster pack until he loses, which if that happens, he then hands to me. I constantly pray they will not pair me up with my friend before the semi-finals even start, or there goes my $5...
     After a while a few more people came, many people came, some strangers, several familiar, ranging from duel associates, arrogant kid, to big ***gots (if you are 12 and under, than ***gots mean maggots... Yea... Maggots...). I took my seat, got off, Manuel stole my seat, and we did this back and forth until I finally stole my seat back. I brought the laptop to use for card rulings courtesy of The Academy of Irving ISD. They hand out our complementary boosters, which I decide will open later, since you cannot modify your deck in the middle of the tourney anyways. They begin pairing us up, and the tournament started, with a great misfortune...

      So I hereby present the deck I used in this tournament, along with the name I have to make out of nowhere right away just for the requirements of this tournament report, "A N00bie Beats The Pros" (take that those that underestimate my skills and deck!).

P.S.: I purposely placed that "A" before the word "N00bie" just so my deck appears somewhere at the top :). My real deck's name is, without the "A", "N00bie Beats The Pros."

"N00bie Beats The Pros" (40 Card Deck)
Tribute Monsters: 1 Card
1x Jinzo
(Thank you lucky pull for me getting a JINZO and not a TINZO [joke courtesy of a Pojo Message Board Member that I cannot relocate because of the stupid search system].)
4 Stars and Below Summonables: 15 Cards (Forget Non-effects... I have none.)
1x Dark Elf
(Beatstick for the poor... But why do I have this for over half a year in my deck?)
1x Gearfried the Iron Knight
(Holo Beatstick, did some Mystic Tomato marketing to get this one.)
1x Zombyra The Dark
(Beatstick that nicely replaces The Unfriendly Amazon that I used in my last tourney.)
1x Gravekeeper's Spear Soldier
(Trampler, but why did I have to trade that Spear Dragon away for that Virus...)
1x Sangan
(Searches out the birdie of evil, defense barrier, and many more...)
1x Witch of the Black Forest
(Searches everything Sangan can, plus the Beatsticks that isn't made out of Iron and Jinzo.)
1x Spirit Reaper
(Nice Don Zaloog substitute used more for hand disruption. Becomes defensive if needed.)
3x Mystic Tomato
(VERY versatile in searching for cards I need in my deck. Replaced my Troop Dragons since last tournament. Boy do I miss them...)
1x Twin-Headed Behemoth
(Because I feel like it... And for defense and Jinzo...)
1x Sinister Serpent
(Defensive, free, used with Virus, and for the pure fact of seeing their face when they use Exiled Force on it...)
2x Tribe-Infecting Virus
(That's no typo. I traded Spear Dragon for the Virus, and when I bought a booster, lucky me, a Virus :(. Might as well abuse pre-restrictions for my ultimately perfect luck...)
1x Yata-Garasu
(Insult me all you want, but my birdie likes to screw with duelists... Gotta thank the one I traded off cards worthless to me for Yata-Garasu last tourney [couldn't use Yata last tourney due to you cannot change your deck in the middle of duels.] :).)
1x Pot of Greed
(Eventually got tired of jokes about the good ol' drug.)
Magic Cards, Screw Spell Cards: 19 Cards
1x Graceful Charity
(I see absolutely no reason why some people cannot call this a staple...)
1x Raigeki
(Thank that Luster Dragon [MFC] that I pulled to trade for Raigeki, Spear Dragon, and Call of the Haunted...)
1x Dark Hole
(Thank Manuel for the holo version.)
1x Harpie's Feather Duster
(Traded a decent amount of stuff for this DIE MAGIC/TRAPS card.)
1x Heavy Storm
(Replacement for Giant Trunades I used to use.)
1x Change of Heart
(Guaranteed Jinzo summoner if successful.)
1x Snatch Steal
(Compliments Jinzo and Yata-Garasu.)
1x Monster Reborn
(Man I must be really stupid to keep this lousy card in my deck... I cannot reborn Yata-Garasu with this card, so why have it???)
1x Premature Burial
(Second version of the crappy card Monster Reborn...)
1x The Forceful Sentry
1x Confiscation
(I don't mind losing 1000 Life Points, but does your opponent mind losing a chosen card?)
1x Delinquent Duo
(These 1x's and broken near-staple cards are making my dizzy...)
1x Scapegoat
(Nice temporary stalls even with Spear Dragons about.)
1x Mirage of Nightmare
(I almost always successfully pull this card off, but why can't people here can?)
3x Mystical Space Typhoon
(Mirage of Nightmare capable and just flat out Magic/Trap removal.)
1x Book of Moon
(Under-rated. Try using it on their Jinzo/Yatas :).)
1x Imperial Order
(This card sucks as bad as Monster Reborn... It wouldn't even let me use my Final Destiny [You must think I'm really high now.].)
Trap Cards that I'm low on because barely any are worth it: 5 Cards
1x Call of the Haunted
(How can this card be good if it doesn't make my monsters LOOK like zombies?)
1x Torrential Tribute
(Can you call it a Torrential TRIBUTE even without the tribute?)
1x Waboku
(Another pointless description about this card.)
1x Robbin' Goblin
(Gotta love Yata-locking with THIS.)
1x XYZ-Dragon Cannon
(Change of Heart, Snatch Steal, and Monster Reborn pieces from opponent. It could happen, couldn't it?)
Fusion Cards (Why?!), with one nice card, but one even more powerful after that: 2 Cards
1x Musician King
(The ultimate card besides Skull Servant... Who could resist a 1750-attacking crazy hair man that were fused by... two women?!)

