Subject: Italin Stallion Deck, James Restaino, Tri County Flea Market, Farmingdale, NY
       This is my first real tourny report.  i dont think i followed the rules but hopefully this passes the requirments. I used Italin Stallion Deck because i couldnt think of anything else to call it.

       The tournament held 20 people.  No japenese cards or promo's allowed.  Pharaoh's Servent is usuable.  This tourny had age divisions so i had to play the older better kids (14 and up).  All cards in bold are PSV.  This tourny is double elimination.

1st Place:  3 tournament packs
2nd Place:  2 tournament packs
3rd Place:  1 tournament pack

Now my Deck:

2x Summoned Skull
1x The Fiend Megacyber (ur oppon. has 2 more monster than u do=NO tributes nessecsary. 2200/1200)
2x WotBF
2x La Jinn
2x Harpie's Brother (1800/800)
1x Mad Sword Beast (when it attacks and destroys a monster in def. position, they take battle damage difference. 1400/1200)
2x MEB
2x MoF
2x Sangan
2x Wall of illusion

2x Black Pendent
1x Gravekeeper's Servent
1x Heavy Storm
2x Malevolent Nuzzler
5x Dark Hole, Monster Reborn, Pot of Greed, Change of Heart, Raigeki
1x Axe of Despair
2x Fairy Meteor Crush (gives creature same ability as Mad Sword Beast)

1x Graverobber (take away 1 magic from my oppon.'s graveyard and use it for 1 turn. sac 2000 lp)
1x Mirror Force
2x Trap Hole
2x 7 Tools of the Bandit
2x Robbin' Goblin
2x Magic Jammer

Round 1: Me vs Elie (i cant spell his name)  He plays an effect deck.
1st Duel:  i started off with a bad hand.  All he does in his deck is draw cards.  U know, Masked Sourcerers  and the Pot of Greed. He had 2 La Jinn and i kept takin direct damage .I was able to pull out the Megacyber but he used change of heart and killed me.
2nd Duel:  i thought i had a good hand.  Raigeki, Change of Heart would come in handy later.  once again he pulls out the Sorcerer and i cant stop it.  i get out the Megacyber again but he used Mirror Force.  i wasted raigeki on my own Megacyber when he reborned it.  he pulls out la jinn and kills me.
Overall:  i sucked.

Round 2:  Me vs Cezen (i cant pronouce his name) he plays a commons deck. his only rare is spellbinding circle.
1st Duel:  i was still shaking after the beating from elie, but i trust in the heart of the cards.  he plays his first couple of cards face down.  i got out robbin goblin and attacked with  my La jinn and discarded his Lord of D.  his next 2 turns he played 2 face down cards.  i attacked them both and they were wall of illusions.  he then reborns his lord of d in defence mode.  then sacs his 2 walls for a blue eyes.  i couldnt mirror force so i took a lot of damage.  i then drew a bug which kill the lord of d.  he is at 4000 now.  i had a change of heart in my hand and drew a witch.  his dragon became mine, played the witch and came in for 4100.
2nd Duel: this went by fast.  i pulled a Skull and a Megacyber, put the fairy meteor crush on both, then just powered up both of them.  he took damage when his creatures were in atk. and def.  like i said, it went by fast.
Overall: i recovered from elie and was prepared this match.

Round 3:  Me vs Joe T (he nevered showed up so i got an auto win)

Round 4: Me vs Anthony D.  (his deck is based on fusion)
1st Duel:  this was interesting.  he played 2 fusion monsters and 2 fusion substitues.  his fusions were thousand eyes restrict and the evil black skull dragon.  we both had good hands this game.  he managed to pull out his black skull and kill my La Jinn.  it died the next turn from raigeki after i play my megacyber.  i powered him up and killed em.
2nd Duel:  he got a bad bad bad hand.  nothin but magics and usless fusion material.  i on the other hand had the best possiable hand in my deck.  1 skull, 1 witch, 2 fairy meteor crush, 1 change of heart, and graverobber.  he kills my witch with an acid trap hole so i looked for the megacyber.  i pulled out the skull and megacyber and jucied them both up.  anfter i attacked i had to wait 3 turns because of his swords of revealing light.  didnt help.  i still killed him after the swords.
Overall: alright now im on a roll!

Round 5:  i got a by this round.

Round 6: Me vs Denunzio (he won the tourny the past 5 weeks) 
1st Duel: he plays a field control deck.  i had a chance to eliminate the champ because he previously lost to elie.  he played a cannon soldier and took control of my megacyber and after he attacked he launched it at me.  i got obliterated this duel.  he pulls out la jinn for the finisher.
2nd Duel: now i know what i was up against.  i pull out a megacyber thanx to a witch.  i juiced him up and went in for 3200 thanx to the axe of despair and discarded his change of heart thanx to robbin gobblin.  he pulls out swords of revealing light.  for his 3 turns of relief he drew 3 acid trap holes in a row.  i pull out a skull with the megacyber to finish the job.
3rd Duel: now the pressure is on.  next person to win moves on, loser gets the boot.  i got my 2 wall of illusions for later.  he pulls out cannon soldier and lauches my witch so i looked for a card (the megacyber)  i got crap while he pulled eventually pulled out 2 giant soldiers on stone and a man eater bug.  he had 1 magic or trap face down on the field.  i play the megacyber.  UNFORTUNEALLY THE TRAP CARD ON THE FIELD WAS TRAP HOLE.  he finished me off and i got the boot from the tourny.
Overall: hey at least i beat him once.  o well there is always next time!

If you have any comments on the report, the deck, rules of the tourny, or the name of my deck, email me at  I ll be waiting for your replies.