Subject: The Destoyer, Josh, Showtime, Tucson, Arizona

The Destroyer, Josh, Showtime, Tucson, Arizona

People Participating: About 20

Normal Monsters:

Blue-Eyes White Dragon


Dark Magician

Summoned Skull

x2 Twin-Headed Fire Dragon

Labyrinth Wall

La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp

7 Colored Fish

Harpie's Brother

Girochin Kuwagata

Neo the Magic Swordsman

Battle Ox

Mystical Elf

Total: 14 cards

Effect Cards:

x2 Shadow Ghoul

Invitation to a Dark Sleep

Dark Elf

Maha Vailo

Lord of D.

Wall of Illusion

White Magical Hat

Princess of Tsurugi

Cyber Jar

4-Starred Ladybug of Doom

Nimble Momonga

Giant Germ

Man-Eater Bug

Total: 14 cards

Magic Cards

Dian Keto the Cure Master

Monster Reborn

Card Destruction

x2 De-Spell

Soul Exchange

Sword of Dark Destruction

x2 Fissure

Horn of Light

Eternal Rest

Dark Hole

Change of Heart

x2 Malevolent Nuzzler

Rush Recklessy


Book of Secret Arts


The Flute of Summoning Dragon

Horn of the Unicorn

Black Pendant

Total: 22 cards

Trap Cards:

x2 Michizure

x2 Trap Hole


Robbin' Goblin

Acid Trap Hole

Just Desserts

Total: 8 cards

Grand Total: 58 cards


Today was a wonderful day (Mainly because I won) for dueling. We drove over to Showtime and boom; there are all the people.

Yavin vs. Me

Yavin has lots of good cards, but doesn't put any in his deck. His most powerful was Gate Guardian, but he never got it out. I just kept on hitting him with La Jinn and & Colored and he lost.

Round two:

Pretty much the same.

Brian vs. me

Brian was a little cheap-skate. He would cheat and cheat on and on, until I couldn't take it. He got disqualified.


Ryan vs. me

Ryan was tough, but not tough enough. He used lots of direct damage monsters, but all of them were weak, so I cut through his life points.

Round 2:

Pretty much the same, but he got Black Skull Dragon out. Too bad that I Fissured it.


I won!

Got boosters!



Rank my deck, fix it, and help me out!


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