1x Sasuke Samurai
(Die flip, Nimble Momongas, and defensive decks!)
Side Deck that I never found an appropriate time to use anyways: Um... I think that I'M SUPPOSED TO HAVE 15 CARDS?!
1x Dark Ruler Ha Des
(Die everything Sasuke does plus Witch, Sangan, and face up searchers!)
1x Cyber Jar
(Die Exodia!)
1x Union Rider
(Die Union Decks!)
2x Possessed Dark Soul
(Die even more Gravity Bind!)
1x Ante
(Kick ass hand disruption that kills defensive Exodia and Gravity Bind.)
1x Cold Wave
(No first turn disruptions, please!)
1x Dark Designator
(Bring 'em out, make 'em go away...)
1x Giant Trunade
(Die decks that uses Magic Reflector! That means you, Gravekeepers!)
1x Book of Moon
(Die Speed, Last Turn, and Machine Decks!)
1x Ceasefire
(Die flips and burn 'em hard!)
1x Exhausting Spell
(Die, uh, Spell Counter and Dark Magician decks!)
I guess everybody dies to this side-deck, me thinks...
2x Bad Reaction to Simochi
(Die Fire Princess... But other burners aren't dying :(.)

      For the lazy who does not want to read all that bull****, here is a more-boring list for ya (Need the information? Then read all the junk above!):

"N00bie Beats The Pros" (40 Card Deck)

Tribute Monsters: 1 Card
  • Jinzo
4-Stars or Below: 15 Cards
  • 1x Dark Elf
  • 1x Gearfried the Iron Knight
  • 1x Zombyra The Dark
  • 1x Gravekeeper's Spear Soldier
  • 1x Sangan
  • 1x Witch of the Black Forest
  • 1x Spirit Reaper
  • 3x Mystic Tomato
  • 1x Twin-Headed Behemoth
  • 1x Sinister Serpent
  • 2x Tribe-Infecting Virus
  • 1x Yata-Garasu
Magic Cards: 19 Cards
  • 1x Pot of Greed
  • 1x Graceful Charity
  • 1x Raigeki
  • 1x Dark Hole
  • 1x Harpie's Feather Duster
  • 1x Heavy Storm
  • 1x Change of Heart
  • 1x Snatch Steal
  • 1x Monster Reborn
  • 1x Premature Burial
  • 1x The Forceful Sentry
  • 1x Confiscation
  • 1x Delinquent Duo
  • 1x Scapegoat
  • 1x Mirage of Nightmare
  • 3x Mystical Space Typhoon
  • 1x Book of Moon
Trap Cards: 5 Cards
  • 1x Imperial Order
  • 1x Call of the Haunted
  • 1x Torrential Tribute
  • 1x Waboku
  • 1x Robbin' Goblin
Fusion Deck: 2 Cards
  • XYZ-Dragon Cannon
  • Musician King
Side Deck: 15 Cards (You Think?!)
  • 1x Sasuke Samurai
  • 1x Dark Ruler Ha Des
  • 1x Cyber Jar
  • 1x Union Rider
  • 2x Possessed Dark Soul
  • 1x Ante
  • 1x Cold Wave
  • 1x Dark Designator
  • 1x Giant Trunade
  • 1x Book of Moon
  • 1x Ceasefire
  • 1x Exhausting Spell
  • 2x Bad Reaction to Simochi

The 16-Person Tournament Begins... With a disaster...

