Subject: Harpie's Axe of Despair(Keith) NewYork

Yu-Gi-Oh! Tourney Report 11/16/02

-Subject:Harpie's Axe of Despair(Keith) NewYork

-Deck Name:Harpie's Axe of Despair

-My Name:The Negro Magician(Keith)

-Location of Tournament, City and State of tournament 115-07
Atlantic Ave
Richmond Hill, NY   11418
Phone: 718-441-5005
Email: can also visit The stores

-Date:November 16, 2002

-Admission:5$(No japanese cards were allowed in this tournament)

-About 35 people participated

-Welcome to Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament,This was Yet another official upper deck tournament once again meaning that points were at stake.Everyone Who entered got a free tournament pack.The winner of the tournament received 50$ store credit second and third received extra tournament packs.Well I really felt like I would win this tournament on friday but when saturday rolled around the mood changed for one it was raining and dueling just didnt seem fun that day.I decided to change my deck up a little and try some new things but unfortunately....Anyways this is how my deck shaped up...

-La jinn X3
7Colored fish X3
Witch of the black forest X2
Cyber jarX1
Man-Eater bug X2
Magician of faith X2
Wall of Illusion X2
Mask of Darkness X1
Summoned Skull X2
Judgement Hand X1
Jari Gumo X1

Trap Hole X2
Mirror force X1
Seven tools of the bandit X2
Heavy Storm X2
Swords of reaveling light X2
Change of heart X1
Monster RebornX1
Pot of greed X1
Dark hole X1
Rageki X1
Axe Of despair X2
Fissure X1
Snatch Steal X1
Mystical space typhoon X1
Tribute to the doomed X1
Card Destruction X1
Tremedous fire X2
Black pendant X1

-Total cards 45(There arent any harpies brother in this deck but I assure you there will be three)

Round one:"My deck sucks???"

-Well in Round one I played a kid I had never seen before but I did know he had good cards.The duel started off pretty good.I picked up six okay cards(Dark hole,Tremendos fire,Card destruction,Black pendant,Trap hole,And Seven tools)Well whats the problem with that No monsters So I decided to card destruct (After setting my seven tools And dark hole down)And I ended up picking up a much better hand.The first match I beat this kid with 7500 life points,The second match he Rageki'ed me on his first turn(You should never do that)I ended up beating him this time even quicker although with 7300 Life points.

-(While playing this kid there was alot of times I had cards in my hand that I couldnt do anything with,I had no moves....Why because this deck I fixed Had no stratagey it was no point to it.Now why would I wait until the tornament to try this out I just dont know!)

Round Two:"Early Exit"
     Me .Vs. Daymeon(Dominator2die)
-Well Like I said I wasnt really happy with this deck I wanted to just put it back the way it was but,I couldnt....Anyways I was still pretty confident of my skill alone.The duel started out pretty bad I really didnt draw anything good In my hand I had two tremedous fire's.Daymeon did a Quick 3000 Direct damage attack to me.I couldnt respond I mean I had nothing.But the duelwasnt over that easily I did any and everthing I could to stall time until I drew something good.Daymeon eventually won the first match  but I mad it as hard as possible.The second match was pretty much the same story,He started off the same way with a quick 3000 attack But wait now listen!!!I had swords of Reaveling light on the field and he equipped his Jinzo#7 with Axe of despair and attacked me 1500 twice equaling 3000 now can he do that I did have swords but he said He could because thats an effect but he's still attacking and swords states...#Your oppenent cannot attack for three turns".Unfortunately I went on to lose(Three weeks in a row I've lost)

-For one I'am putting my deck back to 40 and when i wanna try something new I'll do it before the tourament-
-And if your in New York or Just wanna duel any kids mentioned in this tournay report come on down to,Richmond Hill, NY   11418
Phone: 718-441-5005

-My E-Mail address is you can see my E-Mail address is no longer The kid1286 its been changed so if you did E-Mail send it again sorry for the inconvience.

I give Props to Slow#2 for winning Yet another tournament ,Also to Charlie and Bryan for holding some of the best Yu-Gi-Oh!Tournaments around.

-I give slops to know one this time wait let me think.....Oh yeah slops to a pudgie kid named calories for claiming to be the best but never proving it!

P.S.-I need strategy and if theres any thing you think i should do to my deck just let me know!