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Tucson, Arizona

November 16, 2002

48 Participants


This is the first tournament that I have won. I was a bit unwilling to enter, but I had my deck fixed up a bit. And hey! I won the tournament! Note: Pharaoh's Servant and Japanese cards were illegal for this tournament


Monsters: (19)

3x Summoned Skull

3x La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp

3x 7 Colored Fish

2x Wall of Illusion

3x Man-Eater Bug

2x Witch of the Black Forest

2x Magician of Faith

1x Cyber Jar


Magic Cards: (15)

1x Raigeki

1x Dark Hole

1x Change of Heart

1x Monster Reborn

1x Snatch Steal

1x Pot of Greed

2x Tribute to the Doomed

1x Soul Exchange

1x Mystical Space Typhoon

1x Axe of Despair

1x Giant Trunade

1x Card Destruction

2x Fissure 



Traps: (6)

3x Trap Hole

2x Magic Jammer

1x Mirror Force


[No Side Deck]


When I first came to the store, I had a lot of Pharaoh's Servant packed into my deck. I didn't want to go through the hassle of changing my deck around to meet the card restrictions, but with the help of the judge, Taylor *God bless this guy*, he made me this deck. At first, I looked at some of these cards and I thought I was done for (eg. Soul Exchange, "You take your opponent's fat for your fat.", Giant Trunade "It's better than Heavy Storm, then you use this card: Card Destruction...", and Card Destruction.) Argh. It really confused me, but to my surprise, the formula worked!


Round 1 - Bye

Ha! I got a bye!


Round 2: Justin (?) - I'm not sure exactly what his deck was about.

1st Duel: I felt really sorry dueling this guy because he had to change his deck because he also had Pharaoh's Servant and just threw a lot of cards into his deck... like 70... I tried to give him a chance to come back, but I wanted to stop his suffering. He didn't inflict any damage to my Life Points

2nd Duel: Much like the first duel. He didn't have any good cards, and I just annihilated his defenses.

Summary: I really wish this guy didn't have to go through the painful death I served him... -_-


Round 3: Joseph - I think he played a beatdown deck...

1st Duel: Let me just say, this duel was really close. It basically came down to me playing Snatch Steal on his monster and attacking him everything that I had.

2nd Duel: This duel was neck-and-neck for a while. He didn't have any Monster Cards in his hand, but he stopped my forces with various Trap Cards. There were many turns where neither of us did much. The duel ended again with me playing Snatch Steal, Monster Reborn, and my feeble Witch of the Black Forest.


Round 4: Mike - Definitely beatdown, and his stupid Mechanical Chaser!

1st Duel: He didn't draw any monsters! I just slapped him around a few turns until I was able to successfully take all of his Life Points.

2nd Duel: I'm still amazed that he wasn't able to pull anything good. Normally this guy is a beast. I won in two turns with a Snatch Steal, Monster Reborn, bringing two Summoned Skulls to my side of the field. Add an Axe of Despair, and ha! You're gone buddy!


Round 5: Silvano (My rival!) - Beatdown and Denial Deck

1st Duel: Silvano really pissed me off by beating a fellow Asian on his previous duel. AZN PRIDE man!!! Anyways, I took Silvano out with Giant Trunade, Card Destruction... Ha! He pulled nothing but Cyber Jar, and so did I. We both used their effects after we played them down... We had HUGE hands at the time. About to die, I pulled Raigeki and attacked him directly.

2nd Duel: Soul Exchange, Summoned Skull, wait, Giant Trunade, Raigeki, set a Magic Card, Card Destruction, Monster Reborn (I have no cards in hand at the time!), game.


Round 6: ??? - ??? Deck

1st Duel: I don't even want to start on this guy! For the final round I deserve a challenge! But no! This guy somehow managed to climb through the ranks will a totally crappy deck. Game, set, match.

2nd Duel: Once again this was really boring... actually more annoying! He bulled a lot of Man-Eater Bugs and such. Good thing he learned how to defend.... (duh!). Anyways, on the Draw Phase for the last turn my opponent had 4 set monsters. I was like, "Heart of the Cards: Raigeki!" Do I need to say more?! I pulled Raigeki and Silvano punched me because of the "fluke"... r-i-g-h-t Silvano...



- Taylor for making me this kool deck


- Having some weak opponents and a bye

- Heart of the Cards

- Listening to Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh! music non-stop before the tournament



- Upper Deck for being so freaking lazy and not making Pharaoh's Servant legal

- The guy who wouldn't trade me the Ritual of Black Magic and Magician of Black Chaos (and other common Japanese cards) for 2 Exodia pieces, 1 Secret Rare, 2 Ultra Rares, and 2 Super Rares.

- Huy (one of my friends) not coming to support me in the tournament


Thanks again for reading my tourney report. If you have any Questions,

Comments, Compliments, Complaints, or whatever, feel free to E-mail me at

YohanMasaki@cox.net or visit my Yu-Gi-Oh! Website at http://duelistvision.tripod.com


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