Chin Chan

Miami, FL



Blue/Green Madness at a local tourament


Tourney Report, Type 2


I have been planning to play blue/green madness for hmm… about a month now and finally did get all the cards necessary in the deck.  Here is my deck




4 Wild Mongrel

4 Basking Rootwalla

4 Merfolk Looter

4 Arrogant Wurm

3 Wonder

1 Aquamoeba


Non Creature Spells


4 Careful Study

4 Aether Burst

4 Circular Logic

4 Roar of the Wurm

2 Deep Analysis




10 Forest

10 Island

2 City of Brass




2 Sylvan safekeeper

1 upheaval

3 Naturalize

3 Phantom Centaur

2 Envelop

2 Compost

2 Krosan Reclamation


I know, I know, it is not very original but it does work well and is consistent.  I played test the deck with my friends and it did fairly well.  Here was how the tournament went.


Round 1 Astroglide


Game 1

Well, I won the coin flip (the only thing I won against this guy) and had a great start; I drop Rootwalla first turn, then Wild Mongrel and the Arrogant Wurm.  While he had no creatures until he gets a wild mongrel too in the 2nd or 3rd turn.  I thought it looked like I was going to swing for the kill in a couple of turn. (I got him down to five)  I ever had two circular logic to back up anything he plays.  Guess what, he play three consective spells.  Astroglide, (counter).  Lightling Rift (counter), then wrath of God (which I didn’t counter because I wasted on those things).  I can’t believe I made a mistake that would in the end prove to be fatal.  Everything dies, (including his wild mongrel, and Genesis) Which also proved to be fatal then he slowly get his 4th lightling rift and 3rd astroglide and destroy me with them.



+ 2 Envolep, + 2 Safekeepers, + 3 Naturalize

- 2 Deep Analysis, -2 careful study, - 3 wonder


Game 2

Mana screw, game over






 Round 2 blue wizard


Game 1

I was feeling pretty down because of the stupid mistake I made and thought there was no way for me to get into the top eight.  There was 26 or 27 people in the tournament.  Oh well, first game.  I won the coin flip and got the nut draw again, careful study, wild mongrel, 1merfolk Looter, arrogant Wurm and forest and island.  I use the study get two rootwalla (thank you god) and that was game.


Sideboard – Nothing, didn’t see his deck to be too much problem


Game 2

He went first getting a couple of wizard out, but this time he had the mana clump with proved to be the reason he lost.  Another reason could be 3 roar of the wurm and 2 wild mongrel. (Oh ya they all had flying)





Round 3 Green/White destruction


I know this deck pretty well as I played it many times before, he uses kirtar’s wrath with threshold while he have anurid brushhopper out and with Nantuko Monastey in play.  I think he called his deck The Aftermath…


Game 1

I won the coin toss and get a decent draw with wild mongrel, wonder, and rootwalla.  I went first and attacked him with my creatures which have flying.  (His deck is slow).  When he started to stabilize, I got him down to 3 or 4.  He had as many creatures as I did but wonder did the trick.


Sidebroad + 2 krosan Reclamation, + 2 Envolep, - 2 deep anaylsis, - 1 careful study, and –1 roar of the wurm (I know he have Genesis and Glorys in his deck)


Game 2

He gets no forest, and did not play a spell the whole game (you figure out the rest)


Round 4 Sligh


This is going to be the last round because the judge is cutting it up to the top 8.  He said that he is going to do something creative for the top 8 players.  I must win in order to be in the top 8 and receive prizes.


Game 1

Geez is his deck fast.  I get a decent hand.  Merfolk looter Aquamoeba and roar with 4 lands He plays a goblin first turn, 2 goblins second turn, 3rd turn morph (Hmm, I wonder what that is).  I took overload of damage and he just burn me, my rootwalla, Merfolk looter, and Aquamoeba down to hell.


I was getting nervous because I lost the first game and don’t know if I could beat that deck.


Sideboard + 2 Safekeeper, + 3 Phantom Centaur: - 2 deep analysis, - 2 circular logic, and – 1 wonder


Game 2

I Mulligan and get a fairly decent hand with 2 safekeeper, wild mongrel, rootwalla, and 2 city of brass.  (Ouch)  I had to keep it because I do not want to mulligan in the second game; but I eventually got non-pain lands.  He had just about the same thing as the first game (but could not kill my creatures because of the Viking.)  He didn’t have enough burn spells as I kill him when I top deck a roar.


Game 3

I get even more nervous.  I draw a good hand but again 2 islands.  I kept it hoping I will get forests (which I did, thank you god).  Meanwhile he just got mana screw and he just had 2 lands while missing land drop the whole game after the second turn.  (I feel his pain).  At the end he show me his hand (Flegling dragon, rorix, and browbeat)  :<


So I advance and was in the top 8.  The judge told us that the creative thing they are going to do was that we are not to use our own deck in the tourament but have a invasion block booster draft instead to determine the first place.  (What the ####, first of all I have never played in an invasion block booster draft, second of all I liked my wonder dog deck…)


In the end I got 4th place and won some packs.  I had a great booster draft though.  Someone passed me both Uzra’s Rage and Spirtmonger… I DIDN”T EVEN OPEN IT.  I won the first round (oh ya it was single elimination from there.) and lost to the guy who eventually got first place in the tourament.  I got mana screw first game, he got mana screw second game, and the third game was intense but he had damage spells in the end to kick my @$$. 


Over all top 8 looked like this


4 U/G Madness

1 fast mono green deck with elfs

1 psychatog

2 Unknown (never found out what they played)