endless power
Michael McCarthy
Outer Limits
Brentwood, Tennessee

November 15, 2002
37 people                                         

99 cards in deck
         regular monsters: 32 
giga-tech wolf
guardian of the throne room
rogue doll
red archery girl
ancient brain
la jinn the mystical genie of the lamp
whiptail crow  x2
summoned skull
neo the magic swordsman
ryu-kishin powered
feral imp
gazelle the king of mythical beasts
labyrinth wall
mystical elf
harpie lady
sorcerer of the doomed
7 colored fish
magical ghost
gaia the fierce knight
ancient elf
armored lizard
mystic horseman
battle ox
skull red bird
giant soldier of stone
dark magician  x2
blue-eyes white dragon
effect monsters:26
cannon soldier
magician of faith
catapult turtle
ceremoniel bell
tainted wisdom
sanga of the thunder
mask of darkness
dragon piper
man-eater bug
white magical hat
cyber jar
witch of the black forest
giant germ
jinzo #7
wall of illusion
lava battleguard
swamp battleguard
princess of tsurugi
shadow ghoul
dark elf
castle of dark illusions
pumpking the king of ghosts
mysterious puppeteer
muka muka
ritual monsters:2
crab turtle
magic cards:26
dian keto the cure master
monster reborn
black illusion ritual
heavy storm
malevolent nuzzler  x3
sword of deep-seated
turtle oath
change of heart
ring of magnetism
horn of the unicorn  x2
card destruction
chorus of sanctuary
soul exchange
dark hole
the cheerful coffin
graceful dice
pot of greed
shield and sword
tribute to the doomed
trap cards:13
skull dice
trap hole x2
reverse trap
horn of heaven
dragon capture jar
ultimate offering
just desserts
robbin' goblin
acid trap hole
two-pronged attack reinforcements

notes: every monster in my deck can be powered up by me equipt cards and the good part is my equipt cards can only be destroyed in my hand or in my deck ,so my main plain is too power up my monsters of the charts!
I dont have too many cards that dont have to be offered so i'll let my traps do the talking until i get a monster i dont have to offer. My main strategy is power. I use my monsters and equipt cards too beat my opponents. I'd tell you my best combo but you could use it at  a tournament against me so you'll have to duel me to find it out. 

the tournament i went to is different from others. You play 4 people and the winner is who gets the best 2 out of 3. If you battle someone and win 2 out of 3 you win one round. At the end they will tell you how many rounds you have to win to make it to the finals.
1st place is 6 boosters.
2nd place 5 boosters.
and 3rd place 4 boosters

round one i faced  Phil (one of my best friends) and i didnt like facing him in the first round
he sets a monster.I defeat it with whiptail crow. The rest of the duel he would defend and i would keep summoning strong monsters. With all my strong monsters I beat him easy, I didnt even lose life point.The same with my second duel with him.
record 2-0

second duel me vs john
same as round 1.
battle 2 same. So far ive been through 4 duels with no action.
record 4-0
Round 3 me vs leo. this duel i had action.1st battle
i set a monster then played ookazi and he loses 800 life points. he destroys my monster with 7 colored fish. i had no choice but to defend. in three more turns i was brought down to 4500 life points. then i got my relinquished and started sucking his monsters and useing their power. it went on like this a few turns then he used fissure and relinquished was destroyed then he attacked my life points. the score was then me 2750 him 5350. i then used cyber jar's effect and destroy all monsters on the field then draw 5 cards and special summon all monsters of level 4 or under. then i was able to bring him down to 1400 in a five turns and he was able to bring me down to 1700. He played dark hole then summoned la ginn attacked and he won. 2nd battle i didnt get any monsters i could summon so i lost.
my record 4-2
i then played sylvester
same as round 1 and 2 easily won with no action. record 6-2
i was sad because neither me or my friend made it too the finals.
Thanks too Phil May my friend for helping me.My deck used too stink then he helped me and then i was invinceible.
Michael McCarthy
e-mail AChartist@aol.com