Collector’s Cache Tournament Report Saturday November 23, 2002

Overland Park, Kansas

Entry Fee: $3.00 ($6.00 if u want a tourney pack)

Total Number of Participants: 52


Tournament Rankings

1st place Matt Rights

2nd place Richard Richey

3rd place John Korgie (that’s me!)

4th place Tom Stein

I got 3rd place in this Tournament with my Beat down Deck.

John Korgies beat down deck, 45 cards

Monsters (23 cards)


Summoned Skull x3

La Jinn The Mystical Genie Of The Lamp x3

Harpie’s Brother x3

7 Colored Fish x3

Man-Eater Bug x3

Magician Of Faith x2

Gearfried The Iron Knight x3

Wall of Illusion

Goblin Attack Force

Magic (13 Cards)

Heavy Storm x2

Swords of Revealing Light x2


Dark Hole


Change Of Heart

Snatch Steal

Pot Of Greed

Nobleman Of Crossout

Mystical Space Typhoon

Monster Reborn



Seven Tools of the Bandit

Magic Jammer

Trap Hole

Magic Drain

Call of the Haunted

Solemn Judgment

Mirror Force

Ceasefire x2(will change when restrict list comes out)



Tribute to the Doomed

Beast of Talwar

Magic Jammer

Delinquent Duo

Solemn Judgment

Trap Hole x2



Ceasefire(will change when restrict list comes out)

The Forceful Sentry

Chain Destruction

Goblin Attack Force

Mystical Space Typhoon

Barrel Dragon