Subject: Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament Report.

ultimo deck,  Tommy korea, comic and card deluxe in phokibsie, arizona. 11\23\02 # of peoples is 24! biggest tourney i've ever been in. four peeps didn't come, so instead of 28, it was 24. Now, for the ultimo deck! now, the only reason i have such good cards is because i buy 10 packs a week cause my family is like almost rich!

1 place- tourney pack and 5 mrl's or psv's

2nd place-2 mrd's

3rd-one lob pack 


2x witch of black forest 

1x jinzo!!!!!!! got it for a blue eyes                                                            

2xbarrel dragon(1 fron booster box, 1 i got in a trade(my gate guardian fod bd and red eyes skulldragon)

1xman eater bug holo-foil (realllllly hot)


2xsummond skull

1xjari gnomo

1xdark elf

1xbuster bladder(ma favorite card EVER,even though its in japenese)

1xaqua mardoor

1xblue eyes(i gots a nasty combo wit it)

1xred eyes(cause of my red eyes skull dragon

2xmagicion of faith

1xblack luster soldior (japenese cards with no effects we'ere aloud if u had card covers becasue the japenese writing on the back sign would give card away)i wanted to use ma lady magicion too, but they said NO!

1xtri-horn dragon(got it in a trade for a kaiser sea-horse in my first tourney because the guy likes japenese cards)


2x7colered fish

magic and trap-22

2xmagic jammer

1xsenen tools of the bandit(wonder if they mean bandit keith...)

1xsnatch steal

1x monster reborn

1x dark hole

1x trap hole

2xswords of reveling light

1x axe of despair

1x horn of the unicorn

2x wabaku

1x fissure

1x two-pronged attack(dont see it alot, dont know why!)

1xhorn of heaven

1xmirror force



1xmalevolent nuzzler

1xblack luster ritual


fusion deck-1

1xred eyes black skull dragon 

 before the tourney, i did a couple of trades. for a wing weaver i got a kuriboh(good deal,huh!) i traded a twin headed dragon for a relinquished and a graverobber(another good deal) and i traded time wizard and a flame-swordsmen for beast of twaler and chain destruction. k, now to the tournement.

Me-vs-josh crocker(dark deck)

duel 1-he has some solid  dark cards, but josh can't duel. i uses a SORL on my 2nd turn, and he used his solem judgement, brinin his life points to 4000. then, i whiped out a Summen skull after tributing aqua mardoor and killed him derectly in two turns(he had no monstors

duel two- got a redeeyes with a nuzzeler out on turn 12(me winning 6500 to 2200) and used ragiti and used it on his wall of illiuisions and la jinn and won.

me-vsconnor smith(beatdown)

duel 1- connor(good friend) has no deck strategy, but has good cards. he uses sujin, sanga, and kaszigen, 3 blue eyes, and lots of tribute mons. i beat him by turn 7 in duel 1 cause he had nothinfg out and i had a barrel out,and used m jammer on hid d hole and monstor reborn.

duel 2- close, he got me down to 4300 before i used blue eyes with hotu and nuzzler and demolished him.

i got a buy along with zach(awsome duelist) cause we won are duels by more then anybody else.


brandon, my best friend, it was tough crushin him. he stinks, and the only reason he far cause he had lots of easy duels against 7-9 year old.

duel 1- with summond skull on my second turn ith a axe of despair, i won in a couple of turns.

duel 2- ok, got my barrel dragon on turn 4 and just slapped him like crazy.

me-vs-joey(he beat zach,cant belive it!)

joey is 24, and knows the game very well.

duel 1-it was 2000 me ,800 him late. i used a axe of despair with my blue eyes and killed his sujin that was powered up to 3000 and had used hi effect and i won.

duel 2- i lost. i never had a mon. pathitec.

duel 3-it went back and fourth. 100 me, 150 him when i played red eyes with axe of despair and killes his blue eyes! I WON the tourney!

in my packs, i got  chain destruction and a nother grave robber. i also got an axe raider.

props- for me winning my first tourney in three trys and doin good trades!

cons-none(cause i won!!!!!!)

Peace out homies! 

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