Round 1: Thinh vs... Why... Why him... The richie rich, named Manuel!
"N00bie Beats The Pros" vs. Beatdown with Warriors, Zaloog, and Yata

      So much for the so-called "random pairings" they have. Either way, one of us have wasted five bucks. Out of all the people... Oh well, I guess whoever wins this will have to try to win the tournament. We shook hands and begin...

Duel 1
I flipped a Pokémon coin (Aerodactyl). Manuel called Tails. Heads. I go first.

I have a bad memory about duels, so I am sorry for any missed details.

      I draw my six cards. I had no Hand-Disruptors, so knowing him, I summon Mystic Tomato and set a Mystical Space Typhoon (Waboku and Robbin' Goblin in hand, I think.) He draws. Forceful Sentried me, my (some monster, probably Gearfried, must have been a big threat if gotten rid of). Duster me, Typhoon it so I can negate it (feeling the highness again). Summons Gemini Elf/Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer (like I said, bad memory) and attacked Tomato. I brought out Spirit Reaper. No sets. My turn, drew Dark Elf. Switched Reaper and summoned Dark Elf. Attacked with Elf, than Reaper. Killed Monster Reborn (yay). Set Waboku and Robbin' Goblin down. He drew, summoned Goblin Attack Force and does not attack. My turn, drew Tribe-Infecting Virus, discarded and called Warrior, and it went down-hill for him there.

Me: 8000 -> 7500ish -> 6500 -> 5500 -> 589 bazillion life points because I'm lost in life points here.
Manuel: 8000 -> 5700 -> ??? -> Even more ??? -> Eventually 0

So Manuel, you say I depend too much on Yata, huh? What Yata?

Duel 2
He goes first (what else?).

      He draws, does not disrupt my hand (I helped his deck a bit, knowing he might have Hand Disruptors. Convinced him one point that Graceful Charity DOES NOT deck you out fast.) Sets face-down monster. Nothing done. My turn, with my only monsters Yata and Tribe-Infecting Virus. I have Waboku, Imperial Order, and Snatch Steal. Summoned Virus, attacked face-down, expecting Witch or Sangan. Figures, Sangan. Searched Exiled Force. I set Waboku and Imperial Order and ended turn. He draws, Heavy Storm. I Imperial Ordered. He summons Gemini Elf and attacked. Waboku. He sets a card and my turn. My turn, draw, not pay for Imperial Order. Typhoon face down, Magic Cylinder. Snatched Gemini Elf, summon Yata, did alot and stop draw. He draws and gain 1000. He Raigeki and used Don Zaloog and killed Yata in hand. My turn, I draw, Pot of Greed. Dark Hole and Spirit Reaper. Summoned and killed, Yata?! in hand. I forgot the rest, but he lost this round too, both our Yatas dead and buried deep.

Me: 8000 -> 6892 -> another pointlessly made-up number -> 4843 -> 3200
Him: 8000 -> 4300 -> ?!? -> !?! -> 1600 -> Good Game

2 Wins - 0 Losts

Between Duels and Boredom!

      Since Manuel clearly cannot get the store credit now, he handed me his booster pack for the tourney fee. While looking around, the person sitting on my right pulled Dark Ruler Ha Des (seeing his Black Skull Dragon/Fiend deck, he looks like he could use it). However, the person on my left got even luckier, as he pulled out: Yata-Garasu! I would really love sitting in those seats about now, but I first decided to open Manuel's pack, courtesy of Manuel opening it. You cannot believe it, but it's true. I pulled out the amazing, Susa Soldier! Thank you, Manuel, for entering and giving me a Susa Soldier! However, when I opened my own booster pack, I regretted not being able to get it earlier, but glad to even have one. My Chikorita figure that I brought along to the tournament also seemed to enjoy this card. I pulled Fiber Jar :)! I guess our row must be the lucky holo row :). I cannot alter my deck, so I just keep Fiber Jar sleeved and eventually replace the Virus I didn't pull with it after the tournament.
      The two unfinished duels have taken a long time so they eventually get a time limit. The duels ended, with the ones pulling the Yata and Hades winning. Manuel looks around to duel someone for fun and keeps. Amongst the confusion some people keep on telling people about the stupid "official" ruling about Injection Fairy Lily being destroyed by a monster 400 ATK or stronger even after paying due to this confusion with the damage step. I showed my Laptop Official PDF rulings, but they still wouldn't buy it. Oh well, screw them. As for me, on to the second round!

