Branden’s Deliveror of Peace  Deck


Greentree Sports Cards

October 26 2002

7 rounds, at least 60 participants


            This is my 4th tourny, my first report, in my other tournies I have 1 first  out of 44, 1 2nd out of 55, and 4th out of 38(bad day L first tourny) oh well, we have yu-gi-oh leagues every Tuesday and Thursday, and this kid named Chris Foster the prior champ a few times(he won the first one by usign cannon soldier last will infiinitly*cheat*) and he always refeuses to duel me, so Thursday he dueled me and his dad buys him everything its disquesting and his dad looked through my deck *major dissapproval from me* and we dueled, I crushed him 2-0 and so he comes to this tourny and I look at his deck, its almost exaclty like mine now! Minus the fact that he uses lord of d dragon combo, anyway it was time to duel and here we go.



3x Magician of Faith

3x Man-Eater Bug

3x Wall of Illusion

2x Summoned Skull

2x Labyrinth Wall

2x Sangan

2x Witch of the Black Forest

1x Time Wizard

1x Cyber Jar


3x Malevolent Nuzzler

2x Heavy Storm

2x Giant Trunade

2x Swords of Revealing light

1x Change of Heart

1x Monster Reborn

1x Rageki

1x Dark Hole

1x Pot of Greed


3x Trap Hole

1x Mirror Force

1x Magic Jammer

1x Seven Tools of the Bandit


First Round: Branden vs. Preston(Best Friend)

He doesn’t play Yu-Gi-Oh, I just built him a very good beatdown deck and let him use it, if he played almost anyone there but me and a few other people he wouldve gone far, but he got me down pretty far, this is what happened: First duel I drew mainly good cards, Messanger of Peace, Rageki, Magician of Faith, Sangan, and Labyrinth wall. I go first and draw Swords of revealing light, I play Sangan in face down defense and I know  he has a beatdown deck so I play messanger of peace. He of course plays La Jinn and cant attack so its now my turn. I draw Cyber Jar but decide not to play it, I sacrifice Sagan for Labyrinth wall and take another magician of faith, which I then  play face down and end my turn. He then draws and stright from the deck play tribute to the doomed on my labyrinth wall *wipes sweat from forehead* but he still cant attack. My turn I draw Giant Trunade and play rageki killing his monsters I then flip magician of faith and deal 300 damage to him ^_^’ lay my other magician of faith face down. He plays something in defense mode and ends his turn. I draw pot of greed which I then use to get Man eater bug and summoned skull. I play giant trunade gettign rid of his trap and my messanger of peace and I flip my othe rmagician to bring rageki back, I play it sacrifice magician of faith for summoned skull, and it went downhill for him from there.



Next duel he really scared me,  he was actully doing very well! He couldve beaten any of the little kids there but of course he had to face me which made me mad L I trained him like all night, oh well here is how it went. I drew Cyber Jar, Magician of Faith, 2 Giant Trunades, and Witch of the black forest, I had to chances to do something with this hand so I took my chances. He went first and played something face down, my turn I drew Trap hole, played it face down and played withch of the black forest face down. He then played la jinn in attack which I trap holed, he then flipped big eye and used the effect. My turn I drew heavy storm and I flipped cyber jar killign my witch and I serched for summoned skull and killing his 2 monsters, this is where it got ugly, I had nothing! At all, I got 2 trap holes, Malevolent nuzzler, magic jammer, and 7 tools…he got 2 dark elfs La jinn Malevolent nuzzler and armored zombie. He played them all and I knew I was screwed. SO I played  all my cards face down face down since I couldn’t so anything else that turn. His turn he saced his zombie for judge man which I traped but I took 5800 damage. My turn I drew SORL so I played it and that was it. His turn he played a mosnter face down and ended. I drew and played Monster Reborn, reborned his summoned played malevolent nuzzler and attacked his la jinn doing 1400 overflow.  Score now was 2200-4600 he was winnign it was a big surprise, so I then finished and he passed while switching everythign to defense mode, and killing my skull with fissure. I bury swords and draw pot of greed J  play it and get Man eater(not bad) and Rageki I play rageki killign all his mosnters and play man-eater face down. So it his turn and he tribute to the dooms my man-eater! Then plays la jinn and attacks(I didn’t use trap hole stupid me) and its now 400-4600 and its pretty much over, I draw and play Witch of the Black Forest in defense end. He attack swith la jinn and kills it I serch for magician of faith. I then draw Dark Hole. I play it and play magician in face down. His turn he plays a monster face down. I fliped magician and bring back reborn, sic ei drew sangan I play it face up and reborn summoned skull attack his prevent rat and do 1300 direct damage. His turn he plays Giant Soldier of stone in attack he was going to play shield and sword but I trap holed it and won the duel.





