Subject: inteq’s Disruption, 11/17/02, Pendragon Games, Appleton, WI


Russell “inteq” Bernard


Pendragon Games

Appleton, WI


# of People Entered:

Entrance Fee: $5


1st Place: Two tournament packs

Everyone else got a tournament pack. 




# of Cards: 44


Monsters: 21


x3 La Jinn

x3 Man-Eater-Bug

x2 Magician of Faith

x2 Summoned Skull

x2 Dark Elf

x2 Hane-Hane

x2 Wall of Illusion

x2 Witch of the Black Forest

x1 Mask of Darkness

x1 Invader of the Throne

x1 Cyber Jar


Magic: 15


x2 Fissure

x2 Heavy Storm

x2 Tribute to the Doomed

x1 Change of Heart

x1 Dark Hole

x1 Delinquent Duo

x1 Monster Reborn

x1 Pot of Greed

x1 Raigeki

x1 Snatch Steal

x1 Swords of Revealing Light

x1 The Forceful Sentry


Traps: 8


x2 Robbin Goblin

x2 Trap Hole

x2 Magic Jammer

x1 Mirror Force

x1 Seven Tools of the Bandit




Hello again everyone.  This is my fourth tournament report.  I’m thankful for all the e-mails I received for my last tourney reports, and I had fun doing the deck fixes people sent me.  Now for some updates.  I changed my deck from a Last Will deck to a hand disruption beatdown since last tournament.  The Last Will deck for some reason was frustrating me, so I took a break from it.  We’ll see what happens next tournament.



Round one: Me vs. Jon


I played this guy at the last Pendragon tournament.  At that time he had 129 cards in his deck, now he has 86.  He’s getting there :).  He’s a good guy but he just isn’t very good at the game.


Duel one:

I was just having fun with him.  Somewhere in the game he summons his Ooguchi and attacks my lifepoints directly with 300.  Just for fun next turn I flipped my Invader of the Throne and took it.  I attacked him a few times and some cards came out of his hand.  He didn’t put up much of a fight.  Winner: Me


Duel two:

This game was slightly more interesting.  I attacked a face down Prevent Rat with my La Jinn once – dang.  Then after I cleared his field, I had my Robbin Goblin out and attacked him directly with something (not sure what it was) took a card out of his hand and of course it was his Minar.  For those people who don’t waste space in their deck with that card here is what it’s effect is:  When this card is sent from your hand to the Graveyard by your opponent’s card effect, inflict 1000 points direct damage to your opponent.  That was lucky.  I ended up winning with 6000 life points left anyway.  Winner: Me



Round two: Me vs. Chia


Chia is my arch enemy in the Yu-Gi-Oh world.  We always have close games and Chia is usually the victor.


Duel one: 

If having close games and winning them somehow would be an Olympic event, Chia would be on the U.S. team.  I guess this game wasn’t that close, but at the end I had 2200 life points left.  He Change of Hearted my Witch of the Black Forest, I thought I still had one more turn left before I died, and then he summoned his Juri Gumo.  I couldn’t block it and ended up losing this Duel.  Winner: Chia


Duel two:

I was in control most of this game, thanks to Delinquent Duo and The Forceful Sentry.  I pretty much had field control the whole game.  In the end he attacked my face down Witch of the Black Forest, killing it. I got out my Dark Elf with it.  I had a Tribute to the Doomed in my hand, so I knew I had this game as soon as my turn started.  I went, drew a card, used it for Tribute to the Doomed, summoned my Dark elf, and killed him with 4200 points left.  Winner: Me


Duel three:

This game was close (of course). All I have to say is that two Cyber Jars were flipped during the game, with mine being the death of me.  I thought I had this one too.  I had 3100 life points and he had 1550, he Snatch Stole my Witch of the Black Forest, and attacked with a Juri Gumo.  Winner: Chia


(During these games, there were some kids playing next to us.  This was an official tournament btw.  One kid was attacking with a Japanese card, and after that I saw him use a Ceasefire which isn’t legal yet. I just chuckled.  I traded my Barrel Dragon for that Ceasefire :) )



Round three: Me vs. Nathan


I have never seen Nathan before.  While playing him I realized he has a lot of good cards, and he has a good deck, I think he just needs more practice.


Duel one:

Nathan doesn’t like it when I use cards like Delinquent Duo and The Forceful Sentry, or Robbin Goblin.  I used them very well these games.  He had me nervous when he got me down to 2100 life points, but I had a Summoned Skull out with a Robbin Goblin, and a face down Man-Eater Bug for some protection.  He set a monster, I flipped my bug and killed it, then proceeded to destroy his hand and his life points with my two monsters.  Winner: Me


Duel two:

The game went on with some exchanging of attacks, until I Snatch Stole his Summoned Skull and had a Robbin Goblin down.  Tribute to the Doomed his monster and attacked.  I had no cards in my hand but he had no monsters on the field and useful cards in his hand.  I drew Invader of the Throne and summoned it, attacking direct with two monsters, completely destroying his hand.  “I don’t like that game” he said.  I pretty much had the game won from there with 6650 points left.  Winner: Me



Round 4 FINALS: Me vs. Olav


These games were really tough.  I was so nervous playing this kid I thought I was going to wet myself.  He had such a good deck I couldn’t even believe it.  I’m just kidding.  Actually his mom came and picked him up between the last round and this one.  None of us knew where he was so it was a bye for me.  A bye in the finals with in a 10 person tournament.  WTF.  I would have beat him anyway, as this tournament had age brackets and he was the younger one.  I watched him play Chia in the last round in the elimination round, and I know I would have destroyed him anyway.  He was one of those kids who played with cards like Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #2. I ended up playing Nathan for fun during this round, he said he needed revenge.  I won the game for fun.  Next to me I watched Tim beat Chia in awe.  Tim works at All Sports Collectables which is my (semi) local card shop.  Good job Tim.



Round 5 FINALS: Me vs. Tim


Tim said it would suck if we had to play each other in the first round, well, it sucks even more that we had to play each other for first place.


Duel one:

Tim used his Solemn Judgment waaaaay too early this game.  To win I drew a Dark Elf, Invader of the Throne’d his Dark Elf, and attacked him with 4000 to win. That game was four turns long.  Winner: Me


Duel two:

I was a little overconfident from that last game.  I had sucky draws and Tim ended up winning with a Snatch Stole Dark Elf and a Maha Vailo.  Winner: Tim


Duel three:

Well, I lost this game just the way I hate to lose: Maha Vailo with three Axe of Despair on it.  I absolutely hate that.  Winner: Tim



Place: Second (I wish I didn’t get squat for 2nd)


First, I want to give an ULTRA MEGA SUPER GHETTO props to Tim for winning, and beating Chia.



Me taking Second AGAIN.

Trading Barrel Dragon for Ceasefire.

Trading Hozanryu for a Beast King of the Swamps.

Trading a spare Mirror Force for a Goblin Attack Force.



Me taking Second AGAIN.

For Kirk and Heath not showing up.  Tim had the Exodia pieces he was going to trade too.

Losing to Tim, which I almost never do.

For getting a bye in the finals.

To Maha Vailo.



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