Burner DecK. Pho at A World of Books. San Leandro, CA.

I think 16 ppl


Cannon SoldierX3

Mask Of darknessX3


Princess of tsurugiX3

Invader Of the Thronex2

Island TurtleX2 (Thinkin Bout replacin it With Giant Soldier of Stone)

Cyber Jar

Witch of THe black forest

Mystic Lamp

Rainbow Flower

Dragon Zombie

Wall of Illusion



Tremendous FireX3

Just DesertsX3

Attack and receiveX3

Gravity Bind X3

Messenger of peaceX2


Snatch Steal

Swords Of revealing Light


Magic Jammer

Shallow Grave

Mirror FOrce

Minor goblin Official

Monster Reborn

Cease Fire

Pot of Greed


Total 48 ( Might seem Alot but it works)


Tournament November 17, 2002


The First 3 Times i played with a deck similar to this i got only to the 2nd round.

But this Time I got to the Finals Bur I still didn't win I didn't Draw good.

Beacuase I Fine Tuned it the week before.


1st Match


Opponent: No one

This Round I got a by.

I was pose to play Geraldine But she played Intermdiate.

So I got a buy so I didn't DO much that round just watched.


1st duel



Serf I think is #2 on at our store .

His deck is an orginal at least thats what i think.

It's a kinda of discard deck but with what I call mini beatdown.

It's against burn where the monsters are lower 1400 so they can attack while

messenger or gravity bind is out.

First Duel Since I didn't Know what he was running I had to wait before I used

My prohibiton. But after I got it I blocked storm that which really messed me up.

I was usin cannon soldiers, Dragon Zombie, and Just deserts to do damage.

But at the end I finsihed him with a Cease Fire.


2nd Duel

THis duel I did mostly the exact thing except 2 times when i was bout to finish

him off he use 2 solem judgements to stall. But that move caused him his

demise. He was at 175 so I loaded up a Monster Shell into my cannon Soldier And

shot his last lp.


2nd match Finals ( that was quick caus I didn't have a first oppoent)


Opponent: Steffon ( once a Beatdown always a Beatdown)


1st duel

He completely obliterated me this round no meseengers or gravity binds.

SO he did basics 7 color fish,La jinn,HArpies Borhter, SS and just hitin me

eventually i just lost.


2nd duel

THis is duel was mines i got my stalls out this time.

First couple of turns i draw all my just deserts.

The craziest thing happens.

First he has 2 monsters up I have a magician of faith down and Invader

of the throne. HE uses change of heart takes my invader then takes my magician.

Hits me down to 1350 i think. While he has 4 monsters out I just deserts him 3 times

for 6000 points of Damage (ShaBaM).

Then I use cannon soldier to finsih him off.

I won this Duel.


3rd duel

This duel went basically they same way the first one went.

Except I got out a messenger for some time but with no Prohibiton to protect me agianst heavy storm

It got wiped out.

Then he hit me over and over.


Thanks to all Duelists at A World Of books that make the tourneys playable and fun.


Sup to Geraldine,Kevin,Donald,Steffon,Serf,Nick,Alan,and Jeremy.


Aim:Joe Mayo2000