Fun with Beatdown, Jacob Sowards, Hidden Treasures, Las Cruces, New Mexico

Took place on 11/9/02


Monsters (26)

3 Maha Vailo

3 Summoned Skull

3 Giant Soldier of Stone

3 Wall of Illusion

3 Cannon Soldier

3 7 Colored Fish

2 Magician of Faith

2 Mask of Darkness

1 Time Wizard

1 Invader of the Throne

1 Cyber Jar

1 Aqua Madoor


Magic (11)

3 Malevolent Nuzzler

1 Swords of Revealing Light

1 Raigeki

1 Tribute to the Doomed

1 Heavy Storm

1 Dark Hole

1 Monster Reborn

1 Change of Heart

1 Pot of Greed


Trap (7)

1 Mirror Force

2 Seven Tools of the Bandit

1 Magic Jammer

2 Waboku

1 Acid Trap Hole



There were 18 people in the tournament.  It was a $3 entry fee.  My friends and I found out when we got there that Pharaohs Servant was not allowed.  So I quickly had to rebuild my deck with the extra cards I had on me.


Round 1

My hardest match by far.  He used a beatdown that usually beats mine, but without PSV it was missing some vital cards.

Mike versus Me

Match 1

I won


I beat Mike by using change of heart 3 times.  He didn’t have a good deck because he was using a whole lot of Pharaohs Servant and didn’t have any replacements.


Match 2

I lost


Got a bad draw and he beat me with Summoned Skull.


Match 3

I won


Got Raigeki my first hand and took over from there.


Round 2

He used a poly deck with b. skull dragon, other than that some random cards

Me vs. Some kid

Match 1

I won


I Magic Jammed Poly and used 7 Tools on Mirror force.  Won easily after that.


Match 2

I won


Used Invader of the Throne on Summoned Skull and took him out.


Round 3

He was using an earth beatdown/removal

Me vs. Dennis

Match 1


He was using a lot of new cards and caught me off guard.  I came back with a rageki and a fish with a malevolent nuzzler.


Match 2


I took advantage of his lack of counters and won fairly easily using a maha vailo with a malevolent nuzzler.


Round 4

This kid used a poly deck with giant germs.  Didn’t see much other structure.

Me vs. Some kid

Match 1


He got Rageki, Poly, two thunder dragons and a la gin in his fist hand…enough said, I got raped


Match 2


I took his twin-headed thunder dragon with invader of the throne and beat him down.  Only damage I took was from giant germs


Match 3


I took 3000 dmg at the start and then took over with a double change of heart. Did him 5250 dmg in one turn with a Summoned skull and a Maha vailo with a malevolent nuzzler.  He killed my SS and then I got a second Malevolent Nuzzler on Maha and won easily


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