Subject: Discard/Beatdown Deck, AJREST417,Tri County Flea Market,Farmingdale, NY.
Cost to enter: $5

1st: 3 tournament packs
2nd: 2 tournament packs
3rd: 1 tournament pack

Hello once again. I changed my deck a little bit from last weeks report. Same rules in the tourny apply here: no jap cards, no promos, double elimination, and PSV is allowed.  PSV cards are in bold
Now my deck:

2x Summoned Skulls
1x The Fiend Megacyber (if ur oppon. has 2 or more monsters than u do=no tributes)
2x Sangan
2x WotBF
2x Harpie's Brother (1800/600)
2x MEB
2x La Jinn
2x MoF
2x Wall of Illusion
2x Hane-Hane
1x Mystical Elf

1x Delinquent Duo
1x Confiscation
2x Malevolent Nuzzler (took one out after the tourny)
5x Pot of Greed, Dark Hole, Raigeki, Monster Reborn, and Change of Heart
1x Heavy Storm
1x Axe of Despair

1x Michizure (u lose a monster from the field=destroy one of ur opponents)
2x Magic Jammer
2x 7 Tools of the Bandit
2x Robbin' Goblin
2x Trap Hole
1x Mirror Force

Now the Tourny:

Round 1: Friend vs Friend?
me vs my friend anthony

Duel 1:
what the hell were the chances of this people!?  Any way, he calls his deck "earth gravity". We both start off w/ good hands.  He went first and played Gia Power, a face down monster, and 4 other face down Magic/Trap. i drew up heavy storm and wiped out everything but Gia Power cause he said it doesnt count as a magic or sumthin (dont ask PLEASE) He eventually drew out Gravity Bind screwin me over.  i had a robbin goblin out w/ a MoF face down.  I get back Heavy Storm and wipe out everything but Gia Power again.  I power up my MoF to a 2000 (Axe and Nuzzler) and killed his monster.  The rest of the duel was close.  i drew change of heart and attack with his monster, my MoF, and Fiend Megacyber.  Sorry dude.
Duel 2: this one was fun for me, not him.  once again he plays Gia Power and hybetsu knight (falcon knight) w/ an axe on it and attacked with that and a giant rat, now im at 1900.  i use raigeki and reborn his falcon knight.  this is fun cause i juice him up w/ 2 nuzzlers and an axe. its now a 3900 which can attack TWICE in 1 turn.  I eventually pull a skull to finish the dirty work.  sorry it had to end this way dude.
Overall: i hate the fact that i had to duel my friend, but it got me a win.

Round 2: Has my luck run out?
me vs midget kid who is good.

Duel 1: i dont know what to call his deck.  it is good though.  i had the pleasure of goin first.  i used confiscation to take a peek at his hand and discard change of heart. i play sangan face down and play 7 tools face down w/ robbin goblin. on his turn i activate it.  the game progresses on with me eventually dicarding his raigeki and MoF with summoned skull and the megacyber. just devistating
Duel 2: he won this one i dont know how. i got him with delenquint duo and confiscation this game but they didnt help.  i was stuck w/ a summoned skull and a megacyber in my hand.
Duel 3: this is one of those rare matches that go to 3. i won this one with a few lp left. change of heart, confiscation, and raigeki saved me this game.  the megacyber and skull did the dirty work w/ the help of robbin goblin.
Overall: this kid was good, but not good enough.

Round 3: My downfall
me vs michael (he wins most of the tournys)

Duel 1: i had never faced mike in a tourny before so i had no idea of the deck he played. my first hand i had confiscation so i used it to get rid of SoRL. he had no worry. he eventually plays Jinzo and i cant stop him.  game over for me eventually.
Duel 2: i cant stop this kid. once again i have confiscation in my hand and get rid of his deliquent duo.  once again it didnt stop him.  he gets out SoRL and just went w/ the flow from here. i lost again.
Overall:give me some credit. i never played him before so i wasnt ready.

Round 4: I get a Buy? Thats cool, ill take an auto win.

Round 5: My Demise
me vs mike again

I rather not talk about it, but basically he won it in 2 again.

alright so i didnt make it as far as i did last time, but still my deck is good.  i just made mistakes and the heart of the cards wasnt with me.  youll hear from me again my good friends.  My email is Remember i will respond to any questions, comments, and/or rules.  i will be waiting.