Subject: Dark Destroyer, Jimmy Wiedenfeld, Game stop, Victoria, Texas.html

Date: November 16, 2002

Your name: Jimmy Wiedenfeld

Store: Game stop

Number of Participants: 21

Prizes: 1st 5 boosters of your choice

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††2nd 3 boosters of choice

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 3rd 1 booster of choice



Cards in deck: 44


Level 5 or more monsters: 3

Sword Hunter x1

Summoned Skull x2


Level 4 or less: 19

Harpies Brother

Gearfried the Iron Knight

La Jinn x3

Battle Ox x 3

Darkfire Soldier # 1

Darkfire Soldier #2

Invader of the Throne

Jirai Gumo

Dark Zebra

Cyber Jar

Maha Vailo

Man Eater Bug

Nimble Momonga x3

Magician of Faith




Gaia Power x3

Rush Recklessly

Card Destruction

The Forceful Sentry

Monster Recovery

Dark Hole

Heavy Storm

Axe of Despair

Malevolent Nuzzler x2



Monster reborn

Soul Exchange

Horn of The Unicorn




Imperial Order

Acid Trap Hole (DDS cards were allowed)

Enchanted Javelin

Shadow of Eyes

Magic Drain

Trap Hole



Duel 1-Jared

One of my best friends Jared .He has a beatdown deck that consists mainly of getting is Blue Eyes White Dragon and Tri Horned Dragon on the field .He went first, my starting hand was Magician of Faith, Maha Vailo, Axe of Despair, Nimble Momonga, and Harpies Brother. Jared put two cards in the m/t slots. Drew a card, Darkfire Soldier #1 .I put down brother and attacked killing armored lizard. He puts another m/t down and a monster in defense .The next card I draw is Malevolent Nuzzler, I put Maha Vailo down and equip it with Axe of Despair and Malevolent Nuzzler raising its attack to 4,250.I attacks the face down monster Dark Zebra. Then I attack his life points directly with Vailo lowering his life points to 3,750. His turn he puts La Jinn down then he uses Ultimate Offering and puts a Darkfire soldier down sacrifices both for BEWD. He then kills my Harpies brother lowering my life points to 6,800. But because he used Ultimate Offering twice he lost 1,000 LP lowering his to 2,750. My Turn Horn of Unicorn I equip it to Vailo raising her attack to 5,450. I immediately attack his BEWD killing it and lowering his LP to 300. His turn he plays a defense monster. I draw Darkfire Soldier #2 and kill his defense monster(cant remember)then attack his LP with Vailo.


Duel 2-Noob

He got a byethe first round. Hedidnít have one tribute monster! He lost by default.


Duel 3-Callan (defense deck)

Heís a lot better than the last time I dueled him. He went first and put a card in defense mode .I drew a La Jinn and also put shift down then attacked his monster, Giant Soldier of Stone doing 200 damage to me. His turn, he puts 2 m/tís down and another defense monster. My turn I draw horn of unicorn and hook it up to La Jinn then I kill his Giant soldier. His turn puts another defense monster and an m/t, I then draw imperial order, I use La Jinn and kill one of his faces down defense monster Mystic Elf. Itís his turn he puts a face down monster and an m/t. I attack the elf but then he uses reliable guardian doing me damage. His turn, sacrifices Mystic Elf for Labyrinth Wall and flips over shield and sword, I then activate Imperial Order negating the effect of shield and sword. My turn I drew summoned skull tribute my La Jinn for skull. Callan goes and puts a card in defense mode .I lose 700 LP, and chose to discard imp order. I then decide not to attack Callanís turn. Callan puts down another m/t down. My turn I draw horn of unicorn because when I sacrificed la jinn it went to the top of my deck, then I equippedS.S. to raise his attack to 3,200 and kill his labyrinth wall. His turn he puts a monster in defense. I then draw Harpies brother. I destroy Callanís defense monster Prevent Rat with Skull then attack his LP with brother. He keeps on putting monsters in defense and I keep killing them with skull and attacking his LP with brother until he forfeits.


Duel 4-Mech Mac (Finals

This was pretty fun match yet scary. Macís deck can be undefeatable sometimes but crappy at others. He wanted to go first and played paralyzing potion and then plays Giga Tech Wolf. My hand was Heavy Storm, Darkfire Soldier #1, Axe of Despair, La jinn, Prohibition, and Battle Ox. I used heavy storm to destroy his paralyzing potion then put La jinn down and equipped him with axe of despair, raising La Jinnís attack to 2,800 and I attacked his lp directly, I also played Prohibition and said that paralyzing potion couldnít be played again. He then played a monsterin defense. I drew Trap Hole. I put t-hole face down. Then played Darkfire Soldier #1 I killed his face down monster with La Jinn, the defense monster was Cannon Soldier. Then attacked his LP with Darkfire soldier. Lowering Macís life points to 3,500. His turn he plays an m/t down, and puts a monster in defense position. I draw Horn of the Unicorn and equip it to Darkfire Soldier #1 and raises his attack to 2,400. I attack and kill his face down monster. I then attack his LP directly. He draws and has no monsters. My turn I attack and win the match.





Getting Mirror Force

Trading a kid Salamandra for polymerization

My mom for driving me

Callan for giving me a close duel



Nothing really



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