Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament

November 2, 2002- Saturday

Bigfoot’s Cards & Comics

Edmonds, WA



Contestants: Approximately 32

Entry Fee: $5.45

Rules: Single Elimination Matches

Prizes: 1st - 3 Magic Ruler, 2 Pharaoh’s Servant, 3 Tournament Packs

                  2nd - 2 Magic Ruler, 1 Pharaoh’s Servant, 2 Tournament Packs

                  3rd - 1 Magic Ruler, 2 Tournament Packs


Hey, I’m Bobby and this was the first tournament I’ve ever entered and the second one at this store. I got there with three of my friends: AJ, Nelson, and Johnny. AJ and Nelson have been playing as long as I have but we just taught Johnny how to play the night before and just gave him a bunch of good cards plus a Yugi starter. Everybody said the week before there were only 7 contestants but this week there were more than 4 times from before! Geez… the first thought in all of our minds were that we were just gonna get killed by a bunch of n00bs but oh well.


My Deck(Negation Deck):


Regular Monsters(6)

Summoned Skull x3

7 Colored Fish x3


Effect Monsters(15)

Thunder Dragon x3

Man-Eater Bug x3

Hane-Hane x1

Cyber Jar x1

Mask of Darkness x2

Witch of the Black Forest x2

Princess of Tsurugi x3



Polymerization x1

Monster Reborn x1

Change of Heart x1

Pot of Greed x1

Dark Hole x1

Heavy Storm x1

Giant Trunade x1

Gravekeeper’s Servant x1

Stop Defnse x2

Fissure x2



Trap Hole x3

Waboku x1

Just Desserts x1

Magic Jammer x1

Mirror Force x1

Solemn Judgment x1

Fake Trap x1


Total: 42 + Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon




Matthew vs. Me


The funny thing about this is that before the tournament started, for half an hour everybody just looked at each other’s cards and had some practice duels, but instead of using our decks, my friends just didn’t wanna show their cards yet but I used a “direct damage” deck that’s half-decent but definitely not tournament material.

Anyway on with the match…

Matthew had some pretty good cards like Relinquished but his deck was about 100 cards so I didn’t worry much. The first duel was just me using trap holes, fissures and other monster destroyers to keep his field wide open as I just attacked directly with my Fishes and Skulls. I won 7500-0. The next duel was pretty much the same thing but he got some direct damage on me so it was a 7000-0. No biggie.


Other news: AJ beat his opponent and out of all the odds in the world Jonny and Nelson are selected to duel each other. Of course Nelson won and it was a sad, sad day for all of us.





David??(name check) vs. Me


I forgot his name but he had some pretty good cards that I saw before our match so I was getting kind of skeptical. The first duel was us just both playing down face-down monsters. He used a Dark Hole to clear the field and used a 7 Colored Fish and I used a Waboku. I couldn’t do anything next turn besides put down Magician of Faith from my side deck that I switched out for a Tsurugi. So next he used a tribute on his Fish for his Summoned Skull. Fortunately, I used a Trap Hole. Next turn I had my combo all ready. I used Monster Reborn on his Skull then I tributed it for my own Summoned Skull. I then flipped Magician of Faith to get back Monster Reborn, replayed it on the Skull I just tributed, then attacked him for 5000. He had no other moves so I beat him in that duel. The next duel I basically did the same thing I did to Matthew so that he couldn’t use any monsters and I dueled him for the match. He was a good duelist.


Other news: Both AJ and Nelson won so it was all good.





Okay let me just tell you about one guy at the tournament. His name was Mike. Tall, hella geeky, and teeth that stuck out at least a foot. He had some weird lisp and the whole time he bragged about how he was undefeated. I thought he was just being stupid but about four people practice-dueled him and lost and I was just grinning waiting for my chance to beat the “champ” as he called himself. He won last week’s tournament of 7 people but that was nothing compared to this week’s turnout. Oh by the way, every time a crowd was watching he would say something dumb like “I’d appreciate no audiences” or “Stop cheating! I’m calling for a verification!”. Give me a freakin break.

P.S. I traded my Gate Guardian for a Raigeki.





