Fiends of Darkness  v1.9 Jinzo mod
Roger Schaeffer
Lone Star Comics  (817)-265-0491  (Call for local tournament information)
504 East Abram St.
Arlington, TX  76010
November 9, 2002
Sixteen people entered the tournament.
$5 entry fee.
First place prize:  $25 store credit.
Second place prize:  $15 store credit.
Everybody else:  tournament booster.
23 Monsters
Tribute Monsters
2x Summoned Skull
Non-tribute Monsters
    Dark Elf
3x La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp
     7 Colored Fish
3x Whiptail Crow
     Maha Vailo   
     Jirai Gumo
     Invader of the Throne
2x Witch of the Black Forest
2x Wall of Illusion
2x Witch's Apprentice
2x Jinzo #7
2x Magician of Faith
22 Magic/Trap Cards
Magic Cards
     Monster Reborn
     Dark Hole
     Change of Heart
     Pot of Greed
     Heavy Storm
3x Malevolent Nuzzler
     Sword of Dark Destruction
2x Axe of Despair
    Black Pendant
3x Fissure
Trap Cards
2x Trap Hole
2x Waboku
3x Robbin' Goblin
Side Deck
I am not listing my side deck even though I have one.  The reason is that I changed it completely and never even used it.  The side deck was designed around direct damage.
The tournament was enjoyable even though I didn't even make it pass the second round.  Well, on with the tournament report.
Round 1
Duel 1
Roger the Skunk  8000-6000-4650
Anthony  8000-6150-5850-2350-0
This duel was quite easy.  Anthony didn't have much for monster removal or hardly any counter cards if any.  Needless to say this duel wasn't very difficult.
Duel 2
Roger the Skunk  8000-7950-7550
Anthony  8000-7500-5800-6700-6400-4300-3200-0
This duel was longer thanks to Anthony's use of De-Spell and some monster removal.
Round 2
Duel 1
Roger the Skunk  8000-7950-5450-2950-0
John, Sr.  8000-7000-6000
The only reason why John had life point damage was due  to side-effect of Delinquent Duo.  I lost this duel due to lack cards in hand and some monster removal.
Duel 2
Roger the Skunk  8000-5500-3000-0
John, Sr.  8000-7000
Delinquent Duo and John's heavy use of monster removal and Magic Jammer killed me.
Well, I didn't even place this time.  I bought some boosters and got another Toon Summoned Skull.  Yes, you heard me right, another Toon Summoned Skull.  I also managed to trade to get another Dark Elf.
Attention:  Anyone who is going to the 64-person tournament Lone Star Comics is holding this coming Saturday.  I will trade Toon Summoned Skull for an Axe of Despair.  Send me an E-mail.
                                                               Roger the Skunk
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