Catapult’s Beatdown

Portola’s Shoe Repair

Mission Viejo, Ca

Friday, November 15

Participants: 60


1x Catapult Turtle

3x Dark Elf

2x Witch of the Black Forest

3x Summoned Skull

3x Man-Eater Bug

2x Nimble Momonga

2x Hane-Hane (Someone jacked  my third one)

1x Cannon Soldier

3x Jirai Gumo

2x Magician of Faith

1x Blue Eyes White Dragon

MAGIC (10)

1x Megamorph

1x Monster Reborn

1x Change of Heart

1x Swords of Revealing Light

1x Fissure

1x Mystical Space Typhoon

1x Heavy Storm

1x Pot of Greed

1x Raigeki

1x Tribute to the Doomed


1x Seven Tools of the Bandit

1x Magic Jammer

1x Mirror Force

3x Trap Hole




The strategy of my deck is just a standard beatdown with direct damage (thanks to Catapult Turlte and Cannon Soldier) on the side.


Round 1: 60 duelist’s left

Me vs. David Laskey (Random 120 card deck)

I was against a little kid (7 years old). He needed to be guided through the entire match.


1st Duel: My opening hand was Trap Hole, Magician of Faith, Summoned Skull, Trap Hole, and Jirai Gumo. He went first and started to play Slot Machine, but I told him the rules of tribute. Since he didn’t have any tribute monsters in his hand, set and trap card. My turn. I drew Magic Jammer and set it along with my two trap holes. Then I summoned Jirai Gumo, won the flip and did him 2200 damage. Me: 8000, David: 5800. He summoned Mystic Lamp (yes, Mystic Lamp) and attacked directly. My turn. I pulled Cannon Soldier. Then I played Summoned Skull, tributing Jirai Gumo. Me: 7700, David: 3600. He set a monster and flipped Just Desserts.

Me: 7200, David: 3600. My turn. I drew Sorl and played it. His monster was Cyber Jar. My five were: Witch of the Black Forest, Summoned Skull, Cannon Soldier, Hane-Hane, and Cyber Jar. He played De-Spell and got rid of Sorl. I set everything but Cannon Soldier. He didn’t get any monsters.  My turn. I pulled a Reborn. I had an idea and flipped Cyber Jar. He didn’t get anything again. I got MEB, Trap Hole, Catapult Turtle, Dark Elf, and Heavy Storm. I summoned Catapult Sacraficing MEB. Then I launched Dark Elf after attacking with both. Me: 6200, David: 0.


2nd Duel: Pretty much the same except he didn’t get me down at all and I got out BEWD, all my SS and Catapult Turtle. I brought him down to -13250. HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! Oops, sorry.


Round 2: 30 participants left.

Me vs. Jared Philips

This guy was tough. He was 20 years old and owned his own company.


1st Duel: This was a long one. He had Nimble Momongas like me. When he saw mine he said, “Ya’ know, we are the only ones that use Nimble Momongas.” I said, “Yeah, I noticed.” We continued exchanging blows until I pulled Catapult Turtle out. He looked like he was sucking a lemon. I launched everything I had at him. Me: 3750, Jared: 950. He gave up, cause I showed him the Dark Elf in my hand and he couldn’t counter it.


2nd Duel: This one was boring even though it was quick. He had nothing while I used my Dark Elves and Jirai Gumos to take control. He lost it all in the end. We became friends later.


Round 3: 7 participants left (I don’t know how this happened, but it did).


I got a bye in this round, only cause my opponent, Indigo, had to go early. While I was waiting, I taught this guy named David (a different David) how to play Duel Monster’s Dice. We had to pack it though cause they finished the quarterfinals sooner than planned.


There were three of us left: Me, Daniel Holton (an 11 year old with a cocky and mean attitude), and best player in Mission Viejo, Gary Haynes. I’d dueled him 3 times and lost 3 times. 2 out of 3 I came close. We all rolled a 20 sided die (I’m not sure how they got 20 sides on it but they did). The one with the highest roll, got a bye. I rolled first. “Come on, lucky 20.” I said. I blew on the die and rolled. When I saw the number on the die, I turned to my left, took a step forward, and slammed my head into the door. Daniel leaned over and glanced at the die. He started laughing as hard as he could. It was a 2. Daniel rolled and got a 10. Gary rolled and got a 19.


Round 3: 3 Participants left.

Me vs. Daniel Holton.

Daniel had the same status I had on the website. He had made it to the second round only twice like I had before. He made it to the semi-finals only one like me and the rest of it, he never made it past Round me.


1st Duel: Our duel was interesting. He was harsh. 3 Barrel Dragons and a harsh Beatdown deck. He got two Barrel Dragons out and I had 8200 life points. He cleared my Nimble Momonga with BD’s effect and took me down to 3000. He still had 8000. I pulled Raigeki. Jared was behind me and he fell down laughing his head off. I had to suck my cheeks in to keep my smile from wrapping around my head. “Uh oh!” I said. He says, “What?” Jared is still on the ground laughing. “I said, “Nothing...except I hear fate coming to a screeching halt.” I showed him my Raigeki. He stood up so fast that the magazine clipping one of his cards fell off. Needless to say, He was disqualified.


When I went inside, I witnessed Gary losing a duel. I couldn’t believe it. He acted like nothing had happened.


Round 4: 2 participants left.

Me vs. Gary Haynes

Gary was 32 something years old (but I’m bad at guessing) and used the same kind of deck I used...only it was more brutal.


1st Duel: He overpowered me with Catapult Turtle, TTTD and BEWD. I never stood a chance.


2nd Duel: This was too close. I nearly clobbered him. He was down to 400 life points while I was down to 900 life points. But I attacked a Cyber Jar. He had two creatures and a Reborn with a Cannon Soldier in his graveyard. I banged my head against the table.


I got a tournament pack for winning 2nd. My pack for entering had Blue Medicine, Cockroach Knight, and Hercules Beetle. My pack for getting second had Beastking of the Swamps, Oscillo Hero #2, and Corroding Shark. Alex, the store owner, opened his own pack and got Burning Spear, Giant Flea, and Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #2. He gave it to me because he felt sorry for me cause I made it so far and lost in the end.



-To Jared for being a friend (sticks finger down throat)

-Getting Beastking of the Swamps

-Getting 3 tournament packs

-To getting a bye

-To getting 2nd place

-To Gary for beating me a fourth time



-To Gary for beating me a fourth time

-To Daniel for cheating

Ken Carrell