I am known by T3h Coo1 Dude Jounouchi (Unofficial Duelist name.) With a Bogged Standart BeatDown Deck
This is my First Tourney Report. Please excuse me if I faild to do something.

Location: DJ's Sports Collectables and Comic of North Haven C.T.
Date: November 22, 2002
UD Restricitions - PSV legal (Japanese restrictions followed.)
Prizes: 1st - 4th Place gets points for the Tourney.
Everyone gets a Tourney pack for entering the $5.00 Fee.
Number of People: 20 or so.

My Deck: (41 cards) A basic English Beatdown.
I've had a hard time tracking down the following: Raigeki, SORL, Mirror Force, & Axe of Despair
Once I can actually get my hands on them they will replace the junk. Powerful indeed but for now there are enough Counters and Removal to stay in the metagame. I do plan to upgrade into PSV eventually.

x3 Summoned Skull
x1 Cyber Jar
x2 Witch of the Black Forest
x2 Dark Elf
x2 Magician of Faith
x3 7 Colored Fish
x2 Man-Eater Bug
x3 La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp

x1 Dark Hole
x1 Pot of Greed
x1 Monster Reborn
x2 Fissure
x1 Change of Heart
x1 Megamorph
x1 Snatch Steal
x2 Tribute to The Doomed
x2 Heavy Storm
x2 Mystical Space Typhoon

x2 Waboku
x3 Trap Hole
x2 Magic Jammer
x2 Seven Tools of the Bandit

First match: (A mutt kind of deck. Beatdown, Defense, and Burn.)
Winner: Me | Looser: Him
My opponent forfeited because he left the store. I was going to be bumped up but another kid was placed in to fill in since he was late and didn't couldn't get a spot at the time. I dueled this kid the week before. He ran some weak monsters. It seemed he took my advice and got some Fish and misc. I was run down to around 6500 because of Tremendous Fire and misc burn. He played a few burn and Defense cards. 7 Colored Fish and Summoned Skull shut him down for both duels. He is a nice kid shouts out to Denis.

Second Match: (I don't know what deck he had he barely had monsters to summon lots of junk.)
Winner: Me | Looser: Him
I ran 8000 LP for the first match beginning to end. I took a lot of his M/T's out with Heavy Storm/Mystical Space Typhoon. He got beatdown by Fish, Jin and SS. The second duel he was doing a bit better. I was at 6000 LP by some burn he had 6700, Megamorph on a La Jin to his open field shot him down to 3100. Since I didn't summon anything during Main Phase 1 I sacrificed the now powered down La Jin for SS and ended the turn.

Later he begged me to attack one of his face down cards. He was getting nervous. I knew he was up to something, I managed to Tribute to the Doom his face down card which was a Kiseitai. With the help of either Fish or Jin, SS shut him down. He was really upset but it was his own fault really for running a deck full of junk. He was super ticked when I kept destroying his M/T's those times.

Third Match: (Weenie Rush deck)
Winner: Me | Looser: Him
It was getting late and the brackets at this point only required one win instead of 2 out of 3. This kid had all the good cards. My M/T cards fried him though. I thought I would be crushed because I didn't draw any monsters for 4 turns (Even with the use of a Pot of Greed. What bad shuffleing I did.). Waboku, Trap Hole, Magic Jammer, and Heavy Storm/Mystical Space Typhoon owned him and kept me safe. A Witch of the Black Forest gave me a Cyber Jar but he used Nobleman of Crossout on it on his turn. Ouch for me with now more Monsters and less counters/removal. Eventually I drew and played a good counter every turn if not other.

We started to go neck and neck. We both were getting good combos and were tied in LP. This kid was good and his cards gave him an advantage over me. For 3 more turns I couldn't draw anything good and took a beating. I only had a Summoned Skull in my hand and nothing to summon or protect. He started to get into the same rut. I drew a Change of Heart finally and used it on his La Jin and sacked it for my Summoned Skull. I nailed his remaining LP of 1800 or 1700 something.

The Finals: (He like a Beatdown of sorts)
Winner: Him | Looser: Me
This was a Duel against one of my best friends. We both came together to duel.
He also had a card advantage over me and pretty much always did. It was an even match for a few turns I would say until I screwed up bad.

He used Change of Heart on my face down MEB. He flipped a set MEB of his own to destroy my other face down card (MOF). I had a Magic Jammer on the field. I debated if I should use it to counter his COH or not. Well, I choose not to and wait out his more Powerful cards. He sacked it for a Summoned Skull which he attached a Malevolent Nuzzler too. 2 to 3 turns and it was over for me.

One of the most poor duels I ever played. But I am glad that my friend won atleast. We were determined to pwn the Tourney any way and we did. It wouldn't have really mattered to me anyway as long as we both pwned it.

- Tourney Points!
- Getting second place. (Not too shabby.)
- Getting a Foil Tiger Axe in my Tourney Pack. (Which I will sell. 8-D )
- Getting a 1st Ed. PSV pack for helping set up the Tourney.
- My friend's mother for driving me and my friend so far for an official Tourney.
- Beating teh n00bs. (My card pool is a bit limited but I am competitive.)
- Getting an Extra Shonen Jump. With BEWD promo!!! 8-D
- The Chinese Food we had after. :-P

- Nobody seems to own a GBA link Cable for YGO EDS.
- For not countering my friends COH.
- To the guy who bragged about extra Raigeki, SORL, and Mirror Force to trade me. (He lied!)
- Having to travel so far because UD doesn't seem to know Geography.
- My Mommy for not really caring of how much I pwned. ;.;

T3h Coo1 Dude kn0wn az Jounouchi.