Round 2: Thinh vs. An even richier rich than Manuel, the Asian expert's little brother
"N00bie Beats The Pros" vs. More Complex than Manuel's Beatdown

(Note: Neither Manuel nor I are very rich, but Manuel still buys singles and boxes. This guy, however, said he forked over 100 bucks for that Ultra Rare Mechanical Chaser I saw hanging in his deck...

      I played against this guy's little brother before and he is still a challenge. However, he decided not to enter this tournament. I played against him before, and he won with a well-played, top-decked Creature Swap with his Sinister Serpent :(.

As for the duel...

Duel 1
I flipped the coin. The kid calls Heads. Tails. I go first.

      Duel so vague... Barely remember anything... I remember the annoying Spirit Reapers he used and disrupting his hand. All I know is that I won ;p.

Me: 8000 -> 6000 -> Maybe 2900
Him: 8000 -> Would really want to say a one-hit 8000 -> 0

Duel 2
      He goes first. He draws. Raped my hand with Forceful Sentry and Delinquent Duo. Summoned Gemini Elf and set a card. My turn, Drop Offed Gearfried :(. Didn't have much of a hand so I eventually lost :(.

Me: 8000 -> Annoying Zaloogs... I mean 4700 -> 0
Him: 8000 -> 7000

Duel 3
      All I know is I won with help of Virus. Remembered he tried to use Heavy Storm on his own Mirage of Nightmare as a chain, but his brother corrected him. On to the next round!

Me: 8000 -> Wow it's a number.
Him: 8000 -> 10 Gazillion -> Good game.

2 Wins - 1 Lost

Between Duels Again!

      I told the tourney operator I won and decided to watch other duels. The kid's older brother (which I just flat out call expert, a person that actually knows the rules and I have difficulty beating), challenged me to a duel. I hesitated, as I do not like revealing my strategy to other people in the middle of the tournament. I decided to accept anyways, and duel while we wait for the others to finish.

Between Round Duel: Thinh vs. An even richier rich than Manuel, the Asian expert HIMSELF
"N00bie Beats The Pros" vs. More Complex than Manuel's Beatdown (Same Deck As Kid I Beaten Just Now)

      I have duels with this guy before, and from my experience I know he is pretty damn good and very difficult to defeat. He also has amazing top-decking ability (stupid Sinister-Creature Swap :( ). I dueled him to see if he entered the tournament, would he have defeated me instead. This duel I expect will be much harder than my previous one, as this guy is the true owner (at least, I think...).

Duel 1
Rock, Papers, Scissors (Non-tournament duel, non-coin first-turn decision). I did Paper. He scissored me :(. He goes first.

      Man... I have a crappy memory. He didn't disrupt my hand (I think), but I did. Eventually, I won, Yata-less.

Me: 8000 -> Not Even Going To Bother
Him: 8000 -> I did a 1,000,000 ATK blow that got him to 0, yea, that's it...

Duel 2
      ...He Yata-locked me after a decent-timed duel.

Me: 8000 -> NUMBERS!!! -> Yata-Garasu keeps on bugging me while I'm trying to draw...
Him: 8000 -> Mindless Scribbles

Duel 3
      Again with the crappy memory... Virus helped me alot, and he once Drop Offed... Sinister Serpent :). I eventually won after a nasty beat down back and forth...
... by Monster Reborning his Mechanical Chaser and won with his $100 dollar card :).

Me: 8000 -> All Your Base Are Belong To Us
Him: 8000 -> Ha ha ha you cannot survive make your time. -> 0

2 Wins - 1 Lost

Still Between Duels...

      So I won, and he congratulated me. He decided to go straight to the mall, and I told him I'll come there later and tell him the results. As he and his brother leave, the Round 3 pairings have been made. I found out who I'm up against in this round, so I will have some pride-stomping to do...

Round 3 (Semi-Finals): Thinh vs. Arrogant Kid that bragged about being store champion
"N00bie Beats The Pros" vs. Machine deck with XYZ-Dragon Cannon

      This kid claims to have lost his deck. However, he still has plenty of cards to support his new and annoying Machine deck. This kid I was very tedious about as he was one of those who said that Ring of Destruction can be used when Injection Fairy Lily uses her effect "in the Damage Step"...

Duel 1
Flip a coin. He calls Tails. Heads. My Aerodactyl coin loves me :). I go first.

      ...and you know what? Screw describing the duels. Screw the Life Points chart. I have such a crappy memory I forgotten the last half of my rounds. All I know is that he eventually beaten me with Limiter Removals on his machines (stupid Jinzo).

Me: 8000 -> I said I'm not gonna do it.
Him: 8000 -> ...I mean it!

Duel 2
      Won with Virus. Take that mono-type "too original for me" decks :D!

Duel 3
      It took a while, but I eventually disrupted his hand too much to the point of the great "Yata-Lock" :)!

Me: 8000 -> 6000 -> Guess I do this after all... In the final duel -> Some Number Around 3000
Him: 8000 -> Some Number -> 5600 -> Yata-Locked.

2 Wins - 1 Lost

Between Duels...

      NOTHING!!! Well, got in some fights against the ***gots. Oh well, I handled that situation smoothly (mind your own business!). Waited patiently for Final Round while Manuel wins Holo Mystical Space Typhoon and a Holo Gaia The Fierce Knight in a duel for keeps (great, make his deck more holo-y). Eventually, the finalist appears to be a middle-aged man with a beard. We both shook hands and decide who runs away with the twenty-five store moolas!

Round 4, Final Round (Finals, What Else?): Thinh vs. 25ish Year Old Man With A Beard
"N00bie Beats The Pros" vs. Flat Out What Looks Like A Fiend Deck Considering The Bad Hands He Has

Duel 1
      I disrupted his hand with Spirit Reaper and Delinquent Duo. Eventually, Yata-locked.

Duel 2
      Deja vu all over again. Yata-locked. This time, he showed me his hand, and he told me he drew ALL 3 of Dark Necrofear, Summoned Skull, and Dark Ruler Ha Des TWICE!!!

Me: 8000 -> Still High Number
Him: 8000 -> Yata-Locked at some point.

2 Wins - 0 Losts

      I felt sorry for him, because he drew all three Dark Necrofear, Summoned Skull, and Dark Ruler Ha Des TWICE already! I decided to give him another shot at the $25 Store Credit (I am running a Yata-Disruption Deck after all).

Duel 3
      Finally does not have the same hand but he drew Lesser Fiend at the end with his empty field while I have Virus.

Duel 4
      Yata, with the same annoying three monsters in his hand. I Confiscated Dark Necrofear to feel better about having the SAME three monsters in the hand...

Me: 8000 -> Uh huh, uh huh, it's my birthday, it's my birthday!
Him: 8000 -> x_x -> He has 0 life points, isn't he supposed to be either in heaven or hell yet?

4 Wins - 0 Losts

Conclusion of Tournament: I won the tournament! In your face, Arrogant Kid! In your face, underestimaters! At the end, I decided to buy three Magician's Force boosters (limited to 3 per customer per day) and four Labyrinth of Nightmare boosters (really trying to get that NON-SHORT PRINT COMMON Amazon Archer!!!) with the store credit I won.

Cards pulled, in rarity order:

  • Dramatic Rescue
  • Armor Exe :(
  • Jowgen the Spiritualist (Makes Last Turn easier to trade.)
  • Spiritualism (WTF?!?!?!)
Super Rares
  • Revival Jam (Tradable to little kids.)
  • Y-Dragon Head (Just flat out tradable.)
Ultra Rare
  • Card of Safe Return (Such a stupid name. Not even tradable except for some kids.)


      Eventually, Manuel and I, too, came to the nearby Irving Mall in Robotica to duel with more people, ranging from Yu-Gi-Oh! to Pokémon to Dragonball and even to Magic: The Gathering. While there, I had a few duels for keep, one that was never completed, and one that I didn't even agree to putting that many cards in for the Double Duels I really disliked.

Stake Duels That Day:

Stake Duel 1:
Put up bad conditioned both Penguin Soldier and Black Pendant (MRL) for Bazoo the Soul Eater.
Arrogant kid had to go (he came to mall also, but he left right before I Yata-lock him first duel :( ).

Stake Duel 2:
Put up bad conditioned both Penguin Soldier and Black Pendant (MRL) for Banisher of the Light.
Me won Banisher of the Light :).