Round 2- Branden vs Scott


Now Scott wanted to duel right away, but I wanted to wait a little bit and he got angry, so what I was hungry ok! ^_^’ So when I was ready to duel he vowed to defeat me*chuckles* so first duel I have a really strange draw, Witch of the Black Forest, Cyber Jar, ultimate offering(I sidebaorded it) and 2 sangans, so I decide to get tricky, I won the toss so I decide to go first, I draw malevolent nuzzler and play sangan face down alogn with ultimate offering. His turn he puts la jinn in attack mode and attacks sangan, he also lays a card face down. I serch for Magician of Faith. My turn I draw Time wizard, I flip ultimate offering and play WOTBF, Sangan, and cyber jar, cyber jar was the only card I played face down. Of course next turn he attacked it and destroyed all monsters, he got 7 colored fish, Bistro Butcher*lol*, and dark elf allowed onto the field and I only got man eater bug, but I also received Swords of Revealing light, Rageki, Another malevelent nuzzler and labyrinth wall. I serched for Another Magician of faith and Man eater bug and when it was my turn I layed another maneater face down played rageki, got it back with MOF and saced it for labyrinth wall. His turn he played 2 magic/traps and ended. I think he was trying to bluff so I went along with it as I drew andother malevelent nuzzler! I played them all on labyrinth wall(2100/3000) and attacked………Mirror Force L it was fine, next turn he played a card face down. I drew summoned skull and I flipped my one man eater to kill his monster and saced and attacked with Skull, doing first monster damage of the game. It went totally downhill form him from there, I got another skull Monster reborn and lets just say bai bai!




Next duel went much more smoothly, for the first time I drew mirror force first, I also drew dark hole, skull, time wizard and malevelent nuzzler. He wanted me to go first which told me that he prob. Had Swords of revealing light so I played into it and layed Time Wizard face down, along with the magic jammer I just drew, miror force went there also. Of course he plays swords, I discard Malevolent nuzzler to stop it, and he plays jirai and attacks, he lost half his life points and I played mirror force, I drew change of heart but he had nothing on the field L I saced for skull and attacked. His turn he put a face down monster and magic/trap. My turn I changed his man eater *wipes sweat* and I killed him with skull. ^_^



YAY ROUND 3 ^_^’ I was so happy I wanted to face Chris Foster and I knew I was closing in on my victory. Now, you have to get to know me a bit better, I carry around a pool cue that I call the millenium pimp cane ^_^ and a huge jesus on mardi gras beads I call the millenium jesus, I also wear a cape, I add new things every week, this time it was a Crispy Cream donut hats lol so I make friends with everyone at the tourny and this one dad whos kid plays(hes only 8 but made it to thrid round) and I were joking around lol his kid just defeated this other kid so it was time for me to face him L I like this kid but I knew I had to beat him.


Round 3: Branden vs. Kid(I cant believe I don’t know his name)


I had a great first draw, it was change of heart, Malevelent nuzzler, Messanger of Peace, Sangan, and Trap Hole. I went first so I laid Trap hole down along with sangan face down. He played Dark Elf but I didn’t want to trap it, so he attacks sangan who dies which allows me to retrieve man-eater. My Turn I draw Sagan again ^_^ and play him in face up attack, I change of heart the dark elf, equip sangan with Nuzzler and attack for 3700. On the next turn the kid plays A card face down and attacks sangan with dark elf, allowing me to Retrieve magician of faith. My turn I draw Malevelent nuzzler and play man-eater face down. His turn he flips stern mystic which allows him to see my trap hole and man eater, I trap hole his mystic and he change of hearts my man eater killing it and hits me for 2000 damage. I draw Dark hole, I play it and play magician faith face down. His turn he plays another dark elf and attacks with it, it flips my magician of faith and I bring back Dark Hole. He is at 700 from the dark elf, so I drew time wizard played dark hole and nuzzler on the wizard and game over.




This game was over from the beginning, I drew Giant Trunade, Swords of revealing light, Mirror Force, Summoned Skull, and Change of heart, he goes first plays Stern mystic in face up attack and ends. I draw Nuzzler and change of heart his mystic sac it for skull equip with nuzzler and hit for 3200. His turn he plays Dark Hole ~_~ and attacks me with 7 colored for 1800. I draw Monster Reborn ^_^ and play it on my summoned skull. I hit him for 700 overflow. On his turn he plays a monster in defense, I draw rageki and play it, I also play the other nuzzler on Skull and play Wall of illusion in attack and that ended the game.





