Life Point Recovery Deck


The Joystick Lounge

Baltimore Maryland

Entry fee - $5

Prize - $25 store credit

Date- 11-23-02


3x Harpie's Brother
1x Witch Of The Black Forest
3x Man Eater Bug
1x Magician of Faith
3x La Jinn The Mystical Genie
      Of The Lamp
1x Magic Jammer
2x Magic Drain
1x Dark Hole
1x Pot Of Greed
3x Nimble Momonga
3x Solemn Wishes
1x Giant Trunade
1x Heavy Storm
3x Summoned Skull
3x Waboku
1x 4 Starred Ladybug Of Doom
3x 7 Colored Fish
1x Fissure
3x Trap Hole
2x Mask Of Darkness
1x Cyber Jar
2x Hane Hane
1x Change Of Heart
3x Enchanted Javelin
1x Seven Tools Of The Bandit
1x Big Eye
1x Monster Reborn
1x Tribute To The Doomed
1x Wall Of Illusions
1x Goblin's Attack Force


First round

Me and some amateur punk.. no deck theme and nothing special to his attack on me.

Winner me


Second round

Me and my brother..well first off the first match went very smoothly for me but the second match was much more difficult. He ALMOST won but my deck gave me the perfect cards pot of greed which I used to draw a dark hole and my newly acquired goblins attack force.

Winner me


Third Round

Me and my friend Alvin (won three weaks in a row!!)… the first match..was tough I lost .. the only damage he took was from attacking with his dark elf---Winner him

The second match had me on the edge of my chair. We combated each other useung traps and slightly stronger monsters. This match was one of the best matches I’ve had In a while----Winner me

The third match wasn’t even a contest.. he had nothing good.. All he drew was traps and magics which did him no good because he had no use for them at the time… all he drew were a few measly la jinns which I trap holed. Winner----- me

There were other match’s but I wasn’t in them so I don’t know the turnout



Winner of the tournament Me