FireWall Deck (defensive burner) 40 Cards- Created by: Jonathan D.



Monsters (13 cards):

Labyrinth Wall x2† (the wall in FireWall)

Summoned Skull x2† (for a little extra attack power)

Giant Soldier of Stone x2† (Quick defense)

Prevent Rat x2† (more Quick defense)

Aqua Madoor x1† (read prevent rat)

Mystical Elf x1† (read prevent rat)

La Jinn Mystical Genie of the Lamp x2† (Quick attack)


Effect Monsters (7 cards):

Cannon Soldier x1† (until I get Catapult Turtle)

Man-Eater Bug x1† (Get rid of tough monsters)

Big Eye x1 (know what I get next 5 turns)

The Unhappy Maiden x1† (deck filler)

Sangan x1† (get labyrinth Wall)

Mask of Darkness x1† (Trap Reborn)

Magician of Faith x1† (Magic Reborn)


Magic (15 cards):

Hinotama x1 (the fire in FireWall)

Ookazi x3† (read Hinotama)

Tremendous Fire x3 (read Hinotama)

Soul Exchange x1 (get Labyrinth Wall or Summoned Skull on the field)

Shield and Sword x1† (turn Labyrinth Wall into a mega killer)

Toll x1† (Make them think twice before attacking)

Riageki x1 (clear field)

Monster Reborn x1 (Get monsters back)

Dark Hole x1† (good in a crisis)

Change of Heart x1† (Whatís yours is mine, whatís mine is mine.)

Heavy Storm x1 (Dark Holeís Cousin)


Traps (5 cards):

Magic Jammer x1† (stop Riageki)

Just Deserts x3† (Coolest Direct damage card)

Mirror Force x1† (Raigekiís Cousin)



Side Deck:




Basically I defend until I draw a Direct Damage card and wipe out their life points. Another strategy I have that I havenít used that often is to play labyrinth wall and toll.



Readmore† 11-9-02

Rules:† This was a really unorganized, unofficial tournament.† There is only 1 duel per match. 1 loss your out!† Ohh yeah, this was my first tournament.

Prizes: 1st place: 2 Magic Ruler packs and an Ultra Rare

††††††††††† 2nd place: 1 Magic Ruler pack and a Super Rare

††††††††††† 3rd place: Assortment of commons and rares



Barrel Dragon for Mirror Force

REBD for Heavy Storm x2

Twin Headed Thunder Dragon & Thunder Dragon x2 for Holographic Monster Reborn

Toon Mermaid for Imperial Order



Me vs. Some Guy

Winner: Me† Looser: Some Guy

This wasnít a tournament match.† We had to stop early for tournament preparation.




Round 1:

Me vs. Dow

Winner: Me Looser: Dow

Thatís his real name.† Anyway, this guy had no idea what he was doing.† Basically, it was a beatdown, but he called it a fusion, but he only had 1 polymerization, and lots of fusion monsters.† I beat him very easily.


Round 2:

Me vs. Miya

Winner: Miya Looser: Me L

The heart of the cards didnít come trough for me.† I kept on drawing SS and LW, but no lv.4 monsters.† Man I lost big time.† I was really disappointed in myself.† I challenged her to a re-match and won.† To bad it didnít count.



-To my mom for taking me there.

-To anyone who traded with me



-To the tournament people for being so stupid and changing rules in the middle of the tournament

-To the Heart of the Cards for not being there in my duel with Miya.

-To everyone else at the tournament having 80+ card decks. (boy are they stupid)

-to me for loosing