Richter 13, Ian Nelson

November 16, 2002

Bigfootís Cards And Comics

Edmonds Washington


Participants: About 32




My Deck (Richter 13):


Fusion Monsters:

1x Black Skull Dragon


Normal Monsters:

3x 7 Colored Fish

1x La Jinn The Mystical Genie Of The Lamp

1x Red Eyes Black Dragon

2x Summoned Skull


Ability Monsters:

1x Dark Elf

1x Sangan

2x Hane-Hane

1x Princess Of Tsurugi

3x Man Eater Bug

3x Magician Of Faith

1x Muka Muka (Donít laugh, it works)

1x Mask Of Darkness

1x Witch Of The Black Forest


Trap Cards:

3x Trap Hole

1x Magic Jammer

1x Solemn Judgment

1x Waboku

1x Horn Of Heaven

1x Fake Trap

1x Mirror Force

1x Seven Tools Of The Bandit


Magic Cards:

3x Mystical Space Typhoon

2x Tribute To The Doomed

1x Polymerization

1x Monster Reborn

1x Raigeki

1x Delinquent Duo

1x Snatch Steal

1x Dark Hole

1x Pot Of Greed


Grand total of: 44 (Including Black Skull Dragon)


Notes: Id like to start off by saying that whoever took A.J.ís deck sucks, thatís gotta be the lamest thing anyone could ever do, and just so they know, the card store does have surveillance cameras.

Also, thanks to A.J. for letting me use his Red Eyes.

No one person has ever won the Bigfootís Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament twice.


Round 1:


Me VS. Ian Johnson

In duel #1 I never took any damage from this guy, which is probably due to my use of Raigeki 3 times (I used Magician Of Faith). I countered his early game monsters like 7 Colored Fish with my trap holes, and then when he built up a defense I cleared his field out with Raigeki and attacked with 7 Colored Fishes and Summoned Skull. The only difference between duels #1 and #2 was that I used Delinquent Duo and so I ended the duel at 7000 life points.


Note: For some reason two of the guys playing in round one actually played the match so long that a time limit had to be called on them, but only after about 1 HOUR.


Round 2:


Me VS. A.J.

It sucks a lot when you have to duel your friends, especially this early in the game. I think both of us were really reluctant to duel here, but we didnít really have a choice (FYI - A.J. got second place last week). Like all of the duels I play with my friends this match was quick and hard. We both have rather similar decks so our playing styles are somewhat alike. I won in duel #1 3500-0 by using Mirror Force and Man Eater Bugs to clear out his field and attack. Duel #2 was mostly the same thing, only real difference being for some reason he didnít draw anything good at the time.


Round 3:


Me VS. Bobby

O.K. I donít know what was wrong with the computer that picked names, but it made me duel my only 2 friends in the competition one after the other. Not only was I mad about that, I was worried. Bobby had only been to one other tournament but he won that one with ease and normally he beats me pretty bad too, but this time he didnít know I had Seven Tools Of The Bandit (I think). Another note about this match was that after round 2 all of us were really hungry so we went to Ivars to eat. I ran back to get a free clam chowder card as round 2 just finished, so I ran back to go get Bobby but then as we were running back his Millennium Puzzle broke so I think he stopped to look for it or something, anyway he barely made it on time for us to duel.

Duel #1 was a good one. We used our magic and trap cards on each other a lot and also did quite a bit of damage with monsters but in the end I used Summoned Skull and 7 Colored Fish to win. Duel #2 was a little different. I went first and played 2 Trap Holes and a Solemn Judgment and let him go. He had a really good opening hand, one that allowed him to get out his Twin Headed Thunder Dragon (a 2800 attack monster) on his first turn, but I used Solemn Judgment to counter it. After that he couldnít really get very much out because of my negation cards like Mystical Space Typhoon and in the end I won and advanced.


Round 4:


Me VS. A kid whose name I cant remember but I know it starts with an ĎAí

At first I was a little skeptical about this guy, he wasnít very old and I thought he had gotten to round 4 by playing other kids who didnít really know the rules. I was wrong. Although definitely not as hard as Bobby or A.J. this kid understood the rules so I didnít have to explain and he had some really good cards. On the first duel my opening move was placing some trap holes and then using a Delinquent Duo to end up discarding his Serpent Knight (or Night, im not really sure) Dragon and a Rouge Doll. After doing that I placed a Man Eater on the field. Next turn he played 7 Colored Fish, which I Trap Holed, and then used Monster Reborn on Serpent Knight/Night Dragon. His only mistake was attacking my Man Eater Bug that got rid of his dragon once and for all. After that it was mostly just me destroying defensive mode monsters with a La Jinn and then attacking his field with Summoned Skull.

Duel #2 I lost, donít wanna talk about it.

Duel #3 was pretty much the same as round 1 except I found out an awesome combo. I had a Monster Reborn, Red Eyes Black Dragon, Mask Of Darkness and Tribute To The Doomed in my hand. I used Tribute To The Doomed to discard Red Eyes Black Dragon and destroy his only defensive card (he also had no magic/trap cards), and then I used Monster Reborn on Red Eyes Black Dragon to attack for the win.


Round 5:


Me VS. MIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!! (MEB)


Beating this guy is my whole purpose of living. Last time I played him in a tournament he knocked me out third round and said, ďThereís no shame in losing to the best!Ē He then proceeded to lose and soil my honor, dignity, and underwear, but at least he lost to my boss.

We still had a score to settle.

Duel #1 I stopped his monsters and did my best to prevent any damage from getting through. After a little while of this, he got me down to 1550 and I was a little nervous. In my hand I had a Polymerization and Red Eyes Black Dragon. My palms were sweaty, knees week, arms were heavy, but on the surface I looked calm and ready so I reached into the heart of the cards, and pulled outÖ Summoned Skull. I checked the life points which were at 1550 (me) and 3100 (Mikey Boy). I slammed down everything I needed for my fusion and threw out Black Skull Dragon to attack for the win.

It was one of the greatest moments in my life. Mike looked a little upset but that was too bad for him, I won, not him.

Duel #2 was unbelievable, after this duel I couldnít see how Mike ever beat me before. Turn one I went second and because he had no monsters I attacked his field with a 7 Colored Fish. Turn 2, he still had no monsters so I attacked his field with a Dark Elf and a 7 Colored Fish, he then quit.


Bobby played Mike with his secondary deck and Mike declared himself the winner just because something didnít work out for himÖ what a guy.


Oh yeah, in case you didnít know, the tournament was $5:45 and the candyís really cheap thereÖ


Overall this tournament was good, most of the people arenít too bad, except for whoever stole A.J.s deck, again, that was a mistake.

Oh yeah, for winning I got 5 tournament packs.





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