The Legend of the Shadows Deck
Matthew "The Shadow" Sita
Wizards of the Coast
Springfield, VA
November 9th, 2002
1st Tournament had 12 participants (too small)
2nd Tournament had 30 participants (perfect, kinda)

     Wow, it's been 2 months since a decent report from The Shadow was made.  Well, during the time I was trying to get a decent place in a tournament, my 3 rivals, Saul, Tommy, and Jeff, are now banned from Wizards (so much for the competition), which upseted me because the now 7 time champ (yes, 7 time), is now out, and I had a cast on my right arm which handicapped me from playing much (The cast is now off, FINALLY!).  Besides that, it's time for the now MAJORLY improved Shadow Deck.

Shadow Deck 4.0

Monsters (20):
3 Magician of Faith (I WANT MY LIGHTNING BOLT!(Raigeki))
3 Man-eater Bug (Eat my friend...EAT!)
1 Cyber Jar (1 word: BOOM!)
3 La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp (Brute force.)
2 Summoned Skull (It's the skull head show.)
2 Hayabusa Knight (Bird in armor + Axe = funny looking deadly bird that hits twice.)
2 Witch of the Black Forest (Search for anything in my deck.)
2 White Magical Hat (Hand Destruction)
2 Masked Sorcerer (I WANNA DRAW MORE!)

Magic (15):
2 Swords of Revealing Light (If you say it sucks, then I'll just stall you with them and ask you how bad they are).
1 Change of Heart (What's that a Magician of Faith? OK I'll just get this back and use it again.)
1 Raigeki (Gotta love it.)
1 Snatch Steal (Change of Heart's big brother.)
1 The Forceful Sentry (Hand Destructioned)
1 Pot of Greed (I love drawing.)
1 Axe of Despair (Hayabusa Knight's best friend.)
1 Dark Hole (You go down the hole, I go down the hole, everything goes down the hole.)
2 Fissure (I love it when they have only 1 monster.)
1 Confiscation (Who cares if I pay 1000?  It 0wns Exodia.)
1 Monster Reborn (Come to new papa, Jinzo.)
2 Heavy Storm (The Dark Hole for Magic and Traps.)

Traps (9):
3 Trap Hole (Bye-bye, Barrel.)
3 Waboku (Staller.)
2 Magic Drain (Better than Jammer.)
1 Mirror Force (Time to show some fireworks.)

Side Deck (15) (I'm not an idiot.):
1 Magic Jammer (I still like it.)
1 Megamorph (Double my Skull's power.)
1 Fairy Meteor Crush (I love this card.)
1 Morphing Jar #2 (I HATE this card.)
1 Mask of Darkness (Just in case.)
1 Monster Recovery (Recover my magician's used power.)
1 Sword Hunter (Cool swords with a cool effect.)
3 Wall of Illusion (Not even Mechanicalchaser can beat it.)
2 7 Colored Fish (FISHIE!!!)
1 Ground Collapse (Invasion.)
2 Shadow of Eyes (The better Stop Defense.)

Monsters/Magic;Trap ratio: 5/6.  My deck's big.  Oh well.  The main thing this deck is supposed 2 disrupt the opponent while beating them up with SS and La Jinn.  All in all, it's a beatdown deck.  Well, the 1st tournament's prizes were that 1st gets 3 booster of either Magic Ruler or Metal Raiders, 2nd gets 2 of either, and 3rd gets 1 of either.  Well, let me tell you what happened.

# of people left: 12
Match 1
Shadow vs. kid from summer school (good beatdown deck.)
Round 1: This match was pretty much mine.  I used my White Magical Hat n my HK (Hayabusa Knights) to beat him.

Round 2: He DIMINISHED me with a couple of PSV cards.

Round 3: To quote Goat & Jeff; Close Game, but I won.

     During the rounds, Goat got disqualified for talking in front of a duel (sucks to be him).  Paul then took all of the losers and selected 3 of them to go on since Goat got DQ.  They're were 6 losers so Paul rolled a 6 sided die n gave everyone a number.  It took a while because the die kept on rolling a 1 or a 3 and the 3 people were decided: They were 2 noobs (stupid noobs), and the kid from summer school.  So the matches went on from there.

# of people left: 8
Match 2
Shadow Vs Steve (burner deck)
Rounds 1 & 2: This deck is ANNOYING.  He was able to recover his life points with Solemn Wishes n almost took me out with this card that takes away 500 life points from me, but I then took him out with my 2 HK (1 of them with an Axe), SS, and La Jinn.  Too close.

Well, now I'm at the semifinals. They are as follow:
Bobby (Person's cards almost got stolen from Jeff, Tommy, and Saul.)
Shadow (Yay, it's me)
Alex (My tag team partner)
Razzak (I have NO clue how to spell his name.)

The rounds went as follow:
Razzak vs. Bobby (This sounds like an interesting match)

     I don't wanna face Alex (the last time we faced each other in the semifinals, he beat me), but to me, a match is a match.

# of people left: 4
Shadow vs. Alex (Nimble Momonga deck)
Rounds 1 & 2: I dunno how, but he got nuthin runnin n i just destroyed him.

     After the match, he was begging me to trade him my HKs, but I said no (sorry pal).  Well, I'm in the finals for the 2nd time, but this time, I had to face Bobby, who beats me too many times.  I never beat him, but this time, I hope to change that.

# of people left: 2
Shadow vs. Bobby (one heck of a deck)
Rounds 1 & 2: Just like the match between me and Alex, he got nuthin runnin so I was able to beat him (FINALLY!!).

     YES!! I'M THE CHAMP!  CHAMPION!  If u were there, you would've heard that.  Well, I got 2 MRL n 1 MRD, n got Hiro's Shadow Scout, White Magical Hat (my 7th), n an Invader of the Throne.  I then went 2 Marie's cart n told her the good news.  I then bought a PSV pack and got...IMPERIAL ORDER!!!!!  I couldn't believe it!  I put that in my deck ASAP n waited for the next tourney.  During the time, I faced Eric n his Exodia deck (which I hate so much), n managed to win.  Then I realized that most people are using Exodia n I now know the weakness: use confiscation on the head of Exodia n u got them out.  Well, the 2nd tournament came n Alex and Goat got byes for getting the highest ranks from last week's tourney, Well, here's what happened:

+1 Imperial Order to deck

# of people in tourney: 30
Round 1
Shadow vs. N00B with N00B deck
Rounds 1 & 2: This guy's deck was TOO big (He told me that there were 81 cards in his deck.)  He didn't get a single life point off of me in either game.  Too easy.
12-1 (I'm counting the wins I got from Eric.)

     During the matches, Sam (he's cool now so I'm not calling him Spam...for now) bought me a Snapple and he said that I owe him a booster (and I still do).  Well, we went back and Paul said my next match WAS Sam (why is it that the friends I make that day I have to face them in the tourney?!?!).  Oh well, it's time to duel!

Match 2
Shadow vs. Sam (Defensive Exodia deck)
Round 1: This one was TOO close.  I managed to use Imperial Order on some of his cards and then I didn't pay the cost, played Confiscation, and discarded the head of Exodia (which is the weakness of any Exodia deck).  After that, he had nothing else to do, so I won that one.

Round 2: He kept on Solemn Judgementing me and then I drew the Cyber Jar and wiped out 3 pieces of Exodia (the 2 legs n the head).  I managed to win, but the funny thing I did was that I reborned the head of Exodia and Alex, who was sitting next to me, was laughing his head off and Sam was just smiling.  Anyways, I won that one also.

     Well, the next match was the Quarterfinals and I had to face Scoot (Scott), but this time, he was a LOT better.  He used Nobleman of Crossout & Ceasefire.  This was probably the hardest match I had in a while.  Well, this is what happened:

Shadow vs. SCOOT (Hayabusa Knight Deck)
Round 1: I didn't like this at all.  I had NOTHING running and he almost beat me with a Magician of Faith.  Then I drew my Cyber Jar, but when I set it, he flipped over Ceasefire, which negated my effect, AND I had to take 2000 damage (OUCH), which beat me.

Round 2: I managed to beat him easily with the HK + Axe combo and he got wiped out.

Round 3: Nobleman of Crossout annoyed me cuse he removed my Masked Sorcerer & my White Magical Hat, AND Ceasefire was back and took me out AGAIN (Where was my Imperial Order?!?!).

     Right now, I HATE 3 cards, Ceasefire, Nobleman of Crossout, and my own Imperial Order.  I was in a rage and gave Marie my Imperial Order, and she gave me 5 packs, which I got crap except for Thousand-Eyes Restrict, which I didn't need, so I gave Marie that also for 3 more and got crap again except for Michizure.  Props & Slops anyone?

-To me for being champ (Shibby)
-To me for getting Imperial Order (Double Shibby)
-To the Hayabusa Knight (Gotta love a bird in armor)
-To Magic Drain for saving my butt (It's better than Jammer)
-To Marie for making good deals (You're cool too, Bill (Hey I got it right!))
-Finally, STILL love that chicken from Popeye's!

-To Ceasefire (YOU SUCK!)
-To Scoot for using Ceasefire (YOU SUCK ALSO!)
-To Scoot for being a sucka (SUCKAAAAAA)
-To Jeff, Saul, & Tommy for stealing (Try not to steal again)
-To Imperial Order (Never came out when I needed it)
-To me for not getting Jinzo (I WANT THAT CARD!)
-To school (It's BORING!)
-To my bad packs
-To Kylie Monogue for being annoying
-Anything else I missed

     That's about it.  If you want to contact me, E-mail me (NO hate mail/viruses/junk mail) at, or IM me at SpedyMatt (Try to recommend me to Pojo's lineup).  Until Part 5 (I hope), I'm just chillin like a villain.  Peace.