††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Got Jinzo? deck

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††††† Ace

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Wizards Of the Coast@ Kitsap mall

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Bremerton, WA

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††††††††††††† November 9, 2002

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††† # of participants: 30+


This is my first tournament report.The tournament was an official one held at the local WOTC

in Bremerton.The usual official rules applied (no japanese, no counterfeit, etc), and PSV was

allowed, though everyone followed the japanese rulings and restrictions to my knowledge (ie only

one jinzo and one imperial order).My deck consisted of:


non-tribute monsters:

2†††††† Witch of the black forest

2†††††† La- jinn the mystical genie of the lamp

3†††††† Seven colored fish (why a seven colored fish is so strong is beyond me)

1†††††† Magician of faith (magic revival)

2†††††† Wall of illusions

3†††††† Man-eater Bugs

1†††††† Mask of darkness

1†††††† Invader of the throne(my fun card!)

1†††††† Harpy Brother

1†††††† Cyber Jar( my other fun card!)


Tribute Monsters:

2†††††† Summoned Skull

1†††††† Jinzo (if you don't have one, get one!)


Magic Cards:

3†††††† Fissures

2†††††† Tribute to the doom

2†††††† Swords of revealing light

2†††††† Heavy Storms

1†††††† Change of heart

1†††††† Snatch Steal

1†††††† Dark Hole

1†††††† Monster Reborn


Trap Cards:

2†††††† Trap Holes

2†††††† Waboku

1†††††† Michizure (if one of my monsters got sent to the graveyard, send another monster to

†††††††† the graveyard with it)

1†††††† Imperial Order (basically negates all magic cards, 700 life upkeep)

1†††††† call of the haunted( Monster reborn, but stays on the field, if either monster or trap

†††††††† is destroyed, destroy both)

1†††††† Magic Drain (when your opponent plays a magic card, if the opponent cannot

†††††††† discard a magic card from their hand, the magic card is negated and destroyed)


Total Card Count: 41


The strategy of my deck was to remove all monsters and traps from the field if possible and

then to attack them directly for lp damage and leaving them with nothing to base a play off

of to make a comeback.Jinzo and my imperial order didn't play a major role in my deck, but

soon enough it would become my savior in most of my matches.and if I ever got desperate,

my traps, my jinzo or my monster control cards would save me somehow.†† I followed the

japanese rulings and put only one jinzo and one imperial order into my deck even though

I had two of each (greatest booster pack pulls ever).My deck needed a lot of improvement,

but with what I had, I knew I stood a somewhat better chance than in my first tournament

where I just got slaughtered.



Round 1:

Ace vs. Jason


I had just met this guy previous to the tournament and had traded him a left arm for a

snatchsteal which I really needed to put in my deck.He had previously won one of the

tournaments at WOTC before so I was really hesitant in battling him with a new deck I

had just barely used.Anyways the match got off to a rocky start with me losing in the

first duel due to some stupid mistakes on my part.†† We traded around a Summoned Skull

for the first part of the first duel until he raigeki'd the field and attacked me with

two summoned skulls, which I couldn't do anything about.The second duel I easily won

since I had pulled Jinzo my first hand, a man-eater bug, a monster reborn, a black witch,

and a michizure.He had two monsters on the field. I man-eater bugged one and then he

destroyed my witch with his own michizure, brought out summoned skull by tributing MEB,

and since I had set a michizure the previous turn, I pulled it and destroyed his last

monster and attacked with Skull to win, never using Jinzo.He came out the third duel

on the second turn and it was lights out for Jason.


Winner: Ace 2-1

He was utterly surprised by his loss that he challenged me again, resulting in three straight

match losses.


Second Match:

Ace vs.Some guy who beat my friend aaron


I was surprised to hear my friend Aaron had lost to this guy since Aaron was the one guy

I tested my deck on and had traded wins between him and I.I didn't really care too much

about that latter fact, but I faced him with caution.I can't recall this match too well

considering it wasn't very significant, but there were some key points.During the first

duel I brought out my imperial order and screwed up his strategy pretty well when he tried

to played dark hole, resulting in a win for me with my seven colored fish and harpy brother

constantly attacking.The second duel, he had pulled out his own swords against my swords

as we had three turns to build a strategy.Of course he pulled a magician and flipped it

to return his swords onto the field,while he TttD my monsters and trap holed the rest.

what I couldn't believe is once I got my Jinzo out, he heavy stormed the field and FISSURED

my Jinzo!!! that was definitely uncalled for, so I lost that duel.On the third duel however,

he kept drawing monsters, so I just trap holed and MEBed the lot of them while attacking his

lp.He had a good stack of trap cards before I heavy stormed them, he played magic drain,

but since I didn't want the heavy storm to be negated I discarded fissure, and proceeded to

pay him back for that humiliating thing he did to my Jinzo.




