Subject: Yu-gi-oh tournament report
Gameco tourny report
Deck name:Dragon/beatdown deck
Sean allmann
gameco santa fe newmexico

Ok this tournament was hard. you didant get kicked out we would still be in. heres my deck.

Fusion cards
Gaia the dragon champion
thousand dragon

monster cards
invitation to a dark sleep
armored zombie
dragon piper
baby dragon
gaia the fierce knight
shadow ghoul
feral imp
koumori dragon
summoned skull
jigen bakudan
celtic guardian
flame cerebrus
deepsea warrior
la jinn
harpie lady
cyber falcon
lord of d.
castile of dark illusions
the all seeing white tiger
battle ox
winged dragon
blue eyes
blue winged crown
man eater bug
curse of dragon
7 colered fish
red archery girl
launncher spider
giant soldier
blackland fire dragon
catapult turtle
hayabusa knight
dark magician
harpie lady sisters
rogue doll
neo the magic swoordsman
steel scorpion
time wizard

magic cards

black pendant
malevolent nuzzler
elegant egotist
change of heart
7 completed
horn of light
sword of the deep seated
eternal rest
remove trap
shield and sword
monster reborn
dragon treasure
the reliable duardian
the flute of summoning dragon
heavy storm
germ infection
ground collapse
block attack
power of kaishin

trap cards
enchanted javlin
skull dice
trap hole
shadow of eyes
just desserts

Now on to the tournament.

Round one me vs david 8000-0
This guy was so easy but i felt sorry cause he just started. I was drawing la jinn and black pendent so thats really the only cards I beat him with.

Round two me vs ?8000-0
Same thing as above exapt with cyber falcon and 7 completed.

Round three me vs ?7000-0
He cept powering up his monsters and forgeting to attack my life points. so i finaly drew time wizard. he falled me 3 times i dont remember how i did it but i finaly got it write and i won

All the other duals i lost so fast i cant remember a thing.
The guy that cheated won the tournament. i think his name was adrian

me winning 3/6
will dana for being there so idident feal lonely

The kid who stole my friends cards one 2nd place
me not getting polmerization

thanks for reading my report e-mail me for tips at