Hellís storm deck


Grandpaís game and sports cards

†††† Akron, Ohio

November 2, 2002

† 50 participants




This is about the billionth time Iíve sent a report to pojo, I hope it gets posted this time. ĖBlaze




††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Blazeís Hell storm deck

Monsters: 19



Twin Headed Fire Dragon x3

Mr. Volcano x1

Dark Fire Soldier#2 x2

Fire Kraken x1

Little Chimera x1



Summoned Skull x1

La-jinn x2

Big Eye x2

Cyber Jar x1



Mysterious Puppeteer x2

Man -Eater Bug x1

Labyrinth Wall x1


LIGHT (donít exactly go with the whole fire and hell thing but they work)


Mystical Elf x1



Attack and Receive x2

Time Seal x1

Enchanted Javelin x2

Gift of the Mystical Elf x1

Fairyís hand mirror x1

DNA Surgery x1

Light of Intervention x1

Shift x1

Just Desserts x3

Waboku x1



Salamandra x3

Ground collapse x1

M. Nuzzler x1

Dark hole

Change of Heart

Monster Reborn

Insect Barrier x1

Dian keto x2

Tailor of the fickle x1

Shallow Grave x1

Fissure x2

Tribute to the doomed x1

Giant Trunade x1

Molten Destruction x1






Round 1 Blaze Vs. Some dude

Duel 1 = 1 word Annihilation. I womped upon this guy, I put down a la-jinn to attack his defense mode silver fang, and set down enchanted javelin. I used MEB on his D. magician and after he decided to attack me with a feral imp I used enchanted javelin and shift making his imp attack my Lab.wall.

†Duel 2 he gave up.


Round 2 Blaze vs. Cody (or something) I got beat


Duel 1 I lost, I got no monsters at all except mystical elf, 3 turns in.


Duel 2 I opened up with my signature combo, DNA surgery, turned all his monsters to insect types and insect barrier, stopping them from Attacking, and finally ground collapse, limiting his field to 3 monsters.

He used heavy storm 6 turns in, but it was too .ate I had 1 twin headed fire dragon up to 5300, and killed him with a fissure and attacked.


Duel 3 he pulled out insane combos to kill all of my monsters and he won.


Round 3 Blaze Vs. some dude with megamorph.

†Duel 1

I pulled out a dark fire soldier with a salamandra and a nuzzler and used it to dominate the duel.


Duel 2 he pulled some insane combo with ultimate offering and GG to win


Duel 3 he was too tired to continue, he grabbed my score sheet, put DRAW on it and turned it in before I could stop him.



NOTE: I had to leave so I told the manager and left.





PROPS: to my dad for getting jinzo


SLOPS to the punk who stole my dadís Sanga of thunder.


Blaze @ Scizor103@ yahoo.com