Captain Comic
Plainview, NY
Entry Fee: $5.00

Prizes: Everyone gets a tournament pack, regardless of placement
Rules: 2\3 Single Elimination, No PSV.

Disrupt, Discard, Beatdown

3 x Dark Elf
3 x La Jinn
3 x White Magical Hat
3 x Magician of Faith
1 x 7 Colored Fish
2 x Witch of the Black Forest
1 x Wall of Illusion
1 x Cyber Jar
1 x Man-Eater Bug

Total: 18 Cards

Magic Cards
3 x Axe of Despair
2 x Heavy Storm
2 x Mystical Space Typhoon
2 x Swords of Revealing Light
1 x The Forceful Sentry
1 x Tribute to the Doomed
1 x Raigeki
1 x Change of Heart
1 x Pot of Greed
1 x Delinquent Duo
1 x Snatch Steal
1 x Monster Reborn
1 x Confiscation
1 x Dark Hole

Total: 19 Cards

Trap Cards
2 x Trap Hole
1 x Magic Jammer
1 x Robbin Goblin
1 x Mirror Force

ROUND 1 - Me vs. Max and the Barrel Dragons

Duel #1:
Max is a really good duelist, and he's beaten me a couple of times, so
I was a bit worried to find out I was playing him in the first round.
Anyway, the first duel wasn't very tough, I used tribute to the doomed
on one of his magicians, and kept beating down his life points with
La Jinn's and a Witch of the Black Forest.

Duel #2:
Another rather easy match. Used change of heart on one of his magicians,
and used it's effect to take back one of my cards, which one it was I
can't remember. Anyway, he managed to get his Barrel Dragon out, because
I knocked it out of his hand pretty early in the game and he simply reborned
it, but unfortunately for him he wound up losing the effect. A couple of turns
later, his Dragon's in the graveyard, he has one monster on the field, which
I snatch stole on my turn, and attacked him with a Witch, a La Jinn, and his
monster, and that was the end of round one.

ROUND 2 - Me vs. My Friend Matt

I came to this tournament with my two friends Matt and Mike. They're both good duelists,
but because it was a sanctioned tournament either of them was allowed to use their
raigeki's because they were in japanese. Mike used to play a killer defense deck, but
for today he decided to try out something new. Anywho, Matt and Mike wound up playing each other
in the first round, and Matt wound up winning. Mike used to play a killer defense deck, but
for today he decided to try out something new.

Duel #1:
I was able to clear his side of the field pretty quickly and attack his life
points directly with some of my beatdown monsters, wasn't a very long game.

Duel #2:
This game I had one of the worst starting hands my deck could produce: I drew
all monsters in my opening hand, and for the next two turns all I drew was
monsters. I eventually drew a swords, but he despelled it. After that, he pretty
much was able to get his two Summoned Skulls out and rip apart my life points
easily. I made a really stupid mistake this game. Here's how it went: He had a
Summoned Skull out and a face down card, and I played Change of Heart on the
skull, and attacked the face down card which was a Man-Eater Bug. =/

Duel #3:
This game, he drew all magic cards for about three turns, so I just kept chipping
away at his life points.

ROUND 3 - Me vs. Ed, The Exodia Guy

I've never played against an Exodia deck during a sanctioned tournament before, but
I was pretty prepared for it, considering my sideboard contained two Card Destructions
and a Banisher of The Light. The first duel was a really long one, and took up the majority
of the 25 minute time limit.

Duel #1:
This was a really long, and really good match. He got out a messenger of peace
on turn 1, which stalled me for quite some time. I was able to pull a confiscation
on my first turn, which I used to grab a Witch out of his hand and chuck it to the
graveyard. Either he couldn't get any of the cards he needed, or knew that I knew
how to play against his deck, he was weenie rushing me with flipped over man-eater
bugs and hane-hanes for most of the game. However, when I eventually destroyed his
messenger of peace, he was left with 300 life points, the rest of which I took
out with a La Jinn.

Duel #2:
This duel didn't last very long, mainly because the first one took up so much time.
I attacked his Sangan, allowing him to grab a piece of exodia out of his deck, but
during my second main phase I used Confiscation to throw it into the graveyard.
He played most of his monsters face down, and I eventually drew a Cyber Jar. I set
it, and the following turn I was able to flip it over and put two of his pieces
out onto the field in defense mode. He was finished, but the judge called time and
we had to end it there, so I wound up winning by default.

ROUND 4 - Me vs. Marco

This was the first time this day that I played someone out of my age bracket, he's probably
around 10 or 11 years old, but he put up quite a fight. It was a good series of duels, and
he played very well. =D

Duel #1:
He wound up winning this duel, by means of the fact that I couldn't draw anything
any was getting eaten up by his beatdown monsters, especially a Maha Vailo Oh well.
With an axe on top. =/

Duel #2:
This duel was over in about three turns. I attacked him twice with a La Jinn, a
Witch, and a Dark Elf and that was that.

Duel #3:
This one was a longer duel. He started off with a Delinquent Duo, grabbing my
La Jinn, and then I discarded My Delinquent. After that, we kinda exchanged
monster removal, and I wound up getting him down to about 900 life points. I was
at 5300 myself, and was about to monster reborn his summoned skull to attack him
and win, but the judge called time, so I won anyway. After the duel I found out
he had a mirror force down, but that would have only delayed my attack by one turn.

FINAL ROUND - Me vs. Robby

All the kids in the store were watching this one. Robby's a little kid, who also happened
to be the brother of the kid who was judging the tournament. He played a defensive burn deck,
but thanks to my friend Mike who plays that kind of deck against me all the time, I was pretty
prepared for this game. He gave me a little scare in the second game of this match, though.

Duel #1:
On turn one, he threw his entire hand down on the field, filling up all magic/trap
slots with four facedown cards and one chain energy. He also set one monster face
down. My monsters ran right into his defenses, and I took a little bit of damage,
thanks to his high DEF monsters and his chain energy. Eventually, i was able to
dispose of chain energy and was able to start dealing some serious damage.

Duel #2:
I almost lost this one. Once again, he played four magic\trap cards and a Chain
Energy on turn one, combined with his one face down monster. I had a horrible opening
draw, drawing practically no monster cards at all. I got rid of Chain Energy with a
Mystical Space Typhoon, and played a la jinn, which he fissured on his next turn.
After a couple of more turns, I was somewhere around 5000, when he flipped his Wall
of Illusion and Ceremonial bell, and played Shield and Sword, this got me pretty
nervous. I was at 1000, and he was still at full life. However, I finally drew a
monster, one of my three White Magical Hats. I played two axes on him, and began
to take apart his defenses, after using a Space Typhoon on his toll. After that,
it was a matter of time before I reduced his life points to zero, winning the

Props and Slops:

- To Mike, for Lending me a Masked Sorcerer before the Tournament Started
- To Matt and Mike for getting great trades
- To Me, for Winning the Tournament =D
- To The Store, for holding Santioned Tournaments
- To Change of Heart and Tribute to the Doomed, for kicking in in the clutch =D


- To Chain Energy and Toll, gah, I hate those cards >=/
- To Me, for not getting anything good in the Tournament Pack.

Pojo Ladder Name: {SR}grim786