Name: Scriondar

Deck name: Darkness Attacks

Location: Altered States, Syracuse, NY

Date: Saturday November 23rd, 2002

# Of people: about 60 Ė 64 (had 30 tables and some off on side)

Prizes: donít know but I heard from others that its cash based on # of people


First my deck (47 cards):


Monsters (24):

Magic (15):

Traps (8):

Dark Magician

Change of Heart

Just Desserts

Summoned Skull x2



7 Colored Fish x2

Dark Hole

Seven Tools of the Bandit

Aqua Madoor

Fissure x2

Solemn Judgment


Gravekeeper's Servant

Spellbinding Circle

Man-Eating Treasure Chest

Heavy Storm x2

Trap Hole x2

Mystical Elf

Malevolent Nuzzler


Ryu-Kishin Powered x3

Monster Reborn


Man-Eater Bug x2

Soul Exchange


Magician of Faith x2

Mystic Plasma Zone



Sword of Deep-Seated


Wall of Illusion

The Forceful Sentry


Invader of the Throne

Tribute to the Doomed


Big Eye x2



Whiptail Crow x3





Tournament Report:


Round One:


Me vs. Jonathan (Exodia deck, didnít know till 2nd game):

Duel One:

††††††††††† This one went really well for me.Got started fast with Ryu-Kishin and La Jinn.Got him down to 5400 LP when he pulls out barrel dragon and wipes my field clean.This point I have 6850.Lucky for me my next card was fissure and I had Monster Reborn in hand.Once I got his barrel dragon on my side and dropped out a fish and another Ryu, this game was mine.


Duel Two:

††††††††††† This one was almost mine, and it legally should be.The judge made a really bad call and now that I showed him the rulings page on web site he wonít make that mistake again but oh well.This duel was close.By close I mean I had to use Solemn Judgment in round 3 leaving me with 3525 and him with 5900.I slowly beat him down to 150 LP.Next turn he had one face down monster and I had two in attack.No magic or trap cards left to remove it so I attacked it.It was a Witch of Black Forest and he pulled Exodia with 150 LP left.The real problem with this duel was the judge let him use his flip effect on a monster I destroyed with Tribute to the doomed.Just like dark hole or Raigeki his flip effect should not have been activated.Oh well, wont happen again.


Duel Three:

††††††††††† I just did not get any draw at all.With as many monsters as I have in my deck, can you believe I didnít get one in the first 8 cards?Nothing as far as magic/trap I could use either.He had me done in the 4th turn.


Ranking so far: 1 win / 2 loss


Round Two:


Me vs. Kenneth (??Dark Magician deck??):

Duel One:

††††††††††† This one went real fast, he never touched my LP and I had him done in turn 4.He did manage to get his Dark Magician out in round three but was scared to use it to attack my face down Whiptail Crow J.Next draw and I got fissure, oh I felt so bad for him when I flipped that card down and then flipped over my crow.


Duel Two:

††††††††††† This duel came really close.I had gotten out my field card that pumps up darks by 500, and then he soul exchanges my only mon for SS and slaps an axe of despair on it.I almost lost but I managed to pull out dark hole and clean his side then I played my only mon and took the rest of his LP thanks to my +500 ATK from the MPZ.I got really scared there for just a minute K


Ranking so far: 3 win / 2 loss


Round Three:


Me vs. MAJR (Heal and burn, I think):

Duel One:

††††††††††† This kid was nice, and very friendly.All I can say is he had me locked in round one.He never attacked unless I was left opened and he had the highest defense mons with horn of light, etc. on them.I show him having lost 1000 LP during our 20-turn duel and I think that came from one of his card effects, hehe.He whittled away my LP slowly but surely with ookazi, Final flame, spark, etc.


Duel Two:

††††††††††† This one started off slow with him pulling some heal and burn cards in his starting hand.I turned the tables at one point and ran for a few rounds to get him to 6300 while I was at 4100.Then I pulled a bonehead move.I had 4 mons on the field, I had a fissure and a big eye in hand, and had set a seven tools.He had a Labyrinth wall in DEF with two horns of light.I played fissure and wiped out his wall.Now heís open for attack on LP.Not paying attention to numbers I played Big Eye face down because I wanted the effect, I attack with the other four mons and bring his LP down to 1150, for those who donít know the attack of Big Eye is 1200.I could have ended the match there and gone on to a third duel but nope, I was dumb.Next turn he heals himself a 1000 LP and activates Just deserts for 2500 LP then hits me with a mon to finish me off.DOH!


Ranking: 3 win / 4 loss



Well after round three I had to leave, It was getting late for me.This tournament was scheduled to start at 12:00 noon.We got started with round one at 12:30 or so.It was 3:45pm when I was done with round three and there were other people to wait for to finish.I talked with the judge and although they were not going to cut until after round five I could tell I was already out of it.They were cutting to 8 people and there were ten that had gone 6/0 so far.I had a good time while I was there and some day I hope I can set aside enough time out of my day to be able to stay for the whole tournament.


Highlights of the day are:


This was my first tournament and my first tourney report, let me know what you think, and any changes you think my deck needs at: