Operation Beatdown; Narin Munkhong; Bigfoots Cards & Comics Edmonds, WA

Subject: Operation Beatdown; Narin Munkhong; Bigfoots Cards & Comics Edmonds, WA

Name: Narin Munkhong

Date: November 9th 2002

Deck: Basic Beatdown(Barrel Dragon, Relinquished, La jinns.......etc.)

Location: Bigfoots cards and comics Edmonds,WA

Entry fee: $5.45

Heres my deck......


Barrel Dragon-1

Summoned Skull-3


La jinn-1

Man-Eater Bug-3

Mask of Darkness-2

Wall of Illusion-1

Witch of the Black Forest-1


Magician of faith-2

Jirai Gumo-1

Cyber Jar-1




Pot of Greed-1

Monster Reborn-1

Swords of Revealing Light-1


Black Illusion ritual-1

Heave storm-1

Gravekeeper's Servant-1

Giant Trunade-1

Change of Heart-1

Snatch Steal-1

Dark Hole-1

Axe of Despair-1

Card Destruction(im soo glad i put this in my deck!


Trap Hole-2


Mirror Force-1(sorry last report i put 2 but it was a typo)

Magic Jammer-1

7 tools of the Bandit-1

Some idiot (charlie Han tried to steal my Swords of Revieling Light) but i got it back.

and i didnt know that PSV wasnt legal and i had to take out all my harpie's brother and other crap!

First Round

Me V.S. Ian Nelson

Basiclly he couldnt pull any monsters and i went 2nd.  He played down a monster and no magic/traps. I changed of hearted it and saw what it was. it was like a MOF or sumthin and i tributed it fo SS. Then i just creamed him. 

Second Round

Me V.S. Eric Haase

OMG!! WHY ME?!! I didnt want to play eric right now! I would duel like anyone else there but him! O well.......I just decked him the first time and the second round i just used a beatdown strategy. (sorry Eric)

Round Three

Me V.S. some lil' kid (Tony i think?)

I just kept whoopin on him. I dont even remember wut i did. Oh yea! it was 1-1 and i was about to lose i had no cards left in my deck or hand i had a wall of illusion on the field face up attack position and a Magician of faith face down from last turn. He had 3 cards in his hand and 1 card left in his deck. I flipped MOF and got back Card destruction. And Guess what.........i win.

Round Four

Me V.S. Mike(Name Check??)

The first round was pretty easy i hit him with my SS's and stuff.  The second round was a bit tougher. I was about to lose all i had on the field was a solemn judgement and i had a raigeki in my hand i think.  He used Monster Reborn and i had to solemn judgement that. the next turn i drew a La jinn and finished him.


Final Round

Me V.S. Andy

This guy is one of the toughest people there.

This was one of the hardest match i played.  Andy had just kept hitting me with like 7 colored fishes and stuff. So i lost the 1st round. I won the 2nd game by beatdown.  It was 1-1 a tie people were starting to gather and i could see him shaking in his seat but i stayed calm.And mostly i attacked with SS's.


The Card Destruction Play against Tony. (best play ever!)

I got a fairy's meteor crush for tradin Raimei and sumthin else.

Getting 1st!!!

For the 5 tournement packs

Just havin fun.


Eric for not placing (again)

Other Eric couldnt come.(he was grounded)

the prizes werent that good

some people were tryin to jack my cards i got my Monster Reborn Jacked and for the whole time i wasnt using one! I only used on for the final

this dude called me and eric a noobie and eric went and whooped on him.. it was funny. what an idiot............(Charlie Han)

AIM me : bOrEdToDeAtH1353 or Seattleskt9

Email: darkserpent1300@yahoo.com

Peace Out _ 


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