Fiends of Darkness  v1.7 Jinzo mod
Roger Schaeffer
Lone Star Comics  (817)-265-0491  (Call for local tournament information)
504 East Abram St.
Arlington, TX  76010
October 26, 2002
Sixteen people entered the tournament.
$5 entry fee.
First place prize:  $25 store credit.
Second place prize:  $15 store credit.
Everybody else:  tournament booster.
22 Monsters
Tribute Monsters
3x Summoned Skull
Non-tribute Monsters
3x La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp
     7 Colored Fish
3x Whiptail Crow
     Ryu-Kishin Powered
     Jirai Gumo
     Invader of the Throne
2x Witch of the Black Forest
2x Wall of Illusion
     Witch's Apprentice
2x Jinzo #7
2x Magician of Faith
22 Magic/Trap Cards
Magic Cards
     Monster Reborn
     Dark Hole
     Change of Heart
     Pot of Greed
3x Malevolent Nuzzler
3x Sword of Dark Destruction
     Axe of Despair
3x Fissure
Trap Cards
2x Trap Hole
2x Waboku
3x Robbin' Goblin
Side Deck
     Tribute to the Doomed
     Curse of Fiend
2x De-Spell
2x Card Destruction
     Soul Release
     The Forceful Sentry
2x Man-Eater Bug
2x Rush Recklessly
     Trap Hole
2x Ultimate Offering
Hello, this is Roger the Skunk.  I won second place yet again.  I just can't seem to win first place (due in large part to  my powered-up Jinzo #7).  This is becoming quite the frustrating situation.  Nonetheless, I got a $15 store credit.  For those of you have been reading my tournament reports, you may have noticed I put three Robbin' Goblin in my main deck.  That proved to be very useful against all of my opponents:  it made the inexperienced opponents look worse, and frustrated the good opponent I faced.  Yes, the only challenging match I had was in the finals, which I lost. :(   I also took out Big Eye, Cyber Jar, and Ultimate Offering out of my main deck.  They just haven't really been helpful at all.  Instead, I put in a couple of Jinzo #7 and three Robbin' Goblin.  I must say that it is fun to power-up a Jinzo #7 and attack your opponent directly. :)  On to the report itself.
Round 1
Duel 1
Roger the Skunk  8000-6000
Jon  8000-7100-6800-5000-3350-3300-950-0
Not much to say here.  I know I promised to take better notes for all of you who read my reports.  I promise I will try next time.
Duel 2
Roger the Skunk  8000-7700
Jon  8000-9000-7200-5400-2900-1400-0
Just look at the score.
Round 2
Duel 1
Roger the Skunk  8000-7200-6200-5600
Darian  8000-6350-3900-2550-100-2100-0
I am not sure how Darian went from 100 to 2100 life points (I was keeping score), but it didn't matter.  This kid kept trying to play tribute monsters without tributing;  I even let him slide by on this once.
Duel 2
Roger the Skunk  8000-7200
Darian  8000-6200-2600-0
At least this time Darian didn't keep playing tribute monsters without tributing.
Round 3
Duel 1
Roger the Skunk  8000-7850
Mark  8000-6250-4650-2150-350-0
Pretty is duel.  I love using Jinzo #7!!!!!
Duel 2
Roger the Skunk  8000-6400
Mark  8000-6100-5600-5400-3600-1100-0
Not much to say here.
Final Round
Duel 1
Roger the Skunk  8000-6900-5050-4600-2800-0
Fritz  8000-7300-6100-5100-1350-0
Fritz won.
Duel 2
Roger the Skunk 8000-5000-6000-4000-2000-0
Fritz  8000-6100
I was doing good initially.  I had Jinzo #7 out and powered-up to 2900 Attack. I hit him good until he used Snatch Steal on my Jinzo#7.  And for the next four draws I couldn't draw anything to get rid of my Jinzo#7  he took control of.  Arrrrggghhhh!!!!
This was a good tournament in all.  I bought some Pharaoh's Servant and Magic Ruler boosters, and I got Messenger of Peace, and Nobleman of Crossout. :0  Also, for those of you that live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Lone Star Comics will be holding a large, official Upper Deck, 64-person tournament on November, 16.  I, will give you more details if you e-mail me;  otherwise wait for my next tournament report or Yu-Gi-Oh tip.
                                                                                                    Roger the Skunk,
Cheers and Jeers:
For the dude trading me his Witch's Apprentice for my Gift of the Mystical Elf.
For the two Super Rares I got.
To Darian not knowing about the tributing rules.
P.S.  E-mail me any questions, comments, concerns, or criticisms.