Subject- Beat you up deck, Yong Man Park, Heroes and Villains, Redlands California. 3 bucks for entry. Prizes-1st=3boosters of choice, 2nd-2 boosters of choice, 3rd-1 booster of choice, all else is 2 buck gift certificate to store. No Pharoas Servant cards allowed, all the official restrictions and rules. 10/24/02


8 people in this tournament (not too many people L)




Lvl 4 and below monsters with no effect

La jinn3x

Battle Ox3x

7 colored fish3x

Neo the Magic Swordesman3x


Lvl 4 and below monsters with an effect

Cyber Jar


Mask of Darkness2x


Princess of Tsurugi2x


Lvl 5 and above monsters with no effect

Summoned skull3x


Lvl 5 and above monsters with an effect

Shadow ghoul


Magic Cards

Monster Reborn

Chain Energy2x

Dark Hole


Card Destruction2x





Trap Cards


Trap Hole3x

Seven Tools Of The Bandit

Magic Jammer

Mirror Force



Total Cards-45



1st round of 1st pairing- Yong Man vs Thomas(my own brother can u believe it! 1st round we get paired)

            Ok here is how it went. 1st I drew 5 cards. I got 2 la jinns, a seven tools, a mirror force, and a princess of tsurugi. He went first. He laid down a card in face down mode and 2 cards in the trap and magic cards zone. Then I went. I put down a la jinn and my seven tools and my mirror force down. He went and flipped his monster up and it was a MeB(ughhh) then he tributed it for a summoned skull but I activated my mirror force. My turn and I put down another la jinn and attacked him directly. He then used monster reborn and attacked me with his summoned skull. I drew my card and it was another princess. So I out one princess down and he attacked. He loses 1000. my turn I put down another princess and he sets a card in the m/t card zone. Then he attacks losing 1500.he is at 4300 and I draw my card, to my luck it is a monster reborn. I reborn princess and he attacks my princess losing 1500 again. He is at 5800 when he sets another card. I draw and get my cyber jar and he attacks it. I draw and to my amazement I get all 3 neos and a battle ox. He gets nothing so I win the first round.


2nd round- pretty much the same except I had to use a seven tools to negate his mirror force.



1st round of second pairing- Yong Man vs some guy named David

This guy was just a loser. I did not know how he got to the 2nd round but he just died facing me. I used my summoned skull to wipe his life points out and then destroy him with my princess of tsurugi.


2nd round- this time he did a little better but he still stank and I mauled him with my super combo. Change of heart, rageiki, and then tribute for a mon and attack direct.



Finals- Me vs some crazy maniac who had like all the cards at his disposal and did not know how to use them.

            Ok this is how it went. He kept doing illegal things and I had to practically explain all the rules to him. He was no challenge for me and did not put up a threat. All he did was put mons in set position and said now I attack. I got pissed and beat him quick.


Finals #2-same thing.


Ok I won the tournament but I did not feel like I should have won the prize. This tournament sucked and I felt it was a waste of time. The only challenge posed to me was my own brother. I chose one lob, 2 magic ruler packs. I got a tri horned dragon in my lob and a toon world and a relinquished in my magic rulers. At least I got REALY GOOD CARDS. Especially that tri-horn

My record was 3-0 and I look forward to the next tourney as long as there are more ppl and harder opponents.




-my mom for taking me

-my cards

-Ken the store owner for being a tight guy




-the terrible competition

-the noobs

-my brother for getting 3rd



Thanks Pojo and I hope u post my report up


Name and e-mail-Yong Man Park,