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Shawano WI
Nov. 24th, 1:00
Number of Entrants: 17

Prizes Still no tourny packs, but cash is cool too!

My Deck


-20 monsters-


-16 Magic-


-5 traps-

Total: 41

Round 1

Last week I lost to Jesse because he had all his brothers(Ben) cards in his deck, he was borrowing stuff like Jammers, Judgements, and 7 Tools. But this week it was a different story, and Jesse was running a douchebag deck.

Me vs. Jesse (Very Annoying Deck)

Duel 1

This started out very slow and it didn't get much faster from there. He was using cards like Toll...YES TOLL!! and chain energies and what not. But in the end I ended up takin him out w/ a skull and La Jinn. I cut this one real close, ending w/ 300 lps.
Duel 1

Winner:Me (300-0)

Duel 2

This was my least fav. duel of all time, it was even more boring than the first one. He had out chain energies and tolls. I managed to get him down to 2000 points, but i was down to 800 w/ 2 monsters on the field. He fliped up just desserts and took me out....ARRGGG!

Winner: Jessie (0-2000)

Duel 3

By this duel I was very annoyed and just wanted to get it over with. But to my delight this duel was like nothing like the previous two. I Sol. Judge his chain energy and after that he could not spark a rally, then just procceded to pummel him w/ elves and La Jinn untill he was at 0.

Winner:Me (4000-0)

Round 2

I had to wait FOREVER to get this duel going. He was dueling his first round for like an hour. Then finally they finished.

Me vs. Shane

Duel 1

This one went perty quick, I ended it w/ Valo and a couple of axes. I thing this went maybe 5 or 6 turns. He took a few LP here and there but nothing to major.

Winner:Me (2500-0)

Duel 2

What happened in this duel is still unclear to me. This is the worst game ive ever dueled and to top it off i got a crappy draw. This went on and I just did one stupid thing after another. I was doing stuff like heavy storming when i had Jammers and 7 Tools down and all they had was 1 trap/magic. Also using sol. Judgement on stuff I shouldnt have.

Winner:Shane (0-5050)

Duel 3

This duel I woke up and decided to play. I went back and forth, I had swords down for quite awhile and he was playin cards like ookazi and tremendous fire but in the in the end I pulled a Valo combo that was enough damage to finish off his life pts and send me to the semi-finals.

Winner:Me (2600-0)


Me vs. Josh

Duel 1

This started off like many of the other duels in this tourny, but thats where it becomes unclear. I really dont remember anything about these duels.

Winner:Me (2900-0)
Duel 2

I don't remember this duel either. All I know is that at the end of the duel I played dark hole and finished off his LPs with a dark elf.

Winner:Me (2900-0)


This was big time, it was the difference between $17 and $25. Even though I wanted Nelson to beat Ben to get in the finals everyone knew that it wasn't gonna happen. He put up a nice struggle byt ultimatly failed in the end. Sorry Nelson.....maybe you shold stil to metroid.....BAHAHA

Me vs. Ben

Duel 1

This proved to be very interesting as we were running pretty much the same deck. This was by far the most intense round that I played in all day. We started off throwin LP back and forth. No major attacks really went through. A couple key chains ended in Bens favor and it proved to be fatal in this key first round. I gotta hand it to Ben, his pesky counter-traps kept me on my toes the entire round. In the end I think he finished off my LPs with a Valo attack from hell.....I did not take good notes on this game and I didnt take score, so if you want to get exact numbers your gonna have to check out Bens Report. Also after this duel a funny thing happened, Ben thought he had already beaten me twice and started to collect the money....but he then realized we had plenty more dueling to go before the money was his.

Winner: Ben (0-???)

Duel 2

After the last defeat I was pretty sure had 2nd place. We started off the same, this time a few of the chains went my way. This made all the difference, instead of Ben pulling a monsterous combo w/Valo it was me this time. Off Cyber Jar I got a valo and a MoF, along w/ Raigeki and 2 axes. And being that it was my turn it was time for some action. I played Heavy Storm and got rid of his trap section and I took out my own Rob. Goblin. Then came Raigeki and I took out his 3 face-down monsters. I trib. my MoF for my skull, reborned his skull and put the 2 axes on my Valo for like 10000 direct damge. This one went to me.

Winner: me (???-0)

Duel 3

The heat was on, this final dual was to decide everything. This one went on much the same as did the previous 2. And once agian a Valo or 2 decided the fate of the duel. Ben summoned a Valo w/ 2 axes and killed a summon skull. He thought he had it in the bag, but on the next turn it was all over. I snatch stole his valo bringing it up to 6050 and the stuck it to his LPs. And that was the end of the tourny.

Winner: me (???-0)

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