Subject: Beatdown type A(Fixed)

ok heres my deck and THIS is my newly fixed deck from the Beatdown type A. There are cards in here that i just wanted in that i just got. And now i have 41 cards in it o well. I think i will keep it like that


magician of faith(haha i get my magic card back)

sangan(get my flip monsters)

morphing jar #2(haha i have only one monster on the field)

2x summon skull(haha great atk for 5 star)

hayabusa knight(i get to atk twice haha)

3x 7 colored fish(main attacker)

witch of the black forest(get any one of my monsters)

mask of darkness(haha i get a trap back)

2x man eater bugs(eat my little friend)

3x la jinn the mystical genie of the lamp(main attacker)

2x trap master(better than remove trap)

maha vailo(dam this is good)


pot of greed(haha i get two more)

gravekeepers servant(go ahead atk)

monster reborn(get back any monster)

monster recovery(great combo with soleum wishes)

change of heart(haha i get ur monster for a turn)

axe of despair (1000 atk powerup)

3x fairy meteor crush (killer kard)

Dark hole(were they all go)

magic drain(haha destroy a magic from ur hand)

3x malevolent nuzzler(power up my monsters 700)


just desserts (kinda good)

2x soleum wishes(i gain 500 and 500 and 500.......)

3x trap hole(haha by by bewd)

2x michizure(dis is good destroy a monster)

call of the haunted (dis is almost as good as monster reborn)

Total Cards 42

Total m/t 25

Total monsters 19


The tourny this week was the last But o well there gana start it back up in january. But i had a great time i got like holo...... monster reborn, change of heart, trap holes, fairy meteor crush, axe of despair, michizure for all really cheap!!! like trap hole for a doller and the other ones for like 2 dollers. Then i got Call of the haunted out of a pack and 2 more graverobbers out of the packs that i won. Then i traded one of my 10 harpies feather duster and tribute to the doom for 2 reliquished and the ritual card.  

The turny went like this

1st match me and a guy name zach. I won by atkin his lp direct with la jinn and ss because he couldnt pull a monster

The second round went like that also but with maha vailo atached with axe of despair and fairy meteor crush. and killed him fast

The next person was brandon agin and he got better cards and was a little more challenging. He had a new deck a deck destruction deck loaded with alot of stuff. i got scared because i was running out of cards and fast. He won o well

second round i won by switching out a couple of cards and atacking his lp direct with some monsters but he mannaged to destroy my deck real fast agin but i beat him in the neck of time.

Third he had to go so i got a by.

The last round was me aginst tyler agin

me and him got to no each other a little better so i knew what cards he had and how to beat him. Friday i fixed my side deck and got some better cards. I beat him agin but he gave me a good challenge. he almost beat me the second round.

I already said which cards i got in the packs i won. But if anyone needs help with there deck then just email me at ( and i will try to fix ur deck. Just send the names of the cards in ur deck and cards that u have that u want to put in. And Tell me the problem of ur deck

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