Josh H - Nov 9th, 1:00 PM

All Sports Collectables

Shawano WI


Number of Players: 15 or 16, I think

Prizes: Cash Payouts

            1st- $20

            2nd- $15

            3rd - $10


My Deck:

Monsters: 22


MEB x3

7 Col Fish x3

La Jinn x3

Mask of Darkness x3

MoF x3

S. Skull x3

Cyber Jar


Invader of Throne x2

Blue Eyes White Dragon x7......just kidding



Magic: 11


Heavy Storm

Tribute to Doomed x2


Giant Trunade x2

Monster Reborn

Dark Hole



Pot o' Greed



Traps: 9


Ultamate Offering

Solomn Judgment

Magic Jammer x2

Robin Goblin x2

7 Tools

Dust Tornado

Mirror Force



Deck Total - 42



Before the rounds began there was a drawing for a number of cards. I put in 2 Dollars and got my name picked

out 2 times. I ended up getting a Deliquent Duo and a Dust Tornado for 2 Bucks....not bad.


First Round:


First Duel: Me vs. Kody

He played first, I Started out by attacking direct with a La Jinn. Next Turn he CoH it and attacked me with the same

La Jinn. After a few turns I ended up with no monsters on the field and He had some decent attack monsters and a

Toon Blue eyes out. But my mirror force ended that, I made a rally and started drawing the monsters I needed and finished

him off.

Winner: Me (3700-0)


Second Duel: Same

This one started out pretty slow for both of us. We both took off a few life points, but neither of us could get anything going.

Then the control shifted when i drew my reborn. I tributed to the Doom his face down monster, discarded SS and then reborn him

for the victory.

Winner: Me (3400-0)


Second Round:


First Duel: Me vs. Nelson

I started out pretty stong pulling out La Jinns and  7 col. Fish and keeping the pressure on. He played a face down monster and I had 2 monsters

down already so i CoH his face down, all i needed was something with 1200 attack to seal the game. But it was only a castle with 920 attack so

i only got his LP down to 180. He managed to fish off my attacks next turn w/ a mirror force and the field was clear, all I needed was 1 monster

to put the mail in the coffin. But it wasnt going my way, I finally got out a La Jinn but the very next turn he sucked up my La Jinn With his relinquished

 and finished me off with my own La Jinn.

Winner: Him (0-180).....Thats rite 180 LIFE PTS!!!


Second Duel: Same

My bad luck from the previous round was carrying over with the draw of this turn. This was not a pretty sight. But I managed to pull something together

early and mont a decent attack. I used a CoH on one of his face down bugs, Tributed it for my skull and attacked his LP directly. I thought this one was

in the bag, but Relinquished made another guest appearence. This time sucking up my skull and finishing me off in the 2 turns to follow.

Winner: Him (1900-0)


With that I was out of the tourny



First and Formost Id like to give props to Tim for pullin my name outta the bucket 2 times in the raffle

Russ, For winning the Tourny

Tim, for convincing me not to Hang myself after losing to Nelson

Me for getting a SoRL, Solemn Judgment, Heavy Storm, etc.

The store not giving in to the people who wanted to use PS

Me buying a Heavy Storm for a dollar



Nelson sweeping me in the 2nd round

Having to trade my 7 tools, ax, and Delinquent Duo

Having to listen to Bo constant annoyance all day


Josh H


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