The Gaia Deck


                                                                                                              Brandon Sports Card

                                                                                                           Brandon, FL

                                                                                                        November 16, 2002



  The tournament had two divisions’ junior and senior divisions it was a lot of people trading and talking there about cards they want and things like that. The winner got 12 packs and second place got 6 packs, third get three packs the entry fee was $7.50 and the rest get tournament packs.




Gaia Deck

Monsters (26)

Haybusa Knight (2)

Karate Man (2)

Mad Sword Beast (2)

Witch of the Black Forest (2)

Dark Zebra (2)

Queen Double (2)

Invader of the Throne

Man Eater Bug

Magician of Faith

Jirai Gumbo

Goblin Attack Force

Cyber Jar

Giant Rat

Labyrinth Wall


Queen Double

Battle Ox


Tiger Axe

Mask of Darkness

Princess of Tsurugi



Magic (14)

Monster Reborn

Axe of Despair

Heavy Storm

Dark Hole

Horn of the Unicorn

Monster Recovery

Gravekeeper’s Serveant

Ground Collapse (2)

Giant Trunade

Change of Heart



Gaia Power




Traps (10)


Ultimate Offering

Light of Intervention

Spellbinding Circle

Waboku (2)

Mirror Force

Gravity Bind

Solemn Wishes

Robbin’ Goblin







I waz kinda scared but confident I could beat my first opponent I start out good I hade three good monster out with a Waboku to protect them then he plaid morphing jar  that destroyed my monsters and we both had to draw cards I threw like 5 magic then he got before I got the same amount of monster I had before. Then he keep bring that card back and doing the same thing. Then he got out three low attack hi defense monster sword and shield them an attack me this is how I basically lost both time. I thought it waz real cheap to win like that but that just me. Anyways time for the props &slops


Props to Brandon Sports Card for holding the tournament



Slops to my opponent for play cheaply he does not believe in the heart of the cards J



This waz my first tournaments so I did think I could just step in and win. I had fun and got a lot of good trades in. If u have tips for my Gaia deck holla at me at or on Aim My screen name is Bigsaiyinman