9 Lives

by Kats a.k.a betty

Collectors Corner

Oakland, Ca

November 29, 2003





Monsters:  19                     Magics: 14                               Traps:


3x mystic tomato             3x mst         forceful sentry      2x waboku

2x spirit reaper                reborn                                       ring

3x spear dragon               change o <3                            mirror force

2x kycoo                          swords                                         torrential

2x gemini elf                    heavy                                          cylinders

2x kuriboh                        raigeki                                        imperial

  wotbf                             graceful

  sangan                           duster

  xforce                            pot

   yata                               dark hole

  jinzo                             snatch






16 players, $5, 1st place 5 packs, 2nd 3packs


Match 1:

Katz vs. jimmy (this nu b)

Round 1:

I felt sort of bad for this kid cuz this kid didnt have any sleeves on his deckL

For me this was an easy win

Round 2:

I think he only had like two monsters in his deck.  In total it too me like seven mins to beat him!


Match 2:

Katz vs. Tom (the adult)


Round 1:

From past experiences I was afraid of tom.  When I first started playing @ collectors I used to lose to him a lot.  So here was my only chance to prove to my self and to the milk force that I actually improved!!!  I pretty much controlled this game the end scores were 7500(me) 0000(tom)


Round 2: 

This was looking good for me @ the time, but I spoke 2 soon, this was a horrible way to lose, he was beating me down with Gemini elf!!! (I hate that card!!!)


Round 3:


My fate is determined by this duel!!!  Ok, we were tied up till the very end of the game then @ the last moment I drew an mst and a rageki to clear the field and take out the last of his last life points.


Match 3:


Cat woman vs. Batman (who will win)


Round 1:


This was the best duel ever!!!!  Ok on my second turn I got a graceful charity and got the most important cards in my deck!!! SO I descarder a mech. chaser and a trash card so I used my mst to kill the cars on his side of the felid and then I moved to my battle phase.  I used a monster reborn to get my chaser back then I set my cannon solider then out of no where I used 2 limiters to attack with 13000 damage then I would launch for another 1000 damage!!!


Round 2: 


Huy decided to side deck (get all of his defense tools)

This duel was long and intense but I won!!!!!!! (I beat huy for the first time in my life!!!)

I really dont remebereverthing that happened in this duel.  All I know it that Jeremy had no monsters both games and it took me like 10 mins.to win.


                                    Match 4: 


                                 Katz vs. robin


Robin and I decided to split so we both got 4 packs of tp4





I dont like the color purple but my deck sleeves are purple so I have to live with it!


Milk 4 a very 1 (M4A1)

We are the milk crew at collectors corner if you ever stop by say hi, I got a picture of Catwoman on my sleeves


Milkman- David

Batman- Huy

Catwoman  (me) Betty (the only girl @ Collectors)

Superman  Jr



Rob- 4 being kool and letting us (the M4A1) do what ever we want, and being our suppler (my dad)

Jason- my giving us good prices and being kool must of the time (jp)(store owner)

Me splitting the first tourney with robin

Berry- giving me the idea 4 my nu and improved deck!!!



Maryweather and Chang 4 bugging EVERYONE!

Berry not coming to cc until 30 min after I left!!!

Me having to leave right after the 1st tourny


Katz email:  alwayzkatzmilk@yahoo.com




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