Place: Books –a-Million     Name of deck: Remade    Name: Jesse Jordan

Entry Fee: 2 $

Prize: 1st  3 packs of choice between Magic Ruler Metal Raiders or Pharaoh’s Servant

          2nd  2 packs of choice

          3rd  1 pack of choice  


Anyway this is my deck    # of cards: 44      Theme: Direct Damage/Burner


Monsters non tribute and tribute

2 Princess of Tsurguri

Witch of the Black Forest

2 Bistro Butchers

Mask of Darkness

Magician of Faith

2 Giant Germs

2 Man eater-Bugs

2 Summoned Skulls

Sword Hunter

Cyber Jar

3 Nimble Momongas

4-Stared Ladybug of Doom

Barrel Dragon

Mystical Elf

Hiro’s Shadow Scout

La Jinn the mystical Genie of The Lamp



2 Fissures

2 Card Destructions

3 Tremendous Fires

2 Ookazis

Monster Reborn

Dark Hole

Pot of Greed

Final Flame

Change of Heart




2 Trap holes

3 Just Deserts

Seven tools of the bandit

Fairy’s hand mirror


 Well Round 1:

Burner vs. Some little rookie who just got his starter

What can I say about him? He played a D Magician in defense without sacrifice. I told him that that was wrong then he said o well and gave up.


Round 2:

Burner vs. Eric/recycler

Round 1

He beat me in the previous tourney. He was the champ out there. He has won all the duels that he played against everyone. Well he started with his usual def. Then 2 m/t. I threw my Princess of T in def and 1 seven tools. Then he sacrificed his mon for his only tribute mon in his deck. Summoned Skull. He then attacked and I delt.1000 damage.Me-8000 Him-7000.I then drew and got a fissure along with a la jin and a card destruction and a trap hole. I laid trap hole f/d and then fissured his Summoned Skull. Then I played la jin in attack mode for some damage. Then he got warmed up he threw a fissure one of his f/d cards and threw a hysabu  knight in atk mode with an axe.4000 damage to me.he was known for that infamous combo, so I was hoping to get the card I pulled out of my side deck.Etenral rest.And wouldn’t u know it I drew it and played it.I had 1 card in hand so  I played card destruction hoping to get a mon. I got a Bistro out and atk his l/p.Me-4000 Him-3500.Then he put a def and said go. I drew a tremendous fire and hit him with it.Him-2500 me 3500.When I atk with my la jin it was a loser magician of faith so he didn’t do anything cause he didn’t have any magic’s in the grave.He had no cih and wished for something good.he didn’t get it it was a eternal rest.he played it f/d I then drew and got Summoned Skull! I played it and attacked his l/p.I won


Round 3:semi-finals

Burner vs.Fat kid with at least 3 copies of every card made.

This kid is rich and al he does is buy packs and cards of the internet.All his deck was was super rares ultras and secret rares.I went first.I got a good hand.La jinn card destruction ookazi just deserts and a final flame.i hit him with ookazi and final flame dealing 1400 damage. Then I laid just deserts f/d and threw la jin in defense along with the trap hole I drew from my draw. He played a H knight with an axe on him. I quickly trap holed it. Then on my draw I got tremendous fire hit him with it and dealt 1000 damage. Then I flipped la jinn to attack his l/p.Me 7500 Him-3700.He couldn’t get anything on the draw and I played a bistro I got to attack with la jinn and win along with my just deserts.



Burner vs. Lex!!!!!!!!!!

This dude was a healer and I was direct damage. Every body gathered round to see us duke it out. I started with 3 direct damage cards and went first. I put Princess in def and hit him with tremendous fire final flame and ookazi putting him at 5600.he had a lot of healing cards and laid 4 of them f/d. YESSSSSS. That idiot knowing me didn’t think I would have a princess. He atked it with a bistro and me doing 2000.He was on the ropes all the duel.he couldn’t get anything started. So I easily beat him.


   Yeaaaaaaa me.I won and in my packs of pharoh’s servant I got a JINZO hyasuba knight and a magic drain.


Now for props and slops:


To my mom for driving me.

To me for winning the tourney.

To lex for getting a bad hand.

And to the place for signing up a week earlier.



For those kids who stole from that little kid.

For eric being a sore loser.

For my nephew giving up.


Thanxs hope u like the report.