Total Obliteration Deck


Place-Heroes and Villains, Redlands CA

Name-Yong Man Park


Type-elimination with only one match (funky aint it??)

Entry Fee-2 dollars

Date-the first Friday of November


1st-3 choice of boosters

2nd-2 choice of boosters

3rd-1 choice of booster




Monís in deck(27)

Man Eater Bug x3

La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp x3

Battle Ox x3

7 Colored Fish x3

Neo the Magic Swordsman x3

MoF x2

MoD x2

Shadow Ghoul

Summoned Skull x3

Princess of Tsurugi x2

Cyber Jar

Invader of the Throne




Mon Reborn

Card Destruction x2


Dark Hole






Mirror Force

Trap Hole x3

Magik Jammer

Seven Tools of the Bandit




1st Round Pairing

Obliterator vs. Spunky




Ok, to tell the truth, this battle went by in about 1 and a half minutes. He had a good start, but my mons just kept pushing him down and down. First my la jinn came out and punched a hole through his defense mon. then he attacked directly, then again but with fishy with him. Then again ending our match.




2nd Round Pairing

Obliterator vs. Spunkster




††††††††††† This battle was fairly easy but a bit more challenging than the last one. He went first and set a mon down. Then I draw my five cards and to my luck I get a magik jammer, CoH, MeB,fishy, and a summoned skull. Ok, so I decide to put my fishy down and then he trap holes it. He not has a mystical elf in attack position and uses SaS to give me 2000 direct. I get a bit tense and put my the card I drew, la jinn in attack mode. He trap holes that too! then he uses SaS AGAIN! Im already at 4000 and he has nothing on him. Then I draw another la jinn. I place him in attack mode and attack his mystical elf. Heís at 7000. he says he has a plan but I take it as a bluff and attack him again. Nothing, yes! I attack his defense mon and it was a WoBf. He gets a card and sets it. I donít attack it. My luck, it was a mystical elf! He uses ANOTHER SaS to kill my la jinn. I draw fishy and attack it. Then he forfeits because he says he has no more SaS. I won easily.



Semi Finals

Obliterator vs. Thomas(my brother)

No score, lost scoring sheet L


††††††††††† This is probably the worst battle I got here. We started our match when all of a sudden it starts raining and my mom decides to take Thomas home because he has a little cough. So I get a freebie and advance to the finals.




Obliterator vs. Randy




††††††††††† This was the strangest battle I had. Randy currently had the best record here with his unstoppable exodia deck. I was a bit nervous going into this battle. I knew he had Messengers of Peace. What I did have with although was lady luck. He drew nothing good and had no mons. I drew a MeB, Summoned Skull, Rageiki, Seven Tools of the Bandit, and a Card destruction. He started off by playing 2 cards in the magik and trap zone. I played my MeB. He uses PoG and decides to show that he is going to win because he has Sangan and 4 exodia pieces. HAHAHAHAHA! I start to laugh at him. I use my CARD DESTRUCTION. MWAHAHAHAHAHA. BWAHAHAHAHAHA. I destroy his life points by tributing MeB for Summoned Skull and obliterate his life points. That should teach him a lesson.





††††††††††† In my two Magik Rulers, I got an Ameba, and a Messenger of Peace. In my one LoB pack I got Blue Eyes. Well time for props and slops.




-for me beating Randy

-for Ken the storeowner for being a cool guy

-for my awesome cards I got

-for me getting first and the title as The True Obliterator



-for Thomas going home early

-for the rain

-for Randy saying getting all pissed off at me and everyone else.(BWAHAHAHA)



Name-Yong Man Park