Pseudo-beatown deck

Dr. Nik

Wizard’s Tower - Kanata

Ottawa, Ontario

Nov. 10, 2002

1200 hrs- 1700hrs

~40 participants


This is my first tourney report, here goes…

This was an official tourney, so no pharoah’s servant yet. It cost $5 to enter, and we play for… points (grrr). Best 2 out of 3, single elimination.


I’m just visiting Ottawa and this is only my second tourney here so I don’t really know the players and there themes (but... they don’t know my deck either). I play with a lot of “recycle” cards, ie. Mag of Faith, Mask of Dark, WotBF, Sangan. This is a popular theme at other places but here everyone plays the boring “get out heavy hitter and arm them to the teeth beatdown”.


Monsters: (22)

2x La Jinn (staple, probably should have 3)

3x 7-fish (see above)

2x wall of ill. (these have been floating in and out of my deck, I kinda like em for now)

1x cyber jar (sometimes chaos is good)

1x Sum Skull (my only tribute mon)

3x MEB

2x Sangan

2x WotBF

3x Mask of Dark.

3x Mag of Faith (the latter 4 are essential for this theme)


Magic: (11)

2x fissure (anti-beatdown)

mon reborn

dark hole

C of H


Snatch steal


2x heavy storm (anti beatdown power-ups/equips)

1x giant trunade


Trap: (10)

3x trap hole (essential)

2x Magic Jammer (these babies didn’t come cheap)

mirror force (see above)

2x Solemn Judgement (I drew these both in packs so I feel obligated to put them in)

1x 7 tools

1x fairy hand mirror (not a card I usually use but sometimes you have to go with the metagame)


side deck:

nothing much to mention, card destruction if I saw they had exodia, just desserts if I had trouble finishing them previous round



My deck revolves on using the magicians and masks to recycle raigeki/mirror force/mon reborn. As well, nothing feels as good as breaking up a combo and leaving someone defenceless with some good ole fashion trap counters. Sometimes I get criticized for leaving these weaklings unprotected and clobbered by beatdown mons but these wimps have won me games by chipping away at opponents.


On to the tourney. It was a rainy day so there was a slightly smaller turn out that last week. Got signed up, to receive a hack tourney rare(?blue medicine). Some kid after me got mechanicalchaser, lucky kids, I swear they get super and ultra rares everytime.


Round 1 nik vs. Jordan

This kid was really good. He played with 3 sol. judgements – very frustrating to finish. He told me he only needed 1 more piece of exodia but didn’t get it until after the match. Too bad, anyways, it went:

me 1525, Jordan 0 (we almost both decked)


me 5650, Jordan 0

Awesome matches, the scores really don’t represent how even it was. I’m sure his exodia will be a powerful deck next time.



Round 2 nik vs. Ashley

I don’t remember playing a girl before. Kinda distracting I guess, in a good way, o.k. just focus on the game. First match,

me 0, Ashley 3350 – I got whooped, it was bad. She used an all WIND deck! Harpies aren’t that weak when you have a rising air current field card (+500 atk) and bring out her sisters!) The only damage I could do was with MEB and Mask of Dark. I’ve never come back from losing 1st match so  I was really sweating.


me 2050, Ashley 0 – Finally some monsters with attack power. Almost starting to consider adding some wind mons. Where’s heavy storm when you need it?


Me 500, Ashley 0 – one of the best matches I can remember. This was an insane come-back. She had me 500 to 6200. I could here fat women everywhere doing their vocal exercises. It was all a blur but I got my mirror force/mask of dark going. I must have mirrored like 3 times. Crazy, an ookazi and I’d been smoked.



Round 3 nik vs. Daniel

Daniel’s a bit of a youngster but he made 3rd round so I can’t take this lightly. I noticed he likes to use Toons/Flute of the Sum combo… must protect heavy storms at all costs.

Me 4770, Daniel 0 – o.k., not as scary as I thought, it actually went real quick.


Me 5500, Daniel 0 – huh?, never saw toon world, no dragons, nuthin. Me thinks your deck may need to shed a few pounds. (Ever notice that kids always play with way too many cards (usually cuz they like the picture or its in the cartoon), such illogical thinking must be punished)



Round 4 – bye

I rarely ever get byes, but this one takes me to the finals! I’ve never gotten so far before (finished third once but it was a smaller tourney)



Round 5 – finals

Before this I watched the semi’s. I played Cole last week (last week he had completely changed his deck (defence/stall to beatdown) and ended up losing to me in 3 matches – however, he’s improved things vastly since – added 2 or 3 axes of despair – yikes!). His competitor was David/Daniel/whatever?, I should know since I also played him last week. I don’t like this guy. He’s crass, impolite with his son, and apparently can’t add. He stopped the game for 5 minutes because of a 500 point difference in our score sheets. I had to finally cave (I have no patience for stupidity), and I ended up losing (barely). Luckily for him that didn’t cost me the match. Anyway the whole match was shady and he has a rep for “bending” the rules.

(By the way, I actually don’t mind losing when its to polite and respectful people because I feel I gain from the experience but when the guy goes to his friend – “I don’t see why they make us play all these matches, they should just put us in the finals”, and berates his own son in front of strangers, my blood temp elevates.)

Anyways, there was again shady business but Cole overcame. Congrats.




Cole’s a really nice guy so I know this’ll be fun.

First match

We trade blow for blow with our big boys. Life points are dropping like mad. He gets me down to 800 with a healthy 2850. I have Raigeki and Mirror Force in the grave, its show time for my magicians and masks. He’s unable to hit me and I eventually get my Raigeki/giant trunade combo to clear his field and get a mortal 2550 on him.

Me 800, Cole 2550


Second match

This gets ugly fast. He gets a sum skull with an axe of despair, My face down monster are being hacked to bits, life points fading fast. I have 3600 LP and exhausted all my defence. Summoned Skull swings his mighty axe!! 100 LP to 6000! I think I might have actually called game but he insisted we finish. Now things get storybook. I drew a fissure. If he draws a monster, I’m cooked. No monster. I draw a witch. He TTTD, I get back… Mask of Dark (I think you can see where this is going). Turn after turn he draws no monster and I get my Mirror Force and then… a La Jinn! He puts down a monster and defuses my Mirror Force. He’s at 5000 (confiscated my raigeki), I hit with La Jinn -  me 100, Cole 3200. His turn, no monster! I hit, - me 100, Cole 1400. His turn, no monster! My turn, game. Unbelievable!

Me 100, Cole 0

My first tourney victory and to the winner goes the… points?!? No spoils today, just points. And a lot of fun. Everyone I played today was really respectful, kind, and gracious. Its this kind of sportsmanship that makes me come out.



All my competitors today, everyone was just awesome

My friend Mike in Toronto who usually cheers by my side but I know he was there in spirit

The staff at Wizard’s Tower – they work real hard and are still smiling at the end of the day

Adam for his hilarious voices/sound effects



None, I had a great time and hung out with really nice (and funny) people, I had a blast


Thanks for reading my report, if you want ta hit me back, I’m at I usually play at Untouchables in Mississauga, I’m in Ottawa for 2 more weeks. Peace and have fun.