The Stalling Barrel Dragon Removal Deck of Doom!

                      Heroes and Fantasies

                       San Antonio, Texas

                        November 3, 2002

                          32 Entrants


 This is my fifth tournament, and my second or third report.(Can't remember.) My deck mainly focuses on

stalling and removing magic and traps, so that way I can pull out one of my good monsters like Barrel

Dragon or Summoned Skull. Here is the deck.



2x Maneater Bug

2x Witch of the Black Forest

2x Magician of Faith

2x Summoned Skull

2x Barrel Dragon

2x La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp

2x 7 Colored Fish

2x Nimble Momonga

Mask of Darkness


Cyber Jar

Dark Elf

Jirai Gumo



2x Mystical Space Typhoon

2x Swords of Revealing Light

Monster Reborn

Change of Heart


Dark Hole

Pot of Greed

Card Destruction

Heavy Storm

Giant Trunade

Axe of Despair

Black Pendant

Malevolent Nuzzler


2x Trap Hole

2x Waboku

Spellbinding Circle

Magic Jammer

Mirror Force

Robbin' Goblin


Prizes: 1st Place - $45 store credit.

            2nd Place - $35 store credit.

            3rd Place - $20 store credit.

            4th Place - $15 store credit.

The top four players after four rounds will play to determine the rankings. My store has a store ranking, and

the higher up on the charts the person is that you beat, the higher you move up in the tournament ranking.




Round 1


Kid with no confidence-5400-2800-0

I played this kid in the last tournament and beat him. His deck was okay, but he had so many useless

monsters in his deck, and that stopped him from drawing what good cards he had. I got a good starting

hand and got Barrel Dragon out early by using one of the kid's monsters as a tribute via Change of Heart.

Whenever he played a monster Barrel Dragon destroyed it and attacked for direct damage. Pretty soon I

had the field loaded with monsters and was able to crush him.


Round 2



Bruce is an adult, and always gets first or second, and since I was already pretty high up in the rankings I

had to play him. He uses a Relinquished deck against me, but this time he used his second deck, a Barrel

Dragon deck like mine. Anyways, I wasted one of my Sorl when he had weak monsters out. After a while, I

played Card Destruction and sent my Barrel Dragon to the graveyard. I got a Summoned Skull out, but he

trap holed it. His deck is annoying, since it always stops me when I think I have something good. Eventually

he ended up absorbing my Jirai Gumo with his Relinquished(yes he has Relinquished in this deck too)and

Monster Reborning my Barrel Dragon and killing me.


Round 3



Once again, I was playing a great adult duelist. I've talked with Brian a lot before tournaments, and traded

some with him too.He got second in the last tournament. His son was also in the tournament. I knew Brian

played a Dragon deck with Lord of D. And all, and I started out pretty good. I got Sorl early and put his Blue

Eyes in a jam long enough for me to draw a Change of Heart. I took his Blue Eyes and tributed it along with

my Witch to bring out the big guy. He Raigeki'd me and played Lord of D. and attacked for direct damage. I

eventually got a Monster Reborn back from the graveyard and brought back Barrel Dragon and finished



Round 4


Small kid with mediocore deck-8000-5500-200-0

I don't know why, but instead of playing someone harder since I beat Brian, I played someone easier. This

kid's deck held up well, it had Princess of Tsurigi or whatever and Just Desserts. The monsters were pretty

weak though, so I was able to get Summoned Skull out and beef him up with some equip magic, and bring

out La Jinn the next turn, and soon enough he was cooked.



Duel for 3rd and 4th



Aaron was an adult(suprise.)who I had talked and traded with in every tournament. He was funny and nice,

but I never dueled him. He had a Harpie Lady deck with a Blue Eyes, a Sorl and Summoned Skulls. When

he got his Blue Eyes out and attacked, I Mirror Forced it. I flipped Cyber Jar but didn't get any monsters, so

he attacked for direct damage with the Big Eye and La Jinn he got. I Monster Reborned his Blue Eyes a few

minutes after the Cyber Jar incident, and killed his Big Eye. Things were looking pretty good, then he flipped

Maneater bug, destroyed the Blue Eyes, tributed Maneater for SS and attacked with SS and La Jinn for

direct damage. He Trap Holed the La Jinn I played my next turn and won since I had no monsters on the





I got fourth, oh well. I still got three packs and got a Goblin Attack Force. Once the PSV cards are restricted,

I am adding Jinzo in place of 1 Barrel Dragon and Limiter Removal in place of Black Pendant.



To my mom for driving me.

To the pack with a Goblin Attack Force.

To Brian, who traded me his Limiter Removal for my Backup Soldier.


To Jirai Gumo, who was absorbed by Bruce and also who ended up beating me that round. I'm taking YOU

OUT! And I'm adding Big Eye in your place you stupid piece of trash.

To the toilet at the store, which was out of order, so I had to wait forever to pee.


If you have questions, comments or want a deck fix e-mail me at