Stake Duel 3: Double Duel
Put up bad conditioned Penguin Soldier, bad conditioned Black Pendant (MRL), bad conditioned Tribute to the Doomed, Autonomous Action Unit, and Magical Scientist.
Partner (Manuel) puts up ONLY Reaper on the Nightmare (WTF?!?!?! After he keeps on telling me to put more stuff up?!?!?! Thanks alot, friend!)
Opponent 1 puts up Serpent Knight Dragon. Opponent 2 puts up Sinister Serpent.
Lost 2 out of three.
Lost my holos (didn't even notice Manuel putting up so little until the end :(.)

Also, there have been a few trades I have made for cards I could really use:

Traded Blue-Eyes White Dragon (SDK), Damaged Drop Off, Dramatic Rescue, and Amazoness Spellcaster for Exchange.

Traded Revival Jam, Y-Dragon Head, and my second Tribe-Infecting Virus for Torrential Tribute and Catapult Turtle (both crazy perfect condition, but so are my cards).

      All in all, it has been an awesome day, besides the obvious bad luck and flaws mentioned above. I won a tournament for the first time, while actually going against challenging people. There have been bad out there, and there have been good. I left with a bunch of tradables and gasps from people who keeps on saying, "Huh, you mean him, actually won the tournament at Lone Star?!" So, hereby, are my props and slops that I saw so much in other tournament reports and stole from:

Proppy Props!:
  • Chikorita!
  • Pojo for putting this extremely long tournament report up (assuming they actually did).
  • You, for actually bothering to read SOMETHING in this report (you're reading one now, this single prop).
  • Manuel winning Mystical Space Typhoon and Gaia the Fierce Knight both Ultra Rare in duels for keeps.
  • Winning the tournament and getting seven booster packs :)!
  • Pulling Fiber Jar (Chikorita's love).
  • Beating Arrogant Kid in duel.
  • Getting Torrential Tribute and Catapult Turtle for cards I got extra and free of.
  • Winning Banisher of the Light in a duel.
  • Did I mention pulling Fiber Jar?
  • Yata-Garasu. She really loves locking and screwing with everybody :). She locked over 200 random people already ;).
  • Being alive and existing.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!
  • Manuel for being an awesome friend (made due to a future event).

Sloppy Slops!:
  • For having this Tourney Report put up so late (sorry about that).
  • Yata-Garasu. When it's used on me (lol, not really). Why does it exist, people ask?
  • Not being able to alter the deck in the middle of the tournament (poor Fiber Jar).
  • Susa Soldier and Spiritualism?!
  • Arrogant kid having to go in duel for keeps right before the Yata-lock :(.
  • Losing a bunch of tradable, bad-conditioned cards because of my obvious weakness in double duels.
  • The freezing cold in Texas.
  • Dueling Manuel in THE FRIGGEN FIRST ROUND. I want to beat him at least in the semi-finals :(.
  • Manuel being a traitor by putting up so LITTLE for Double Duel after he asked me to put up more stuff :(.
  • Dropping Chikorita in the concrete during the cold rain by accident :(.
  • Leaving from the mall early.
  • People continue to treat me like a n00b even after beating them.
  • Yugi picking Dark Magician over JINZO to add in his deck in the anime that day...
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! boosters usually having crap in them.
  • Evil in the world.
  • Retards bashing or hurting Chikorita. I don't think they would bother her again after what I did to them.
  • Having more Slops than Props, not including this slop.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! and their stupid rulings and unoriginality.


  • Brush your hands and wash your teeth.
  • Don't do drugs. They all belong to me.
  • Decks with alot of common cards and strategy can win too. Only difference is decks with alot of Holos and strategy win more.
  • Get your flu shots so the government can spy on your actions.
  • Play for keeps against arrogant jerks. If you win, rub their card in their face.
  • If you're in the Mental Hospital, break out. Trust me, it makes you look less crazy. I did it.
  • Don't steal. You do, you die. Simple.
  • 8000 -> What the heck is this doing here?! -> Nevermind, Yata-Locked. -> I really doubt this make sense.
  • Recycle your paper so they could be wasted on more Yu-Gi-Oh! cards (such quality).
  • Save the trees, or else they'll revolt and kill you.
  • Laugh at the misfortune of others.

And one more thing Thinh has to say...

Eat your vegetables.

...Fiber Jar might taste somewhat good...

...but don't eat Chikorita!