Store: First Level Games

            Location: Cottage Hills, ILL

            Date: November 22, 2002

            Participants: 11

            Prizes: 1st = 3 Boosters

                        2nd = 2 Boosters

                        3rd = 1 Booster

            Placing: 1st

            My Name: David


20 Monsters

            3 Summoned Skull

            3 La Jinn

            3 7 Colored Fish

            3 Wall of Illusion

            3 Man-Eater Bug

            2 Witch of the Black Forest

            2 Magician of Faith

            1 Cyber Jar

11 Magic

            3 Rush Recklessly

            1 Axe of Despair

            1 Heavy Storm

            1 Dark Hole

            1 Raigeki

            1 Change of Heart

            1 Pot of Greed

            1 Tribute to the Doomed

            1 Monster Reborn

10 Trap

            2 Trap Hole

            2 Waboku

            2 Magic Jammer

            1 7 Tools of the Bandit

            1 Mirror Force

            1 Fairy's Hand Mirror

            1 Reverse Trap


Ok, I live in a small town area, so theres not a lot of people to join our tournements. 

Im also well known in these parts, so some people do seem to quiver when I have to play them.


Round 1:

David vs. Alex


Ok, the games were pretty simple, the entire match took 5 minutes, I pulled out Summoned Skull on my 1st turn with the help of Change of Heart, then equipped him with an Axe of Despair, and did 3500 damage 1st turn.  He used the just desserts he had set from the turn before and did 500 Damage.  I drew and used a Tribute to the Doomed on his set monster, then brought out La Jinn and whiped out his life points.  Second game he didnt far too well, I had two Summoned Skull on the field, and he Cyber Jar'd me, a minor set back, but I monster reborned one of them, and whiped out his life points with the Summoned Skull and the La Jinn and 7 Colored Fish.


His deck type: Poor beatdown, ok, but not worthy of the "Haymaker" title


Record: 2-0


Round 2:

David vs. David (no, not the same person)


Well, this guy didnt really have anything good, the first game he tried to beat my summoned skull with his pumped up water omnics, but i reversed traped him, and that whiped him out.  The second game he did 500 damage with his Blue Eyes to my Summoned Skull, but he attacked my La Jinn with an Axe of Despair, and I used rush recklessly and surprised him, winning me the game a few turns later.


His Deck Type: Poor strategy, no real deck type saw, but looked as if he was going for a beatdown


Record: 4-0


Round 3:

A Buy (Free Win): Because of the uneven amount of people, I got the buy (lucky die roll)


Elimination Participants: 4


Elimination Round 1:

David vs. Luke


Ok, this guy accidentally splashed me a lil when he opened his soda can after I finished my first round, so I was happy to play him, he tried to go defensive, with wall of illusions and man-eater bugs, but i built up a strong atk force, then Raigeki'd him, he didn't really know what hit him.  I used 2 Summoned Skull, and 2 La Jinns to whipe out his life points in one final blow.


His Deck Type: Defensive


Final Round:

David vs. Jae (best friend and ride home)


Ok, this guy is pretty good, he beat me last tournement, and I got 2nd, so I wanted a rematch, he attacked my La Jinn with an Axe of Despair with his Summoned Skull, and used reverse trap, but I played 3 rush recklessly on his guy, so his Summoned Skull died instead of my guy.  Then, i used change of heart, got his Magician of Faith, then my Raigeki back, tributed the Magician of Faith for a Summoned Skull, and hit him with all I had, leaving him with only 200 life points, he pulled a dark hole, and destroyed all my monsters, my main attack force was a wall of illusion for the next 4-6 turns, so i had to stall for some time with my waboku's.  He hit my life points directly a couple times, getting me down to 600.  Then he used monster reborn, which i quickly stopped by making him get his man-eater bug, he figured he might as well attack, bringing me down to 150.  I then pulled Cyber Jar and killed his Man-Eater, winning me the game.


His deck type: Weak beatdown, but uses alot of strategy to win.


I got nothing good in my booster, while my friend got a Relinquished in one of his boosters, so i didnt seem to win that much....


Good Points:                                                                                         Bad Points:

I won                                                                                                     Nothing good in boosters

It's funny that kids are afraid to play you                                                   I'm starting to get tired of playing


If you want to contact me, for any reasons, or have tips for my deck, email me at