Maha vailo beat down

November 23,

Location: All Sports Collectibles

Prizes:1st $27.00 2nd $7.00 3rd $10.00

People entered:18


Tournaments here usually aren’t too big but there is some good players.

They’re always fun though.


My deck                                                           


3xMaha Vailo

3xman eater bug

3xhane hane

3xmagician of faith

1xsummoned skull


1xwall of illusion


2xmask of darkness

1xcyber jar




Pot of greed

Dark hole

Change of heart

Snatch steal

Monster reborn

2xswords of revealing light

3xaxe of despair




Mirror force

3x magic jammer

3x seven tools of the bandit


Side deck

3xsolemn judgment

3xtrap hole


1xheavy storm

1xgiant trunade

2x summoned skull

1xmask of darkness

2xcard destruction


Round 1


Ben vs. Travis


Travis is a cool guy and he’s got some good cards but he was giving toons a try this tournament. Don’t get me wrong, if toons are played right they can easily win for you but not today. Besides, his odds of drawing toon world wasn’t very good since he only had 1.


duel #1

basically I kept attacking with wotbf and maha vailo. I was removing monsters with mebs and hane hanes. no toons that duel!!! Winner: me


duel#2nearly the same as last time but he had too many tribute mon. that he couldn't bring out. ok heres what got me nervous. he slapped down time wizard when I had like 4 mon and him none. I quickly checked my magic/trap zones to see if I could counter it before the effect took place. thank god i switched my judgment from side to main deck for the tournament. killed time wizard and after that assaulted his life with hane hanes, bugs and vailos.



2nd round me vs. Steven.


this guy beat me when i was just starting out and made me take second in my first tourney. well, back then i didn't know what raigeki does so what can I say?


1st duel

he plays dian keto. ok this will be easy. He couldn't keep monsters on the feild due to my flip effects and raigeki.

I just waited until i got vailo and 2 axes. maha vailo+2x axe of despair=victory



2nd duel

dian keto again? Im wondering if he plays three of them. nearly same as last duel I kept removing or attacking his monsters and attaked with skull and vailo for the win.winner:me


3rd round(in which a little bit harder of an opponent awaits me)

me vs. nelson


usually nelson is pretty easy to beat but he was running a pretty strong discarder today.


1st duel


a little bit into the duel, i had 3 cards in my magic/trap zones and he giant trunades, no biggie. o nuts he plays card destruction and deprives me of my solemn judgment, magic jammer, raigeki, maha vailo,2 axes, and 2 other cards which I cant remember. ok not so bad at least i got some new cards in my hand. geuss what?magicain of faith+card destruction. ok ive discarded 16 cards in the same turn. I'm gonna have to speed this up and kill hime before run out of cards. well, I just let loose all my monsters and finished him off with 8 cards left in my deck.



2nd duel

he went first and I cant remember too much but in the end he ran my hand out of cards with robbin goblin and just kept attacking with sonic bird and white magical hat. winner:Nelson


3rd duel

again I don't remember much but it was me with vailo in the end for the win.

winner: me


final round and most anticipated match of the day


me vs Josh

Ok these duels were funny because my deck and josh's deck are nearly identical for this tournament

josh is really good and we dueled earlier for fun in which I beat him. but I can never do as good when the duels actually count for some reason



duel 1the heat is on

I don't remember too much about this and my other duels with Josh but I think he beat me with his maha vailo and dark elf. i could have stopped his attack with mirror force but it was in my hand from a cyber jar



duel 2.winner:me

duel 3. winner:josh

oh well. like i said these duels were good but I cant remember most of everything that happened.

i'll beat him when we can use psv.


I still got $17 which I bought some candy and 3 psv packs


props(which are many of)

to Tim and all sports for holding the tourney

to maha vailo and axe of despair

to josh for sharing my opinion on maha vailo

to my trades today. biggest ones were for another call of the haunted, magic jammer(4th) and, 2nd goblin attack force.

to nelson for doing pretty decently compared to the usual

to josh for being cool and not snotty about winning against me

to my psv packs for giving me a premature burial and ceasefire.(the third rare will be mentioned in slops.


slops to upperdeck for screwing up our order and not getting the tournament packs to all sports.

to upperdeck not coming out with the updated restricted list for pharoahs servant.