Subject: tournaments report

  My name is Joseph and i have a deck called ? because there is no strategy unless you guys see one.  My tournaments are played in WAN PAKU USA in Torrance, California  I don't know the exact address, here is my deck and what happen November 2, 2002............!
1x barrel dragon  atk/2600  def/2200  7 stars:    effect: toss a coin three times. If two out of three are heads destroy one monster on your opponents field      can be used once per turn.
1x summoned skull   atk/2500   def/1200  6 stars
1x beast of talwar     atk/2400   def/2150   6 stars
1x jinzo      atk/2400    def/1500    6 stars    effect: as long as this card remains face up on the field all trap cards effects are negated
3x la jinn the mystical genie of the lamp     atk/1800   def/1000   4 stars
3x 7 colored fish     atk/1800    def/800     4 stars
2x dark zebra     atk/1800     def/400     4 stars    effect: if this is the only card in your control by your standby phase this card goes to defense position and cannot be switched this turn.
1x harpie's brother    atk/1800    def/600        4 stars
3x battle ox     atk/1700      def/1000         4 stars
1x neo the magic swordsman      atk/1700     def/1000      4 stars
2x wall of illusion       atk/1000     def/1850     4 stars       effect:  the card attacking this creature id returned to its owners hand
1x cyber jar    atk/900     def/900     3 stars     effect (flip):  destroy all monsters on the field, both players pick up 5 cards show each other  and special summons everything level 4 or lower in face down defense or face up attack the remaining cards got to each players hands.
3x man-eater bug    atk/450      def/600   2 stars    effect (flip):  destroy one monster on the field
2x hane-hane      atk/450      def/500    2 stars    effect (flip) :     send one card to its owners hand.  
1x mystical space typhoon   quick play        destroy one magic or trap on the field
1x swords of revealing light   counting from your opponents turn the cannot attack for three turns all opponents cards are flipped over and all effects are activated immediately
1x heavy storm      all magic and trap on the field are destroyed
1x confiscation        look at your opponents hand and pay 1000 life points to discard one card
1x black pendant    one monster gains 500 atk points. when this card is sent to the grave yard from the field your opponent looses 500 life points
1x monster reborn     revive one card from your or your opponents grave yard and play it on your side of the field face up in defense or attack position
1x dark hole    destroy all monsters on the field
1x change of heart  control one of your opponents monsters for one turn
1x grave keeper servant   each time your opponent attacks you the top card from thier deck goes to thier grave yard      (continuous)
1x sword of dark destruction      a dark type monster increases thier atk by 400 and def by 200
1x fissure     destroy your opponents lowest face up atk monster
1x last will     when one of your cards go to the grave yard  special summon a card with under 1500 atk points from your deck in face up atk or def position
1X MIRROR FORCE     when your opponent attacks you destroy all face up monsters in atk position on their side of the field
1x magic jammer   negates the affect of one magic card, discard one card from your hand to use this card  (counter trap)
1x michizure   when one of your monsters go to the grave yard activate this card and destroy one of your opponents monsters on the field
2x trap hole     when the atk of a monster summoned is 1000 or higher the monster is destroyed
1x solemn wishes     you gain 500 life points everytime you draw a card
1x shadow of eyes   if your opponent sets a card flip it to face up position and negate the effect
round 1  I get stuck with the #1 duelist there  so I pray and we start  he was kicking my ass he had 8000 life points and I had  2400 life points  so I used swords of revealing light and somehow he kept on drawing magic cards that he couldn't use and that his life points were open so I attacked with mu la jinn and 7 colored fish a few times and oh my god I won!!!!!!!!
round 2  this was boring the kid sucked his best card was blue eyes and he couldn't bring that out so i wiped him out with my rushers
finals    this match was no competition for him that is   the guy spends like 100s of dollars of cards making the perfect deck and literally kick the shit out of me I only took away 3600 life points from him
I still got $20 and thats cool so can someone email me at and give me some deck improvements   peace out every one and duel.

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