Disruptor. Serf. A World of Books. San Leandro, CA.


Monsters: 22


3 wall of illusion

3 man-eater bug (MEB)

3 hane-hane

2 cannon soldier

2 giant soldier of stone (GSOS)

2 magician of faith (MOF)

2 witch of the black forest

2 sangan

1 jirai gumo

1 invader of the throne

1 cyber jar


Magic: 13


4 Pot of Greed, Dark Hole, Monster Reborn, Change of Heart

2 Heavy Storm

2 Fissure

1 Tribute to the Doomed

1 Delinquent Duo

1 Messenger of Peace

1 Card Destruction

1 Share the Pain


Traps: 9


2 Magic Jammer

2 Solemn Judgment

2 Robbiní Goblin

1 Trap Hole

1 Seven Tools of the Bandit

1 Mirror Force


Total 44


Tournament on November 17, 2002


It was a nice day, sunny and a little chilly, in other words, a perfect Bay Area autumn day. The Disruptor

Deck was ready to make a return to action.


Last week, I did not have time to write a tourney report, but I was dueling with a Lord of D./Dragon deck. I

was just curious to see how it would do, so I changed my deck from the Walls of Jericho to the Dragon

Deck on Saturday night. For the tournament, the Lord of D deck did OK, but there was no way it could win

the tournament. It was definitely playable, but not dominating.


After seeing the level of competition and decks vastly improve, I decided to bring the Disruptor back and

test the waters.


1st match


Opponent: bye


2nd match, semi-finals


Opponent: Brandon (burn deck)


I have not played Brandon in a long while, but Iíve seen him duel many times. He has changed his deck

from the traditional Beatdown to his Transition Deck (Toon World, Burn, Direct Damage, Beatdown,

everything but the kitchen sink) to his current Burn Deck. This guy is Mr. Duel, he must have played over

500 matches against people, and he definitely gets better with experience.


1st duel, he beats me with a combination of Ceasefire Treaty and Attack and Receive. I was not even close,

getting him down to 6000 only. And once he flipped over the Trap Ceasefire Treaty, I had no move since I

use a lot of effect monsters. At this point, I was thinking of going to the side deck to make adjustments

based on the first duel. However, I got lazy and decided not to get my side deck out from my pocket.


2nd duel, he continues his assaults with Trap burn cards, combined with Jinzo #7, Mystic Lamp, and

Rainbow Flower, Tremendous Fire, and Cannon Soldier. This duel, I did a little better and kept it real close,

but I was not able to pull out the win. (Lesson to all: Donít be lazy!)


2 and out, I havenít sucked this bad in a long time, but itís good to get humbled every now and then to keep

people grounded. Ha! Thatís what people that lose say.


Brandon goes on to the Finals to face Steffon, and Steffon wins the whole thing. Good for him!


After the tournament, I challenge both finalists. First, I have a rematch with Brandon, and he beats me right

off the bat first duel. Finally convinced that my Disruptor needs adjustments, I go to the side deck before

the second duel. Well, I was able to sweep the next two for the victory and I learned some lessons about my

deck. The Disruptor definitely needs adjustments to face off and do well with decks that utilize cards from

Pharoahís Servant. PSV is a set that balances out face down flip effect monsters and makes them less



My second ďfunĒ duel with the Champ, Steffon, ended up with me winning the first, losing the second, and

making a comeback to win the third. Steffon is a good duelist, and I know with a little more experience and

adjustments, he will be another duelist that will give me a run for my money.


We will see what happens next week. One thing is for sure, the side deck will be utilized more.


Whatís up!

to the hardcore Yu-Gi-Oh! gamers at a World of Books, keeping the game going.


Get lost!

to the thieves that steal cards from kids