Subject: Harpie's Axe of Despair(Keith) NewYork

Yu-Gi-Oh! Tourney Report 11/09/02

-Subject:Harpie's Axe of Despair(Keith) NewYork

-Deck Name:Harpie's Axe of Despair

-My Name:The Negro Magician(Keith)

-Location of Tournament, City and State of tournament 115-07
Atlantic Ave
Richmond Hill, NY   11418
Phone: 718-441-5005
Email: can also visit The stores

-Date:November 9, 2002

-Admission:5$(No japanese cards were allowed in this tournament)

-Over 35 people participated in this tournament-

Welcome to Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament,This was about our 9th or 10th Offical Upper Deck tournament meaning points were at stake.There were no Japanese cards allowed in this tournament Everyone Who entered got a free tournament pack.,And the person who lost first got two tournament packs(Great Right)The winner of the tournament would recieve 12 pharaos servant packs and 3 Tournament packs,Second place Recieved 4 Tournament packs and third place Recived 2.Our tournaments are official Thus meaning first to win 2 out of 3 wins the Duel.

"I had it all planned out"

-Well I had it all planned out I had a great Strategy ready,I had some good pharaos servant cards prepared for this tournament including-Jinzo,Fairy metor crush,Michizure(I had a great combo for Michizure)(And of course I had my favorite Harpies Brother X3)Now it may sound good and all but before the tournament Pharaos servant cards were banned because of some Reject Duelists complaining(Although I think it was all planned out on their part,They new pharaos servant cards would be banned but this was just a small advantage for them)So My pharaos servant cards were pushed aside and i had to find other cards quickly and in the end my deck looked like this....

La jinn X3
7Colored fish X3
Witch of the black forest X2
Cyber jarX1
Man-Eater bug X2
Magician of faith X2
Wall of Illusion X2
Mask of Darkness X2
Summoned Skull X2
Judgement Hand X1

Trap Hole X2
Mirror force X1
Seven tools of the bandit X2
Heavy Storm X2
Swords of reaveling light X2
Change of heart X1
Monster RebornX1
Pot of greed X1
Dark hole X1
Rageki X1
Axe Of despair X2
Exchange X1
Fissure X1
Snatch Steal X1
Mystical space typhoon X1
Tribute to the doomed X1
Spell Binding Circle X1
Share the pain X1
-Total cards 43-(I kept my Harpies brother in my fusion deck zone for good luck)

-Well I won two weeks ago and I know what your thinking did I reclaim  victory or Did my fate once again seek defeat.Well..........Find out.

    Round One:"Me Defeated already???"

-Well in the first round I played a kid who looked like he was about 11 or even 10 so I thought man I dont wanna beat this kid I'll take it easy on him.He went first He set 1 Monster down in face-down defense and set one M/T on the field.I drew Magician of faith,Wall of illusion,SpellBinding circle,Heavy storm,Summoned Skull and Snatch steal.So first off I set my spell binding circle down and  I set down my wall of illusion(His go)He flips his man-Eater bug destroying my wall of illusion then tributed and brought out summoned skull But I activated SBC,but the little brat had seven tools and attacked me 2500 direct damage(So I'am thinking thats it this little kid has seven tools He's got other good cards also)So I began I draw Pot of greed and then pick up Dark Hole and La jinn,So I activate my snatch steal then I tribute it for my summoned skull and return the 2500 direct damage.I went all out on this card,I won the duel but it did got to three because of a Mistake on my part that I'd Rather not talk about(You'd proabably laugh at me)

Round Two:"Is this a dragon Deck Iam facing"

-I faced A Regular in the store this Round,But he hadnt dueled in a while so I didnt know what to expect.This duel was wiered to me I didnt draw anything good and obviosly neither did he,His first good move was summoning Lord Of D. But I quickly trapped holed it.I had the worst luck drawing and he beat me some how with LORD OF D.(Yeah my drawing was that bad!)But I made short work of him in match Two.In match three It was a preety good duel I remember we bouth had about 5000  when He Lord Of D'eed me and brought Out Two Blue-Eyes but I had out swords and it was his last turn for it I set another monster down his turn he tried to all out attack me but I mirror forced him and quickly one the duel.

Round three:"Me vs. Daymeon Lewis"(Dominator2die)

-Well I think I've got his deck all planned we begin the duel and its pretty even he activated messenger of piece I didnt really draw much,It was a long first mtach but Daymeon won the first,The second put me back in a tough situation he had messenger of piece but i brought out the judgement hand and rapped him with it although he didnt draw anything either.In the next duel it was the toughest for us both I belive because we are two of the five best in the store.Daymeon has a great strategy proabably the best one i've ever seen with his dream and crash clowns along with messenger of piece and other great cards(Props to him)I Snatch stealed his crash clown which my first big mistake I was thinking it was the other clown and I had a plan but i was wrong,My second big mistake was not taking swords from grave yard(I flipped magician of faith)I took a dumb card by an accident in the end daymeon snuck away with the victory(Although I belive I'am the better duelists still)

-(Now What do You think Did daymeon flat Out beat or Did my mistakes beat myself,Also That little stunt Daymeons friend pulled which mad us pull back the pharaos servant cards I belive they had it planned out and it was a pretty good advantage hats off to you both!)

-I'am asking You all please come down to the store or call to get directions the address is listed above,Its fun a great hangout and always alot of duelists you can also play the hottest and newest games for the small price of 1$.So If you like sitting down and dueling playing games and having a good time this is the place for You.

I give Props to Slow#2 for winning his third Tournament,And my main men Charlie and Bryan for holding some of the best Yu-Gi-Oh!Tournaments around.

Slops to the daymeon crew for what I belive to be one of the biggest tragedys to yu-gi-oh! I mean they made kids leave little kids cry and worse!!!

-My E-Mail address is you can see my E-Mail address is no longer The kid1286 its been changed so if you did E-Mail send it again sorry for the inconvience.

-And if your in New York or Just wanna duel Me,Daymeon,Slow#2,Or Zealot(Elido)come on down to,Richmond Hill, NY   11418
Phone: 718-441-5005

P.S. if theres any stores in NewYork That's in to Yu-Gi-OH! Were issuing a challenge your top ten against ours Dont Be scared we'll go easy.You can Reach us by the information above.

A small kid by the name of Doug came in from Hurricane He was pretty good(Although I dont think so)He didnt duel me or any kids mentioned in this tourney report,He did beat two people and I know he was happy but he was ready with some good pharaos servant cards and as You've Read we didnt use any of our pharaos servant cards so Dougie come back down and we'll be ready!!!