Subject: Demolish & Destroy deck - Dark_Dragon718 - Red Nails II - Toronto, ONT.

Deck name: Demolish & Destroy. (Can't think of a good name still!)

Name: Michael L.

Location: Red Nails II, Toronto, Ontario.

Date: Sunday, November 24th, 2002. 10:00-11:30

Number of Participants: 8 (way less than last time)

Entry Fee: $10.00.

Prizes: 1st place: 4 tourney packs. 2nd place: 2 tourney packs. 3rd place: 1 tourney pack. (prizes aren’t that great either)

Well, this tournament was alright. Very little people though. I came with my friend Eric, and he got better. We’re like the same now. I didn’t feel like coming because I wanted to sleep and sleep some more. I am really tired right now because I just finished my science project so this report will be kind of short. Also, I suffered some brain damage so I might not remember the duels well. PSV was not allowed ( noooooo….. I really wanted to use Jinzo and some other cards) and it was sanctioned of course so everybody got a tournament pack. Well, here’s my deck:


Monsters (21)

Summoned Skull

Barrel Dragon (just tried him out and realized he sucks)

La Jinn The Mystical Genie Of The Lamp (2)

7 Coloured Fish (2)

Cyber Jar

Witch Of The Black Forest (2)

Sangan (2)

Wall Of Illusion (2)

Masked Sorcerer (2)

Man-Eater Bug (3)

Magician Of Faith (3)

Magic (14)

Fissure (2) (trying to play fissure and it is pretty good in my deck)

Axe of Despair

Delinquent Duo

Heavy Storm (2)

Monster Reborn

Change Of Heart

Snatch Steal


Swords of Revealing Light

Dark Hole

Pot of Greed

Mystical Space Typhoon


Traps (7)

Trap Hole (2)

Magic Jammer

Mirror Force

Waboku (2)

Solemn Judgement


Monster/ M:T ratio: 21:21

Well, my first opponent is some guy named…….oh damn I forgot. Well, I’ll just call him “some guy”. didn’t know what kind of deck he had. I don’t think it had a theme to it either.

Match one (8 participants)

Duel one:

Michael (me)> 8000

“Some guy”> 8000-6200-3500-0

Well, I forgot what happened here. I believed I hit him with la jinn, and kept on nailing him with a la jinn and masked sorcerer to win.

Duel two:

Michael (me)> 8000-7000

“Some guy”> 8000-5500-1200-0

I kinda remember what happened here. I lost 1000 lp by playing delinquent duo. First he set a wall. I play change, sac for skull and attack. Then he played seven tools down and set a man-eater bug. I drew raigeki, played it, and attacked with a skull and la jinn. Then I finished him off from there.

I was the first one to finish so I had to wait for the other guys to finish theirs. I did and these are the people left: Me, Eric, Kevin (this little guy), and this Cowboy dude (the little guy’s father). I found out that I had to face Eric (damnit) and the father/son had to face each other. All well. I knew this was going to be fun.

Match Two (4 participants)

Duel one:

Michael> 8000-6200-4400-3500-2500-0

Eric> 8000-7000-5200-2700

This was pretty ugly. First he nailed me with la jinn, then white magical hat, then masked sorcerer. It was really bad. I only pulled a few magic cards throughout the whole duel.

Duel two:

Michael> 8000-7000-6000-5100

Eric> 8000-?????-???-0

I forgot what the lp score was, but I won. I finally pulled a decent hand. Got a few magics and stuff. All well, I forgot what I hit Eric with, but I don’t care. I won!

Duel three:

Michael> 8000-6200-5300-4550-2850-2800-0

Eric> 8000-7000-6100-3900

Yes, I lost. Eric kept on using swords so I couldn’t attack. At the end, I played a la jinn, and I attacked a damn wall. So I had 2800 left. Then Eric plays heavy storm on my mirror force, play la jinn and did exactly 2800 damage to me. That was bad.

To tell the truth, Eric cheated, and I let it go. I saw him draw 2 cards like twice during that last duel, but since he is my friend and I feel sorry for beating him all the time, I let it go.

Well, Eric is facing the cowboy guy for 1st, and I wished him the best of luck. I had to face Kevin. So here we go:

Match 3 (for 3rd and 4th)

Duel one:

Michael> 8000-7000-6600

Kevin> 8000-6200-4400-3600-0

I don’t know how but I kept on hitting him with a 7 coloured fish. It was really strange but all well. Oh ya, I lost lp by playing delinquent, and I got hit with a mere destroyer golem.

Duel two:

Michael> 8000-7000

Kevin> 8000-7100-4500-1900-0

Thos duel was just sweet. First I attack with a mere masked sorcerer. Then, at one point, I had 2 man-eater bugs set, I flipped them, and busted out my barrel dragon. I kept on using my barrel dragons effect and it worked 3 times in a row (talk about good luck). So, I finally got out barrel dragon and it did good for me. I still think it sucks though.

So I came in third and I got… 2 tourney packs! What an awesome prize (lol). All well. This was pretty fun and it ended pretty fast so that was good. Now on to the props and slops:


To all the duelists (you guys did a fine job dueling today).

To Eric for winning (but he cheated).

To my excellent coin flipping skills.

To the man who gave my friends and I free chocolate bars for just playing at another table.


To the prizes.

To Eric for cheating.

To Eric for beating me so cheaply.

To Red Nails II for not having free ice cream sundaes.

To Upperdeck for not making a restriction list for PSV.

And to me for lying about the whole Eric cheating thing.

L8r all and thanx for reading my tourney report.


Michael L.

Send any comments or ideas to

Have fun!