Beatdown deck Jasjit Sandhu D&R Sports Cards&Comics-Union City, Ca-11/01/02

Entry fee-$5

# Of people-16

Only one duel

Prizes 1st Place-5 boosters of choice and 1 tourney pack

2nd Place-1 Tourney pack and 2 boosters

3rd Place-1 tourney pack

My deck-

# Of cards-41

3x Summoned Skull
3x 7 Colored Fish
3x La Jinn
3x Wall Of Illusion
2x Jirai Gumo
1x Witch Of The Black Forest
3x Man-Eater Bug
2x Magician Of Faith
1x Mask Of Darkness

2x Magic Jammer
2x 7 Tools Of Bandit
1x Solemn Judgment
2x Trap Hole
2x Waboku
1x Mirror Force

1 x Raigeki
1x Dark Hole
1x Pot Of Greed
1x Monster Reborn
1x Change Of Heart
1x Heavy Storm
2x Axe of Despair

1x Megamorph

Me Vs Andrew Do

This kid was dumb He had about 154 cards in his deck first card he played was man eater Bug

In attack mode and he said it destroys a monster but I donít got any and besides itís a flip

So I summon La jinn with axe of despair and I kept on repeating this and won. He started to cry.

And he Was 12 HA!

2nd Round Bye

Semis me vs. Vincent Harn

How did this Guy get to semifinals Will he pharted a few times And he was like Andrew

But worse I got 2 la jinns And 2 fish and attacked directly


Me Vs Leslie Chow

On my 2nd Turn I played jarai gumo and equipped it with megamorph because he used

Tremendous fire on me and then I played raigeki and Attacked directly then he plays a dark elf

In def and then I play dark hole and then I summon my other jarai gumo I lose the toss but o well

He down to 1400 and he plays monster reborn on jarai gumo and he equips it with Axe of

Despair But he loses the toss and I win I Got 2 Pharaohs servant, 2 magic ruler, 1 metal raider I got

A Tribute to doomed in metal raiders,1 mother grizzly and cyber jar in Magic ruler,Jinzo and some

Stupid rare. And In the tourney axe raider. Well see ya.