November 23, 2002
Dragon's Lair Tournament Report
West Hartford, CT (860)-231-1915 (Call them for easy directions)
Entrance Fee: $5.00 (tournament pack w/ entry)
Deck Name: Monster Removal
Note: This is an official tournament so Pharoah's Servant isn't legal.
And there's were 2 tournaments if a person lost in the regular tournament they would get thrown into another tournament for the loosers. To recieve store credit.
My Deck is a Monster Removal deck just in case you wanted to know.
Also if you plan on coming be ready with something to counter Exodia. I have 3/5 of the Exodia cards and other kids only need 1 or 2 cards left to do Exodia decks.
Trades I got off: Gearfread The Iron Knight, Mirror Wall, Maha Violo and Blue Eyes White Dragon (Shonen Jump promo that looks very cool I might add)
***** If you're ever @ Dragon's Lair ask the guys @ the counter for Chuck if you wanna chat w/me.

Monsters: 20

Magician of Faith x2
Mask of Darkness
Cyber Jar
La Jinn The Mystical Genie of the Lamp x3
Neo The Magic Swordsman
Man-Eater Bug x3
Summoned Skull
Wall of Illusion x2
Witch Of the Black Forest
Dark Elf
7 Colored Fish
Jinzo #7
Giant Soldier of Stone

Magics/Traps: 22

Malevolent Nuzzler x2
Tribute To The Doomed x2
Magic Jammer
Mirror Force
Fissure x2
Seven Tools Of The Bandit
Heavy Storm
Trap Hole x2
Monster Reborn
Pot of Greed
Swords of Revealing Light
Soul Exchange
Snatch Steal
Axe of Despair
Mystical Space Typhoon
Robbin Goblin
Change of Heart

1st match: Chuck vs Chad

At the beginning of the first duel he had me nervous in the same turn he cleared my field, then brung out an 1800 monster and equipped it w/ Black Pendant and an Nuzzler and he played Swords of Revealing Light as well. But I came back and beat him.
2nd duel he brung me down to 4150 and he was @ 7000 and got me nervous as well. But with my flip summoning my Magician of Faith helped me out and clinched the 2nd duel by re-playing my Tribute To The Doomed.
*I say he cold have defeated me but his deck problem was he has a little too many tributes. So he left me with open fields during the games.

2nd match: Chuck vs Joseph

First game I pulled Robbin Goblin in my first hand so that basically helped me out. But he although did bring me down to 1700 but I came back and hit him with a very hard hit with like 4 monsters on my side of the field and his empty and some of 2 of my monsters were powered up.
Second duel, he became really pissed at me because everytime he would summon an 1800 attack monster like LaJinn or 7 Colored Fish I would trap hole it. In that game Snatch Steal helped me out in the duel or it would have taken longer.

3rd match: Chuck vs T

First game he beat me, he let me go back and play my 7 tools of the bandit but he still beat me.
Second game he brung me down to 5000, but I wound up getting him because I like my other game pulled Robbin Goblin in my first hand so that pretty much clinched the duel.
Third game it was so close my heart was beating up and down constantly, I had a Tribute To The Doomed and my hand and that was the only card left, he had 2050 life points left, he had 1 card face down on magic/trap field and a 7 Colored Fish and a monster face down defense.
My turn I drew my card Change of Heart and I got his face down card which was Magician of Faith used on myself to bring back the Change of Heart I just played and took control of his 7 Colored Fish and attacked with both for 2100. He lost -50 LP.
Personal note I would like to say: I won most likely because of LUCK.

4th match (semi-finals): Chuck vs Josh (aka Burner King [he told me to call him that])

If this tournament allowed Pharoah's Servant cards he would have beaten me quick + easy.
First game I won mainly because his Messenger Of The Piece was killing himself and because I had Jinzo #7 out. (Jinzo #7 comes in handy)
Second duel he won but he was able to stall because he brung his life points up alot because I snatch stealed his monster and he has 3 nimble momongas and 3 giant germs. So he did a good amount of direct damage. And kept his lifepoints up, he wanted to play Cannon Soldier on me but I trap holed every one of them. ^-^;
Last game he was able sending a giant germ and cannon soldier to finish me off, I had nothing to stop him because I drew a Trap Hole the turn before I lost and I had a Nuzzler in my hand.

Pretty much all good games.
Josh went on to the finals against Alex Jarvis who also wrote a report for this tournament and you can go check it out.