4th Round

BYE ^_^ yay!

5th Round


Branden vs. Mchale


This was a very funny duel actully, I was laughign the whole 2nd match it was funny, oh well for the first I had him beat from the beginning no offense I don’t mean to be cocky but look at my first hand. Change of heart, Summoned Skull, Malevelent Nuzzler,Witch of the black forest, SORL. He went first played a monster face down. I went played SORL, drew sangan, SORL flipped his man eater killing it, I play witch hit him for 1100. His turn he plays a monster face down. I change of heart it I drew something stupid like messanger of peace, not that its stupid but I didn’t need it at the time. I changed his man-eater(yes another one) and saced it for skull hit him for 3600. He played a magic/trap and ended, I drew giant trunade and the match was over.





The 2nd duel just plain sucked for me, the biggest comeback I had ever made, but it still sucked even though I won. I started by drawing, rageki, sangan, summoned skull, trap hole, and seven tools of the bandit. I went first which told me he prob. Had a SORL. So I play into it by playing sangan FACE UP and trap hole down, I drew Magic jammer by the way. His turn he plays la jinn I trap it and he ends. I draw Time wizard( I have it in my deck incase something bad happens.)I sac. Sangan for summoned skull and hit him for 2500 damage. I serch for magician of faith. His turn he does an awesome move, change of hearts my skull, monster reborns la jinn, sacs them both for Blue Eyes and hits me for 3000. My turn I play rageki and witch of the black forest, I hit him for 1100. He plays a card face down and a magic/trap. My turn I play wall of illusion in attack and he traps it >_< he flips his magician of faith bringing back monster reborn( I attacked his magician with WOTBF). ON his turn he reborned the blue eyes, played ragkei(I serched for Cyber jar)  and he hit me for 3000 more. He forgot he could play a monster main phase 1 so in 2nd main phase he played neo with malevolent nuzzler. My turn I paralyze potioned his blue eyes(my friend put that card in my deck I dunno why) and snatch stole his Neo. ON his turn he played ultimate offering, played wall of illusion and saced the blue eyes for summoned skull, he attacked neo with skull and sword and shielded his wall of illusion(the judge sided with him! You cant play magic during battle phase!) and I was down to 50, well everything went good from there I played Cyber jar, got 4 monsters out, 2 Wall of illusion, man-eater bug, and magician of faith, and the card I got in my hand was monster reborn, his turn he played a card face down, I reborn the blue eyes, powered up wall of illusion with nuzzler, and hit him for the end of the game.






Branden vs. OF COURSE WHO ELSE, CHRIS FOSTER(or should I say his dad)

Yeppers tehe this is it listens to ICE BLUE EYES hmm good song oh ya back to this, I was really ticking him off, his dad kept telling him what to do like PUT YOUR DES SPELLS IN HE USES MESSANGER OF PEACE, it made me mad oh well here is how it went. First Duel Yes he got his lord of d combo fast put I stopped him cold with messanger of peace, ended up beating him so easily with rageki monster reborn combos(magician of faith helped me out with that) that I wont even put it ^_^





The second match was an embaressment I had him down to 1000 and decided NOT to play the SORL I had in my hand L it cost me the game I hate to say oh well on to the third match!


Branden-8000-2000(he hit me hard)-(-1000)



The third and Final Match!

This was the best move ever we are late in the match, he has All his dragons out(2 blue eyes 1 lord of d a serpent knight dragon and komari dragon) He kept saying heart of the cards and I told him the cards wont pick someone like you for victory. He drew a de spell but I knew the cards wouldn’t let me down, he played in on my messanger and attacked with all I activated mirror force he activated seven tools and I activated wobaku.(wipes sweat, listens to give a reason) And on my turn I truly believe in the heart and drew monster reborn. My exact words I have won the last tourney here, and I believe the cards will guide me again and I reborn my time wizard, here is the problem, I only had 200 life left, I didn’t realize that but I had to try something to I did so I flipped the coin and yelled I’ll show you the true power of the heart of the cards! It hit my hand, I flipped it onto the back side of my other and held it there, and lastly I said the heart has chosen me and it was heads ^_^ I hit him with the summoned skull and that was it ^_^

Having fun
My friends Chris and Preston coming  even though I tought them the night before ^_^
Pulling Axe Raider in my Winning pack
Getting Spellbinding cirlce, mirror wall, and call of the haunted in packs ^_^

The person who stole my relinquised L
Chris Foster

Chris Fosters Dad

Anyone related to chris foster

Anyone who is remotly involved with chris foster in a loving way
Chris Foster ^_^

Oh ya im ranked 4th in the world now ^_^