Deck Name: Mixed Beats (sort of a beatdown)

Creator: Me (Nate)

Place: School in Costa Mesa, CA

Date: 2 days (Nov. 5 and 6)

8 Competitors

1st Place = Tony

2nd Place = Aaron

3rd Place (by default) = Jon C.


Deck: 44 cards


Monsters: 21


1x Neo the Magic Swordsman (had another one but lost it, nice atk)

1x La jinn (nice atk, need 2 more)

1x Judgeman (might stay in my deck)

1x Swordstalker (i might take it out but its a dark monster)

1x Bewd (most powerful in my deck)

2x Man eater bug (destroy your good mon!!! rofl!!!)

2x Bistro butcher (forces opponent to draw so they can deck out easier)

2x Wall of illusion (there goes your tribute for your bewd and nice def!!! rofl!!!)

1x Prevent rat (nice def)

1x Giant soldier of stone (nice def)

1x Mystical elf (nice def)

1x Flame cerebrus (thinking of taking this out and adding 2 7 colored fish)

2x Summoned skull (tite card)

1x Big eye (plan ahead)

2x Hane hane (same as wall of illusion)

1x Witch of the black forest (search for summoned skull)


Magic: 14


1x Stop defense (stop that hi def mon!!!)

1x Change of heart (better than soul exchange!!!)

1x Monster reborn (nice effect!!!)

1x Pot of greed (draw more cards!!!)

1x Ookazi (make him bleed!!!)

2x Dian keto (i need some lovin' here!!!)

1x Dark hole (there goes everything!!!)

2x Fissure (good effect!!!)

1x Card destruction (useful when u got a bad hand and your opp got a good hand!!!)

1x Horn of the unicorn (good equip but then it goes to the top of your deck (:|) )

1x Soul Exchange (use ur opponents mon as a trib!!! hahaha!!! but u have to skip ur battle phase :( )

1x Shield and sword (useful against hi atk lo def mon)


Trap: 9


1x Robbin' Goblin (force your opponent to lose his cards randomly!!!)

3x Waboku (prevents death and lose of lp!!!)

2x Reinforcements (send in the reinforcements!!!!)

1x Just Desserts (5 mons x 500 = wow!!!! 2500 direct damage!!!)

2x Trap hole (trap hole that bewd!!!)


This is my 1st tournament report and 1st tournament. I started this tournament out because i knew a few kids who play yugioh so i just started it. Typically i should be the best duelest in school but i lost the first round to a noobie!!!!!!!! He used the starter deck and i started drawing all of these level 5 and up monsters. Well here were the hightlights. (this wasnt an official upperdeck touney and there were no prizes given. if u win then you're the best at school so far.) The people in this tournament were all 8th graders and one 7th grader.




All the official rules except 6000 lp and single elimination. (every move counts)


Round 1:


n8 d0gG (me) 6000 3750 1300 800 0


Alex 6000 3000 1500 900


First, i lost to a newbie is this stupid duel. Second, i wasted my dark hole. He was winning then i caught up. I started drawing all of these lvl 5 and up cards and i had no other monsters on the field. Then he had like all of these crappy mon and atk my lp directly. Yeah i lost to a newbie. He used the yugi starter deck.




JP (Jean-Philippe) Forfeit


Man.... my best friend losing.... he just started a few days ago so i give him some props.... he got free cards from his other friend like red eyes black dragon!!!


Tony 6000 3500 4500 1700


Josh Z. 6000 5200 4500 800 100 0


Andy 6000 5500 3700 2000 700 0


Jon C. 6000 5500






This sucked cause i wasnt in it!!!




Aaron (won)


They had to do a rematch cause of DE SPELL!!!! They though its a quick play magic card... does it have a quick play icon??? HELL NO!!!!!


Tony 6000 3500 4500 4100 3700 2400 1000


Jon C. 6000 5500 4300 2100 1500 500 0


Tony! Tony! Tony! Won! Won! Won!




Aaron 6000 5700 4500 5400 5000 4300 4000 3200 1000 0


Tony 6000 7000 5400 5300 4100 3800 2900 2500 1950 1000


This duel happened in study hall... it was an on and off type of duel.... we still had that rant about DE SPELL!!!! O MY GOD!!!! ITS A NORMAL AND NOT A QUIK PLAY!!!!




- For everyone joining in my tournament that i hosted!!! I HOSTED!!! I HOSTED!!!

- Tony for winning!!! AZN POWAH!!!






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My aim is: thero0f or topsk8r11