Kevin vs. Me


First of all, Kevin was a really nice guy. He played fair but underestimated me by letting me pick who would go first. He had a fairly decent deck but wasn’t amazing so I knew that he was really good for making it to round three. His friends were watching and supporting him and I was just trying my best. In duel one I got out a 7 Colored Fish (as you can tell by now I use this a lot) and let him go. He used a Fissure on my monster and put down something face down. I then put down another 7 Colored but he used a Trap Hole. He then tributed his face-down monster for a Summoned Skull. He attacked me but I didn’t stress. I put down a Man-Eater Bug just waiting to get attacked. He then put down a Lord of D. This was when I put my head down. He used the Flute of Summoning Dragon to play 2 Blue Eyes directly. He used a Tribute to the Doomed to destroy my bug and attacked with everything for the win.

My first loss! Arg! Next to me, Nelson was playing that stupid Mike guy and Johnny and him just kept on cracking jokes about rules and pissing him off. I laughed and tried to concentrate in my match. Okay anyway, I was determined to win this duel and the next to stay in the tourney. I started with a Fish. He then used Fissure and put down his own Fish. I used a Trap Hole on his Fish and then put down another Fish. We then kept doing this kind of stuff taking each other’s life points down but I got the upper hand and beat him in this duel. Just then Nelson groaned because the “champ” beat him. I was at a mix of shock and anger for him losing and so I just preceded with my last match. It started with me putting down a Man-Eater Bug. He set a monster and let me go. I then did my favorite combo of flipping my Bug to destroy his monster then using it as a tribute for my Skull and attacking directly. He then set another monster but I attacked with a Fish and then my Skull to take him out more. I then used a Dark Hole to clear everything, summoned a 7 Colored and used a Monster Reborn on my Summoned Skull for the win. When I finished AJ told me he lost so that meant that the person that beat him and the Mike guy that beat AJ would be in the finals with me.


Other News: Johnny went home. But on other news, the girl that AJ dueled got a bye so the “champ” and I would duel for the determination of 3rd place and the winter would duel for the championship against the girl.





Mike the “Champ” vs. Little ol’ me


For this match, nearly 20 people surrounded the table to watch the match. Not because of it’s importance but because everybody wanted to see Mike lose. He started this match with a Confiscation to lose 1000 point but to discard my Mirror Force from my hand. I then continued with the Man-Eater Bug/Summoned Skull combo I love oh so much. He was so upset and when he played his Pot of Greed it was a little bent so my friend said “Hey a marked card!” just to get him mad. And boy did it work. He screamed at the top of his lungs to demand that he leave the store and I just told him to shut up and play me. Just listening to that kid made my day… So anyway, I drew a Poly and in my hand was a Thunder Dragon. I used it’s effect to get 2 more and fused them into the Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon for the first time all day! I attacked him and Solemn Judgment’d his Magic Jammer to stop his Waboku for the first win. He was furious! The next duel I don’t even wanna talk about it because he won. But anyway, the last duel I started it with good old Man-Eater Bug. He put down a monster. My turn. Of course I did the Skull combo and attacked him. He then put down a Gravekeeper’s Servant. No big deal. I used heavy storm to clear the magic/traps and then attacked him with my SS again. He then put down a monster and I just used a Change of Heart to tribute it for another Skull and just killed him for the win. And every 5 seconds I’d make a move and Nelson would pat me on the back and in a nasally voice say “Good one boss” just to anger poor old Mike. I have the greatest friends :D



ROUND FIVE- The Finals


Round two guy’s girlfriend vs. Me


Okay this was it for the big one. She was a nice lady but I had to beat her with no mercy. For the first duel I won quickly because all she drew was tribute monsters. The next one I used my monster removal tactics to just take out her monsters and attack with mine for the tourney win. She was good but not good enough for the win. So I got my first place prize and my friends and I went home while Mike just cried and cried like the guy he is.




-I won my first tournament with 31 others in it

-I got a Raigeki, Tribute to the Doomed, and a Goddess of the Third Eye that day

-My friends got some really good cards

-AJ won the random drawing and got a Toon World which he traded for Fairy’s Meteor Crush

-I got respect?

-I got a Messenger of Peace for my Direct Damage deck muahahahhaha

-It was fun



-Johnny and Nelson had to duel each other first round :p

-None of my friends ranked

-Almost 6 bucks?? Come on!

-I didn’t get that good of rares



I got a misprint card in one of my Pharaoh’s Servant Packs. My 8th card has a regular back cover card but the front is just 4 straight bars of blue, pink, yellow and black. MAJOR MISPRINT. E-mail me if you want to trade for it you misprint collectors out there. I also have a Forceful Sentry with the gold-lettering way below the name box of the card.


My E-mail: gepettosrevenge@hotmail.com