Third match:

Acevs. Kenneth


About this time, I was feeling really good about myself since I had won my first two matches

(not flawlessly but still pretty good), that is until the manager announced I had to go up

against my friend Kenneth, who up until this point had won the past three tournaments in a

row!I kind of expected what was going to happen after that.The first duel was over

quickly.He TttDed my man-eater bug, set his seven colored fish with an axe of despair

and hit me hard.I drew another MEB, buthe played a shadow of eyes negating its affect.

He fissured that and then proceeded to summon a harpy brother and pummeled me again.I drew

a TttDand got rid of his seven colored, he sacrificed his harpy brother to bring back the

axe to the top of his deck and then I attacked him once.He then pulled his change of heart

sacrificed it for his jinzo (rendering my trap hole useless), and then won the duel.The

second duel, he pulled his own Jinzo out early and pulled a swords as well.I couldn't do much but sit there and take another beating.


Winner: Kenneth 0-2


Fourth Match:

Ace vs.some kid I almost lost to during my first tournament


I was feeling a bit bummed about my inevitable loss to my friend Kenneth, so I guess you can say I took my aggressions out on this guy.†† At no time during our two duels did he ever attack my lp.On the first duel I drew a witch and a summoned skull, used the witch to bring out myJinzo, brought them both out during the match and ended it quickly after.The second duel, he brought out two harpy brothers and a seven colored fish, thinking he had this duel won.but with no trap cards set, I snatch stole his harpy brother, change of heart his other harpy brother, fissured his seven colored fish,call of the haunted my summoned skull, and tributed for my Jinzo and wacked him for a one hit kill.Boy did that feel good, although he probably didn't think so.


Winner: Ace 2-0

I offered some encouraging words to him to remake his deck, but I guess the defeat was just a little too much for him.


Final Match:

Ace vs. Jonathan


This guy had also won a couple tournaments beforehand as well.We were dueling for a certain place that was to be tabulated later, but knew it wasn't going to be first considering Kenneth had beat us both, but I didn't really care who won or lost this match, knowing I had already placed.I won the first duel pretty easily, but during the second duel, I made the stupid mistake of playing my swords but then activating my imperial order to negate his axe of despair he had played while in the process negating my swords for a turn.He took that opportunity to he hit me hard with a change of heart and two summoned skulls, and then dispelled my swords during my main phase two, playing his own instead, resulting in my loss.The third duel however was similar to my first one where we traded the possession of my Jinzo until finally I kept pummeling him with that while negating his traps and his attacks with SORL.

Winner: Ace 2-0



††††††††††† Surprisingly enough, I had taken second place when the winners were announced.Kenneth was of course first place since he had dealt me my only loss, but I was alright with that.First place won five Magic Ruler packs and one tournament pack while second place just won five Magic Ruler Packs.I was still stunned at my placement (after finishing seventh in my first tournament) that I didnít care what I got in them.Surprisingly enough, I pulled a Maha and a Spellbinding Circle which I later traded for a Seven tools.Not bad at all considering Kenneth had only pulled a MST (ha!).Iíll do better next time and see what I come up with then.


Props and Slops:


-For me taking second when i was just happy with my performance.

-For Jason trading to get all the pieces of Exodia that day.

-For not being late for work when the tournament was over.

-For all the really nice newbs at the tourney.



-For it finally raining in WA.

-For some little kid almost ripping off another little kid for his raigeki, but saved him!

-For someone who totally reeked while I was playing near them...whoever you are...bathe!

-For my friend aaron dropping out after the first match cause of girl problems (wuss!).

-For someone jacking my GG....oh well not to big a loss considering I found it!



If you have any questions comments concerns(or suggestions in the deck set up) then please email me at: