Subject: Mask sorcerer's Axe of despair(Keith) NewYork
Yu-Gi-Oh! Tourney Report 11/23/02

-Subject:Mask sorcerer's Axe of despair(Keith) NewYork
(Formely Harpies axe of despair but I'll wait until I can use my harpies brother)

-Deck Name:Mask sorcerer's Axe of despair

-My Name:The Negro Magician(Keith)

-Location of Tournament, City and State of tournament 115-07
Atlantic Ave
Richmond Hill, NY   11418
Phone: 718-441-5005
Email: can also visit The stores

-Date:November 23, 2002

-Admission:5$(No japanese cards were allowed in this tournament)

-Over 35 people participated in this tournament

-Okay guys hello how's it goin this is my fourth YU-GI-OH! tournament Report.This was official Yu-Gi-Oh! Upperdeck/Konami Tournament(As you should already know)
This tournament was held that so the best out of three wins.The winner of this tournament was awarded 50$Store credit.Second place was awarded Two extra season two tournament packs,3rd place was awarded The Beast of talwar from pharaos servant.Every player Recieved a tournament pack for participating.Well....As you know last week I played horrible.I played pretty good this week and I'll tell you how it worked out,But first this is what my deck looked like...

-La jinn X3
7Colored fish X1
Jari Gumo X1
Witch of the black forest X2
Cyber jarX1
Man-Eater bug X2
Magician of faith X3
Wall of Illusion X2
Mask of Darkness X1
Summoned Skull X1
Sangan X2

-Trap Hole X1
Mirror force X1
Seven tools of the bandit X2
Heavy Storm X2
Swords of reaveling light X2
Change of heart X1
Monster RebornX1
Pot of greed X1
Dark hole X1
Rageki X1
Axe Of despair X3
Fissure X1
Snatch Steal X1
Mystical space typhoon X1
Share the pain X2
Solem Judgement X2
       Round one:Me vs. ???
-Well in round one I played a kid I've never seen before so I didnt know what to expect. When the duel first started I picked up some pretty good cards The best being Rageki.I set a monster down and one M/T.Then it was his go he dark hole'd me then played Dark elf,Then my go I fissured him then played mask sorcerer with axe of despair then i drew and got waboku.His go He played another Dark elf but I waboku'ed his attack(But he still had to pay 1000) He then fissured me And set down 2 M/T my go I summoned sangan and attack then set one M/T down(I seen that this kid was all about Dark elf,And I give him props he was good but I went on to win that duel oh yeah I swept him)

                           "Not another lost"
Round Two:Me vs. Eddie(Or should I see A kid with all the hot cards)

-Well in the first game belive it or not it was very even everytime I attacked he attacked we both had a counter for each other's move,I had him down to a little amount of life points but some how he beat me in the first match.Second match as I recall i pretty much creamed him the last one I drew and  nothing came out I had no moves just waboku to protect me.The duel lasted about 20-30 minutes but I came out the victor.

       "A tough one''
Round three:Me vs. A regular in the store

-In the first game I got out my best combo's share the pain with WOTBF Mask sorcerer wit Axe of daspair but he had some great defense,Magic jammers,seventools,Trap hole,Man-eaters,So it was really difficult but I won the first match,The second one I had some good moves,but he had great counters and he beat me,the last one it was once again even until we both had about 4000 then I had some great moves and won the duel.

              "Tie breaker"
       Round four:Me vs. Daymeon lewis

-Well as you all may know me and daymeon have played eachother four times I won two and he won two this was the tie breaker.The duel started off pretty even I dealed the first big attack,Little did i know it was my last daymeon responded with two big attacks of his own I hit him again taking him down to about 1500-2000 but he then won that match the next one daymeon pretty much creemed me winning with 6600 life points.
3RD PLACE!...thats what I recieved.

-If your in New York or Just wanna duel any kids mentioned in this tournay report come on down to,Richmond Hill, NY   11418
Phone: 718-441-5005

-My E-Mail address is you can see my E-Mail address is no longer The kid1286 its been changed so if you did E-Mail send it again sorry for the inconvience.

-I give props to Daymeon for winning the tournament,And to bryan and charlie for holding the tournament.

-I give slops bigggg time to Slow#2(sam)For losing so quick and to a bunch of kids from game resolutions for losing in the first and second round!